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The best varieties of leek


Leek gained its popularity among local gardeners recently. The plant differs from the common onion with no bulb. Instead of leeks, a stalk-leg, which is used for human consumption. The value of this country's culture is determined by the presence of a large number of vitamins, resistance to frost and quite a long storage when you create the necessary conditions. The rating includes the best varieties of leek in taste, hardiness and high yield.

10. Columbus

Columbus opens the ten best types of leek. He refers to enough of the early varieties, ripening which occurs at the eighty-fifth day after planting. This is a fairly tall plant with ground part, reaching 0.8 m in length. False stem has an average thirty-degree length. The value of the bow lies not only in its good taste characteristics, but rather high frost resistance and high early yields. Cooking Columbus is used for various tasks, but it is best suited for use in fresh form.

9. The winner

Winner — popular variety leek among truckers and farmers. The plant has an average ripeness: harvest produce through one hundred thirty – one hundred and sixty days, depending on climatic band and the quality of the soil. The bow is of medium height and green leaves with a grayish tinge. Stem the stem is not particularly long, which may be two dozen centimeters. Weight per plant usually does not exceed two hundred grams. Taste characteristics the Winner is excellent: it has a delicate, juicy and subastral taste. In cooking it is used for canning and for fresh consumption.

8. Vesta

Vesta is one of the best leek varieties classified as early maturing. After planting, the ripening of a plant comes on one hundred and twentieth day. The seeds are planted in March, and in the open ground planted only on the seventieth day. The plant is exacting in the care and needs regular hoeing and fertilizer. The leaves Vesta light shade of green with a waxy coating. White stem-the stem can reach a length of thirty centimeters. The taste of the "legs" are sweet and juicy. Vesta refers to varieties with rather high yield.

7. Goliath

Goliath — early maturing type of leek, maturation which takes place on the one hundred twentieth day. The bow has an average height of stem and rather long "leg" that can reach a length of three dozen, and in width sixty mm. The plant has almost no onion. The ground product of plant origin reaches on average a hundred and fifty grams. Use Goliath to zastivanje, as well as for fresh consumption. Among farmers it is valued for its high yield, early maturation, and excellent taste characteristics.

6. Elefant

Elephant is one of the best types of leek among farmers. Mid-season plant after germination Matures on average one hundred and thirtieth day. Elephant is quite large and can reach a height of eighty five centimeters. He has a very wide and bright green with blue tinged leaves, the length of which reaches several tens of centimeters. One plant can weigh up to two hundred grams. Onion is characterized by excellent yield: one square meter cottager may collect up to four pounds. Elephant like care and moisture. It needs to be watered, fertilized and Spud. To keep the plant possibly up to six months in the right conditions. In addition, this class contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. Elefant is recommended to include in many dishes.

5. Beautiful

Beautiful — one of the best leek late maturing. The plant has dark green leaves with small blue. The bow is very resistant to fairly low temperatures. Mass of one plant does not exceed one hundred fifty grams. Have a Beautiful good taste with mild pungency. In cooking, he found universal application: it is used both fresh and dried.

4. Ashes

Ashes a good variety of leek, which belongs to mid-season ripening terms. A distinctive feature of this species is its versatility, as in cooking, he uses both fresh and dried and canned form. The leaves had a dark green with a bluish tint length 0,7 m. "Leg" of plants does not exceed seventeen inches in length and forty millimeters in diameter, juicy and has a slight kick to the flavor and firm texture. This is a fairly large plant, the weight of which may exceed three hundred grams.

3. Tango

Tango opens the three best varieties, which have excellent taste, yield and resistance to frost. This species is considered mid-season, ripening as it occurs not earlier than one hundred and fifty days. The main advantage of tango is that during the winter storage the content of ascorbic acid only increased. To make sowing is recommended somewhere in the middle of may. Harvest podozrevaet around the end of the first month of autumn. This bow loves multiple ridging and fertilization. With regard to external characteristics, the white part of the stem is not particularly long and is just over ten centimeters, but the diameter may reach 50 millimeters.

2. Kamus

Kamus included in the list of the best varieties of leeks. It belongs to the plants of this category of average ripeness. After sprouting gardeners can harvest an average of one hundred and ten days. The value of this type of onion is good resistance to low temperatures: it can withstand cold up to minus four degrees. A length of the white part of the stalk may exceed twenty inches, and the diameter is not more than twenty millimeters. The bulb is weak or absent. Mass of one plant is in the range of two hundred grams. Kamus is designed for use in salads.

1. Casimir

Casimir zvereet a rating of the best varieties of leek. It belongs to the mid types of maturation which occurs after germination in an average of one hundred and eighty days. The plant is quite high, and its white part of the stem can reach up to thirty inches. Plant product can long time be stored under the condition of falling asleep sand. Casimir is very tasty, sweet and juicy variety, particularly with regard to the bleached part. The plant is well suited for tassiana as condiments and for use in fresh form. In addition, Casimir is attributed to the very productive varieties.

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