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The best varieties of potatoes


Potatoes – the staple in the diet of most people. Over the past half-century agronomists and breeders have worked hard to bring the most productive and nutritious form of this root. The best varieties of potatoes grown today huge plantations give high yield, and the tubers are adapted to long storage and long transportation. Such varieties, however, are available not only to large enterprises but also small household farms and private gardeners.

10. Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet. It is early maturing root is quite widespread in Russia. Its main feature is that from planting to produce a crop less than three months. The yield depends on climatic conditions, however with proper care you can get up to 600 quintals of potatoes from the area in one hectare. The fruits are smooth. They do not have a large number of buds (buds), which makes the potato ideal for use in food. Because of this it has a very low content of harmful corned beef. The weight of potatoes is 13 grams. The fruits have a characteristic bright red color. As the plant is very resistant to drought, particular has gained popularity among farmers of the southern regions of the country. Among the disadvantages are poor tolerance of diseases.

9. Gala

Gala. The fruit of this plant characteristic, classic potato yellow. Grade specially bred early-maturing German breeders. Entire growing period lasts a little more than 2.5 months. Shrubs plant have an average size, but the leaves are very large. Each fruit grows not less than 80 grams. Separate large fruits reach 130 grams in weight. But to boast of the productivity of this variety of potatoes, as per hectare yields only 25 quintals. But the fruit plants are of high commercial quality. Almost a hundred percent of the crop suitable for sale. In addition, the tubers are very hard and resistant to mechanical impact as in the collection, and transportation. The variety is very resistant to diseases and grows in almost any climate. It is mainly grown on large farms

8. Timo

Timo. This is one of the best varieties of potatoes. Root resistant to disease, grows in almost any weather conditions, the fruit stored for a long time. The rind of the fruit brown. They are almost perfectly round in shape, rarely oval. The peel is thin and comes off easily. Yield grades are above average. Per hectare gardeners will be able to collect up to 450 quintals. This type of this root is very popular because it is highly resistant to disease and not whimsical care. But industrial production is not suitable, as the tubers are easily damaged by mechanical action and transportation.

7. Impala

Impala. This variety is considered one of the best early term of ripening. Harvest is possible in a month and a half after planting. This popular root vegetable mainly vegetable growers from the southern regions. Affects the yield of fruit, fit for sale. With minimal care, about 90% of fruit can sell. The bushes roots grow tall and spreading. The fruits are dark-yellow color and classic oval shape. However, the resistance to various diseases of shrubs and tubers. There is a risk of parasites, fungi, etc. In the process of growing at least once you have to handle chemicals.

6. Zhukovsky early

Zhukovsky early. This potato variety is characterized by early maturity and ruggedness to climatic conditions. Thanks to this kind of planted roots in almost all regions of Russia. Always gives a stable high yield. A hectare may yield up to 600 quintals. Even with minimal care from one hectare of Posada you can get at least 350 quintals. As small tubers, the plant does not grow, it is considered a commodity. All the fruits are large, perfectly oval in shape with pinkish brown skin. Mostly steady bushes the most common potato diseases like cancer, scab, nematode.

5. Bellarose

Bellarosa. This is one of the most early maturing potato varieties. The plants grow tall, and the flowers on them are revealed purple. Root crop suitable for cultivation on most soil types. Resistant to disease and tolerates different climatic conditions. The fruits grow to medium size, almost perfectly round shape. Although the peel this potato rich pink and the flesh is light yellow. It is considered that the variety possesses excellent product qualities at the exit of large, marketable fruit in the amount of 90-95%. The yield of a plant is above average. From one hectare at least you can collect from 350 quintals of products and more.

4. Good luck

Good luck. The name of this cultivar is rather a characteristic of his trademark qualities. At 100% fitness, this kind of plant gives up to 600 quintals of yield per hectare of tenements. A feature of this type when planting is necessary, seedlings in well-heated soil. Ie you need to plant by early summer. However, the variety is early maturing. Maturation occurs within 60 to 65 days after planting. Thanks to harvest before the cold weather people from all regions of the country. The tubers are of large size, roundish form and a bright-brown tint of the skin. The flesh of the potato is white.

3. Nevsky

Nevsky. This variety of potato is very picky to care. It must be planted in warm soil, it is necessary to avoid a mechanical destruction of the tubers, etc. However, with proper care, commodity output is almost 100 % when harvest 500-600 metric centners per hectare. In addition, the fruit has excellent taste. They have light yellow skin and cream color flesh. Almost perfectly round, medium sized fruits are resistant to transport and can withstand long term storage.

2. Romano

Romano. This plant has an average grade of maturation. But one of the best varieties of potatoes is due to its excellent taste and high commodity properties. In addition, the plant gives a stable average yield, regardless of the climatic characteristics of each season, or region. The yield of marketable fruit equal to almost 100 %. Between the variety has one small drawback. It may be affected by this disease like scab. So you want to work with special preparations.

1. Adretta

Adretta. This is one of the best potatoes grown on the territory of Russia. In almost all categories has high parameters. The ripening period is 60 days, and yields about 500 quintals per hectare. Moreover, tubers and shrubs resistant to almost all known parasites, fungus and other diseases. The fruits are of average commercial quality, medium size. However, the pulp and the peel is hard enough, what fruit is resistant to transport. They are stored for a long time, while not losing useful properties and flavouring qualities. Does not accumulate corned beef for 5-6 months after harvest.

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