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The best varieties of carrots to store for the winter


Varieties of carrots – a great many. Early maturing, giving the first succulent harvest six weeks after planting, sweet, with high sugar content, dlinnoplodnye and with a short root – anyone can pick up any option to your taste. For those who wish to stock up in the fall of this useful vegetable, and eat them all winter until the next harvest, we picked the best varieties of carrots to store for the winter.

10. Autumn Queen

Carrot "autumn Queen" is one of the best varieties. No wonder he has the same name. Carrot has excellent taste and excellent appearance. The flesh is sweet and juicy root vegetable. "Queen of autumn" – the variety is late ripening. This variety refers to the universal: the carrot has excellent taste, suitable for processing and is stored all winter until early summer. One of the advantages of this variety is maintaining presentation and taste for a long time.

Interesting fact: the carrot is not only familiar orange-red and yellow. There are varieties of carrots, white and purple color.

9. Moscow winter A-515

Among the best varieties of carrots to store for the winter is "Moscow winter A-515". This middle-grade, high-yielding and with a long sound. The color of carrots and the pulp is bright orange. The variety is famous for wonderful taste. Used for fresh consumption, for processing and long-term storage without loss of the presentation.

Interesting fact: the birthplace of carrots think Afghanistan. Here first began to grow about 4-5 thousand years ago.

8. Bangor

The "Bangor" – early ripening variety of carrots, perfect for storage for the winter. Early maturing varieties of carrots are usually not very good keeping quality, but "Bangor" retains its great taste and presentation for a long time.
Carrots "Bangor" suitable for fresh consumption, canning, stewing. If stored properly do not lose their excellent taste and presentation throughout the winter.
Interesting fact: scientists assume that the color of the carrots first grown thousands of years ago, was white and purple, yellow and red.

7. Nantes 4

Among the best varieties of carrots for winter storage be sure to note the grade of "4 Nantes". This is in some sense a classic and the most popular in our country, the carrot variety. Its a great yield and great taste have become a model for other early and mid-season varieties.
Palatability this carrot superior, and not inferior to the late-ripening varieties. Great for children and dietary food due to the large number of vitamins. Stored until mid winter. The only drawback of this variety is a beautiful smooth roots are formed only on the light soils.

Interesting fact:the first carrots were grown not for food, but for seeds and leaves. Seeds used for medical purposes, and the leaves are prized for pleasant aroma.

6. Viking

The carrot variety "Viking" is an excellent choice for storage for the winter. Carrot refers to middle-class and has a high content of carotene. This variety has excellent eating qualities: the flesh of the root is juicy and tender. "Viking" is well kept and retains its presentation until spring.

Interesting fact: a cultivar of carrot orange we owe to the Dutch Royal house of Orange-Nassau.

5. Losinoostrovskaya 13

The carrot variety "Losinoostrovskaya 13" is a good choice for storage for the winter. This mid-season variety with good yields. Full maturation of the vegetable occurs 100-120 days.
Grade has excellent taste qualities: the pulp of the carrots tender and juicy. Core root can be rounded or faceted. Color as the flesh, orange.
This variety has a good resistance to disease, rot and stableman. One of the advantages of "Losinoostrovskaya 13" is the high content in the roots carotene. The variety is great for storage for the winter, and the amount of carotene increases over time in half.

Interesting fact: the positive impact of carrots on vision – a myth. During the Second world war the use of radar gunners were concealed, and their amazing accuracy was explained by the consumption of large quantities of carrots, which supposedly significantly improved vision.

4. The shantan 2461

Middle-grade carrots "Shantan 2461", as a sort of "Nantes", is considered a classic. It is very well maintained in the winter months due to increased resistance to disease and rot. Carrots in this class has good taste. The flesh is fragrant, sweet and dense. Sweetness is an indicator of the presence of the carrot's high sugar content and carotene. The core of the root is large, color is different from the pulp and the taste is more rough.
The yield is high, good resistance to diseases. The advantages of this variety can be attributed to the uniformity of roots and the ability to grow carrots on heavy soils.

3. Red giant

Among the best varieties of carrots to store in the winter months is "Red giant". This late-ripening varieties. The name is not accidental that the root crops Mature and ripen until late autumn, growing to 20-25 cm in length. The taste is pleasant, sweetish. Interestingly, light sweetness persists when cooked carrots. Grade refers to high-yielding, perfectly retains its taste and good appearance until spring.

Interesting fact: carrots can be successfully used as a toothbrush – it cleans the teeth and massages the gums.

2. Incomparable

Medium-grade carrots "Incomparable" is well suited for storage for the winter. It can be harvested in 100-120 days. The flesh is juicy, sweet. The core is small. The variety has good yield, resistant to drought and perfectly kept until spring.

Interesting fact: the fruits and roots of wild and cultivated carrot is used as a spice.

1. Flakkoro

Flakkoro – late variety of carrots, perfect for storage during winter months. Matures in 120-130 days. Root length 20-24 cm, weight 130-200 grams. Carrots, conical in shape with a sharp tip. The surface is smooth, orange. The taste of varieties is excellent. The core is round, juicy.
The variety has high yield, excellent appearance and good persistence until spring.

Interesting fact: according to the EU Directive carrot is considered a vegetable and a fruit.

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