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Top 10 best movies based on real events


Among the spectators are always particularly popular films, based on which based on true stories from the lives of people.

We have collected made in the last 20 years are the best movies based on real events, a list of which is presented below.

10. Life is beautiful

Life is beautiful (1997) movie based on the biography by the former Jewish prisoner Rubino Romeo Salmoni . The basis of the plot taken the book Salmon I defeated Hitler where he describes his imprisonment in a death camp. The tape was awarded the Grand Prix of the Cannes film Festival and participated in the nomination for the Oscar as Best foreign film. The action takes place in Italy during the Second World War. The main character, Guido falls in love with a local teacher of the Douro. They marry and after some time they have a child.

In time of war the country begin to appear fascist sentiment: all the Jews being sent to concentration camps. Guido was arrested along with his son and sent to camp. Father a miracle saves the child from death, skillfully hiding him from the Nazis. Kid Guido explains that this is just a war game, and soon as they the winners will go home in their own tank. But the reality is much harsher.

9. Pianist

The pianist (2002) is a biographical film about the famous Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. The film won the Palme d'or at the Cannes film festival and won three Oscars. The plot revolves around artists Vladek. He's a great pianist and studying music. After a while Poland occupied by the Nazis and the life of the protagonist changes drastically. A Jew, Vladek gets into a concentration camp, where he faces bullying and exhausting work. Jew miraculously manage to stay alive, thanks to one of the Germans.

8. Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can (2002) – film in based on the real life events of Frank Abagnale, an expert in the field of documentary security. While still a youth of Abigail became famous as a skilful swindler. His paroxysmal activity began forging checks which he later cashed in banks. Within a few years of fraud, he managed to put 2.5 million dollars velisevich checks in 26 banks of the world. A young offender has been elusive for 5 years. Then the young man was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment. But after a while it cooperates with the FBI to identify the fakes and their manufacturers.

7. Monster

Monster (2003) – film based on the real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Eileen, who worked as a prostitute, one night he meets a young girl a lesbian. Between the two tied the novel. After a while Wuornos realizes that he no longer wants to engage in prostitution. Once her client is the victim of a murder. After attempts of men to rape Eileen, she brutally murders his client and steal his car. Hooker and her new friend needed money, so Wuornos again and again decided on another crime. Woman caught after the sixth perfect murder. Eileen Warners was sentenced to death. In 2001, the verdict was passed in execution.

6. 9 Rota

9 Rota( 2005) movie Russian cinema which went to the Afghan war. Seven of the recruits called up for compulsory service in the Soviet Armed Forces. After several months of training they get in Afghanistan. Marines are given the task to take the high ground and hold it until the passage of the column. At this time, the Soviet government decides to withdraw Russian troops from Afghanistan. Command forgot about the 9 company. During the opened the battle, all members of the company could survive only one soldier.

5. Hachiko: the Most loyal friend

Hachiko: the Most loyal friend (2009) a true story about a Japanese dog breed Akita inu, which formed the basis for the film. Teacher Institute Parker Wilson accidentally reveals at a train station lost puppy and decides to take it. The dog and the man are bound to each other and become inseparable friends. Wilson names the dog Hachiko. Every day Hachiko meets his master from work at the station. But one day Parker does not return from work with a teacher had a heart attack and he dies. But the loyal dog from day to day comes to the station waiting for his friend. Relatives of Wilson trying to take in, but the dog keeps coming back to the station. The dog was waiting for the master until death. Hachiko a monument was erected at the station, where he remained for many years.

4. 1 1or untouchable

1 1or untouchable (2011) painting by French film based on the real events. Paralipomena aristocrat Philippe is looking for helpers nurse. Home to the rich man gets unemployed black guy Driss, who is in the exchange. All he wants is unemployed from Philip is to obtain a written waiver. But suddenly Drissa Philip chooses for his assistant. Black guy brings into the lives of a bored aristocrat breath of fresh air. Men are becoming real friends. Driss helps a rich man to arrange his personal life. The story ends with the marriage of Philip and the appearance of his children. His black friend Driss opened with Philip your business and also married. Men are friends to this day.

3. Impossible

The impossible (2012) disaster movie which went to the actual events of the life of one family who came to rest in Thailand in 2004. Then happened one of the largest and destructive tsunamis over the past decade, which claimed hundreds of human lives. The family miraculously manage to stay alive and find each other after the tragedy occurred. The film was awarded the Goya film awards in 5 categories.

2. The wolf of wall Street

The wolf of wall Street (2013) the movie, filmed on the eponymous memoirs of the former broker, Jordan Belfort. Jordan was the founder of one of the largest brokerska offices, but a few years later was arrested and Eugen for breaching the dark fraud by the office. Broker addicted to bahunam habits, but after his release starts a new life. He became a speaker and writes books about achieving success. The film, based on real events that were highly appreciated by the critics.

1. Everest

Everest (2015) – a film about the tragic events that took place in the Himalayas in 1996. At that time three expeditions to conquer the highest peak in the world mount Everest. Of all volunteers were like climbers with experience, and newcomers in this business. During the operation killed five people caught in a severe storm during the descent from the mountain. Thanks to the renowned climber Anatoly Boukreev had saved a few people. This is one of the best pictures last year that was taken on real events.

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