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The best varieties of cabbage for pickling and storage


Gardeners know how important it is that the cabbage had not only excellent taste characteristics, but also long remained edible, and was not susceptible to disease. For the salting and fermentation are frequently used varieties of medium maturity and long storage — late. First have the juiciness and sweetness after harvest, and the second can be enjoyed fresh in the winter and spring months. The list includes the best varieties of cabbage for pickling, and storing in the opinion of the farmers.

10. Glory 1305

The glory of 1305 — one of the best varieties of leaf vegetable, which can be used for pickling. He is one of the most productive with an average period of maturation. After planting, harvesting is carried out after 3-4 months. To cut off the Glory 1305 is recommended after the onset of the first frosts, which occur at the end of October. It was during this period, the cabbage becomes the most sweet and juicy. For long-term storage Glory 1305 fits badly, because the maximum term of safety of 3 months.

9. Atria F1

Atria F1 refers to the hybrid varieties, which is well adapted to preservation by pickling. White beautiful enough for long storage. After planting the seed to harvest on average through 4.5 months, but sometimes earlier. Atria is good because that is unpretentious to the soil, availability of fertilizer and resistant to Botrytis. The term safety of a hybrid is not more than six months. When you create good storage conditions, potatoes can last till summer. It is used not only for pickling, but in its raw form for salads, because atriya F1 are equally good in different dishes.

8. Dobrovodskiy

Dobrovodskiy — cabbage, is designed not only to procurement by the method of natural preservation. This species possesses well-preserved for the long winter months. Vegetable has good resistance to various kinds of diseases. Dobrovodskiy different juicy and sweet taste, so it is used for salads and cooking other types of dishes, both first and second. Apply vegetable varieties medium maturing, so is not very long, a maximum of the spring. Cabbages grow to eight. After germination the crop can be expected on average in five months.

7. Gift

Gift lives up to its name as among the fans of farming it is considered one of the best varieties of cabbage for cooking winter salting with high yields. It has good resistance to cracking plugs and Matures early enough — an average of four months. The gift is very tasty and juicy variety that is used in the culinary Department of the hostesses for different purposes. Fresh cabbage can be stored for almost half a year after harvest. The content of vitamin C, this variety is considered the record and thus is recommended for preparation of dietary and baby food. With growing demands for a special care in the form of a good regular watering, loosening the soil and periodic fertilizing.

6. Midor F1

Midor F1 is a good variety of cabbage, which is often used not only for pickling. It belongs to medium. Midora have great taste, and in any form. The leaves Vilkov ripe juicy and sweet. During seedling growth in open soil requires fertilizing, weeding and watering. To harvest in late September – early October. Fresh cabbage is not stored very long.

5. The Aggressor F1

Agressor F1 refers to varieties, well suitable for long-term preservation in the long winter months. This is a relatively new, recently derived species of cabbage, which has already managed to appreciate the gardeners. Cabbages grow to five pounds. Agressor F1 is quite resistant to farinosa wilt and other diseases. It is quite unpretentious, therefore, does not require specially fertilized soil and care. The variety finds application in cooking in any form, which in turn raises its nutritional value. Comes out very tasty soup and borscht, thanks to the good taste characteristics. In addition, the Aggressor is highlighted by a magnificent yield.

4. Mara

Mara is considered a late variety of cabbage, which is good and has a long shelf life and also suitable for canning. The ripening of the crops after planting should be seen within 170 days. Cabbage on average, grow up to 3-4 kg. Stored Mar of may until the beginning of may. The value of the class lies not only in flexibility to the care, but also in resistance to disease and rot.

3. Amager 611

Amager 611 — the best grade, you want to select for pickling and long term storage. It is resistant to cold, so it is planted in the open ground early enough. Cabbages when Mature, become very dense and rounded-flat. It grows vegetables with a maximum weight up to four pounds. During storage of cabbage heads increase their taste characteristics. Immediately after collection, for this kind of cabbage is characterized by bitterness, which disappears in the spring. In the spring months the variety becomes juicy and good for salads and soups. Amager 611 is stored on average until the end of April – beginning of may. At the same time, it is worth considering that it is not resistant to many diseases. During the winter storage cabbages may be affected by Botrytis.

2. Snow white

Snow white is one of the best late kinds of cabbage. The ripeness from the first germination occurs after an average of 140 days. Snow white refers not only to high yielding, but also resistant to the cabbage varieties to different diseases. Fresh cabbage can be stored up to six months or more. Often the heads are used for pickling and salting for the winter. Snow white is not peculiar cracking, and her head reach weight not more than four pounds. Snow white is not suitable for cultivation in acidic soils. Cabbage has a good taste, which becomes the spring — it becomes quite tasty and juicy. Vegetable perfect for cooking soups.

1. Valentina F1

Valentina F1 is the best variety for preservation and prolonged storage. Late-ripening cabbage stores well until mid-July, without losing its excellent taste characteristics. Valentina refers to the sweet and juicy enough grades, so it is suitable not only for fermentation, but cooking soups, and salads. Technical maturity of heads occurs within 150-180 days. Plugs grow very dense, of medium size, which maximum weight can reach 4 kg. Valentines can be stored for seven months or more. The variety is suitable for consumption, after will take a few months. Cabbage can be used in cooking for fermenting, stewing, cooking soups and salads. The vegetable is quite resistant to cracking and various diseases that affect cabbage varieties. The disadvantages include a fairly poor germination.

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