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The best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses polycarbonate


Our unpredictable climate and short summer (in the southern regions of Russia do not take into account) contribute to the active development of greenhouse cultivation of vegetable crops. We have prepared a selection of the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses polycarbonate for 2016.
Best known for more than 60 varieties of cucumbers for greenhouse cultivation. Among this diversity, there are varieties which are very tasty fresh, suitable for pickling or well marinated. There is a universal class. On the market are like the seeds of cucumbers varietal and hybrids (the latter are referred to as F1). Hybrids are good that have a high yield, faster ripening and resistance to diseases and adverse conditions. Downside is the offspring of the hybrids retains the characteristic features of the parents. Buying seeds varietal cucumbers for greenhouses made of polycarbonate, it is possible to continue to receive your seeds. For greenhouses is preferable to buy cucumber seeds with short lateral stems which do not need formation.

10. Anna F1

Among the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses polycarbonate belongs to the heart of F1. This early maturing hybrid, allowing to obtain a delicate gherkins for fresh consumption or canning. Hybrid refers to a generic classes – it is equally well suited for planting in greenhouses and open ground. Resistant to many diseases.

Interesting fact: there is a sort of cucumber "Lemon". As the ripening fruits become round shape and yellow, forming a "lemon". One plant may yield up to 8 kg of cucumbers of unusual shape and color.

9. Bouquet

One of the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses is "Bouquet". Precocious hybrid kornishenko type with weak branching produces good yields Zelentsov with good taste. The variety is resistant to many diseases. A harvest feast after 30 days after the first germination.

Interesting fact: in addition to cucumbers yellow there are several varieties that can be cropped white. This sort of "Bride," "Snow leopard", "White angel".

8. Gladiator

"Gladiator" is a popular variety of cucumbers for greenhouses. It is mid-ripening hybrid, high yield. Resistant to diseases and adverse conditions.

Interesting fact: especially big sizes differ some Chinese varieties of cucumbers. The fruits reach a length of one meter. They have a pleasant taste and crunchy flesh with small seeds. They are very unpretentious, resistant to diseases and give a good harvest.

7. ABC

Gaining more popular varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses with beam location of the ovaries. They are characterized by high productivity. These include hybrid kornishenko type "ABC". This ripening variety with high resistance to diseases. Palatability Zelentsov excellent. The variety is ideal for canning small cucumbers for pickling in barrels.

Interesting fact: the seeds of Armenian cucumber lovers of the exotic. The second name of the plant – melon silver. The fruits of this crop in color, size and appearance are more like squash, and the leaves similar to pumpkin. Still, the plant belongs to the genus of the cucumber. The fruit, Armenian cucumber crisp sweet flesh with a light melon scent.

6. Green wave

Among the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses polycarbonate include "Green wave". This early maturing hybrid, suitable for cultivation in greenhouse and open field. Fruits of this variety have a beautiful bright green color. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases. His feature – consistently high yields even under adverse conditions.

Interesting fact: melothria rough is one of the most petite and beautiful varieties of cucumbers. This culture is valued for the unusual decorative appearance and tasty fruits like a small watermelons. They are great for fresh consumption and conservation.

5. Murashka F1

Among the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses is "Murashka F1". Precocious high-yielding hybrid beam type. An interesting feature of this variety is a genetic lack in the fruit of bitterness. Tastes great Zelentsov and versatility – cucumbers can be used in fresh and for pickling. Resistant to some diseases.

Interesting fact: a lot of popularity among gardeners has acquired the Indian cucumber, or MOMORDICA. The plant has beautiful ornamental foliage, and its flowers smell lovely. Maturing fruits become bright yellow color.

4. Boy-with-finger

"Tom thumb" is another popular variety of cucumber for growing in greenhouses from polycarbonate. This early maturing variety is characterized by good resistance to many diseases. The harvest ripens 40 days after emergence.

Interesting fact: the small spikes formed on the tubercles of young Zelentsov, they serve to remove excess moisture. In the morning they are droplets of moisture.

3. Benefis F1

"Benefit F1" is a good precocious variety of cucumbers for greenhouses made of polycarbonate. Characterized by good resistance to many diseases. Taste quality is excellent, no bitterness. Perfect for pickling and fresh consumption.
Interesting fact: the birthplace of the popular vegetable crops in India. To cultivate cucumber were more than 6 thousand years ago.

2. Favourite F1

Among the best varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses is "the spoiled Child of F1". This is a new early maturing hybrid with particle beam formation of ovaries. The variety has great taste – the fruits are crispy, flavorful, without bitterness.

Interesting fact: the lovers of exotic cultures can grow unusual varieties of cucumbers, "gold dragon egg". This popular variety from China, characterized by high productivity. As they Mature the fruits become yellow in color. The flesh of this cucumber tastes like some fruit.

1. Siberian garland F1

Hybrid with incredible yield "Siberian garland F1" – one of the best cucumber varieties for greenhouses. Crop you can get up to the first frost. The small size cucumbers without bitterness, sweet, juicy and crispy.

Interesting fact: cucumber is so popular and loved that he dedicated many monuments. The monuments of the cucumber is in the cities of Nizhyn (Ukraine), Lukhovitsy, Stary Oskol, Shklov (Belarus), Poznan (Poland).

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