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The best squash varieties for open ground


In almost every country will find area where vegetables from the Cucurbitaceae family — zucchini. Gardeners love it for the simplicity of maintenance, good yields, versatility of use and flavor characteristics. In addition, the vegetable in this category is considered very useful due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition. Today, there are a huge variety of species of this fruit-bearing plants. We tried to choose the best squash varieties for open ground. In compiling the list took into account the opinion of the cottagers.

10. Odessa 52

Odessa 52 opens the list of the best squash varieties that are suitable for planting in the open ground. It is early maturing type of vegetable, technical maturation is happening at 6 weeks after planting seeds. The pulp of the fruit has slightly yellowish color and has good flavor characteristics and density. They are very compact and do not exceed a length of 20 inches, and in weight 300 grams. Odessa 52 is not susceptible to disease and not whimsical care. In cooking it is used for cooking eggs, canning, and also for everyday home-cooked meals.

9. Vanya F1

Vanya F1 is a good variety, suitable for planting in the open ground. Squash this species Matures early and is harvested after approximately 1.5 months after seed dispersion. Fruit shape is classic, elongated with slight ribbing. At length they can reach up to 40 inches and weights 1.2 pounds. Vanya F1 is not susceptible to many diseases than are largely determined by its value in horticulture. Not less than, it is significant and in cooking, where it is valued for its excellent taste and tender flesh. Grade tolerates all weather conditions, but at the same time, prefers to grow rapidly and ripen in warm and humid conditions.

8. Golda F1

Golda F1 is an excellent choice for planting in the open ground. Middle-grade brings the first harvest after 1.5 months after planting the seeds. The peel of the vegetable has a very nice Golden color. Zucchini grow very large: up to 50 inches and weighing up to 3 kilograms. The value of the class lies in its resistance to diseases. To prepare the stew, use the young, green fruits, but fully ripe is quite suitable for canning for the winter. In addition, this type of good yield.

7. White Swan

White Swan is on the list of the best varieties that can be used for open and closed ground. The fruits have an elongated, compact shape weighing up to 800 grams. The white Swan is not susceptible to disease and quite unpretentious in care. But at the same time, the vegetable requires periodic watering and soil loosening. It has a thin and smooth skin bright color. The pulp from vegetable of average density, very juicy, tasty and tender. High technical and taste characteristics allow to use in cooking this kind of for any purpose. Fruit yield is approaching 7 weeks after planting beans.

6. Astoria

Astoria is one of the best varieties of vegetable of the Cucurbitaceae family, intended for planting in the open ground. Zucchini of this type is very demanding to moisture and require well-fertilized soil. Fruits cylindrical shape can grow quite large and reach the weight up to 2 pounds. Beneath the smooth-skinned greenish color hides light cream, juicy, firm flesh. For cooking everyday dishes Astoria will fit in the phase of average ripeness. When the fruit reaches full technical maturation, they become harsh and more suitable for conservation. The average gestation period of 1.5 months.

5. Negro

Negro — good varieties belonging to early maturing. Can be harvested already in the fifth week after planting the seeds. This kind of zucchini is well suited for planting in the open ground. The fruits of the Negro have an average thickness and mass, which is usually no more than one kilogram. The name of the class derived from the rind of dark green color, under which lies the delicious, juicy, with a slightly greenish tone gentle and firm flesh. The density of the vegetable universal, so can be used as conservation for winter preparations and cooking vegetable stews, pancakes and other delicious dishes.

4. Iskander F1

Iskander F1 is a great variety of zucchini with a rich harvest and good taste. The fruits have an elongated, compact shape and weight not more than 0.5 kg. The first crop can be harvested already at the fortieth day after planting, and then the bushes will bear fruit for a long time. The variety is quite unpretentious, and endures cool weather conditions. In addition, the vegetable can boast immunity to many diseases squash. In cooking, the hostess can use for any purpose, thanks to its taste parameters and of good consistency.

3. Gribovsky 37

Gribovsky 37 — one of the best varieties for planting in the open ground. It's good old time-tested form of zucchini, which is so loved by gardeners and gardeners. The fruit shape is slightly different from the classic and there is a small bellied. The vegetable does not require a special care, but also has good immunity to many vegetable diseases. After planting to full maturity should go 1.5-2 months. In cooking it is used as for preparations for the winter in the form of preservation and cooking of everyday meals, thanks to the wonderful taste characteristics.

2. Belogor F1

Belogor F1 — this early maturing zucchini intended for open ground. This variety has great yield, and it is characterized by precocity. Technical maturity occurs within one to two months. However, they are not very size, and can grow to a maximum of 1 kilogram. Cylindrical shaped squash has a smooth, greenish surface. This variety has a white and tender flesh with good density. It is used not only for cooking everyday meals, but also for conservation. Before planting it is worth considering that F1 Belogor loves heat, light and moisture.

1. Apollo F1

Apollo F1 is one of the most productive varieties, which are intended for planting in the open ground. Ripen fruit quickly: already at 5 weeks after planting to harvest. And weather conditions do not affect the rate of ripening of the vegetable. The fruit have the classic elongated shape, with a greenish tinge, the weight can reach up to four pounds. These zucchini are excellent taste characteristics, and have a very gentle, but at the same time, firm flesh. Variety more appreciated to the fact that is not susceptible to cold, and grows well even in shaded areas.

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