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The best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses polycarbonate


Tomatoes – one of the most popular and delicious vegetables. To pleased consumers all year round, grown in the greenhouse. But not all tomato varieties are suitable for indoor soil.

In the TOP 10 included only the best varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses made of polycarbonate.

10. Casparweight 140 g

Kaspar is a well – established hybrid among growers. It is the tomatoes with a small period of vegetation and is perfect for polycarbonate greenhouses heated for cultivation in the winter season. The term of technical maturation takes from 100 to 118 days. The elongated fruits are red in color and can reach a weight of 140 gr. This is one of the high-yielding hybrids that are resistant to diseases such as vermicelles and Fusarium. Kaspar low maintenance and does not require processing chemicals. Medium shrub reaches a height of 0.5-1 meter. Ripe tomatoes have a great taste for salads, the usual canning and preservation in their own juice.

9. Ginaweight 250 g

Gina is one of the most resistant and early maturing varieties, which are perfect for summer greenhouses from cellular carbonate. This is the best large-fruited hybrid with shrub height no more than 60-70 centimeters, which does not require tying. Bright red fruits grow very large and the weight can reach 250 grams. Tomatoes are very delicious and have a meaty and juicy texture. Also, this variety has high productivity and can bring up to 10 kg from 1 sq. m. the Value of a plant lies in the fact that it is very resistant to verticellata and Fusarium, and also does not require the formation of the crown. Gina has a universal destination and it can be used for salads, tomato paste, ketchup, sauce and canning.

8. Cherryweight 25 grams

Cherry all varieties of this tomato perfect for greenhouses made of polycarbonate, so as to bravely survive temperature changes. The most popular Sweet cherry, Minibel, Bonsai often grown by experienced gardeners. Sweet cherry can reach a height of 2 metres and is in need of tying. Small fruits grow either red or yellow. From one Bush can collect up to 60 juicy and sweet tomatoes. Minibel is a low-growing early maturing hybrid. The fruits are small, juicy and slightly acid. Variety is good for canning and salads. Bonsai is the dwarf variety, height of the Bush does not exceed 20 centimeters. Has a very tight little red fruits. This hybrid is resistant to many diseases.

7. Flamencoweight 150 gr

Flamenco is one of the best universal early varieties, suitable for growing in the winter, and in summer greenhouses. The vegetation period usually lasts for 105 to 108 days. Bush height can reach 1.5 meters and require tying. Ripe red fruit is quite large and reach a weight of 150 gr. Fleshy pulp of the tomato has good taste with little acidity. The yield Flamenco is from 9 to 13 kg per 1 sq. m. Is immune to Alternaria, Fusarium, and tobacco mosaic virus. It should be noted that these tomatoes have a good transportability.

6. Russian soulweight 900 gr

Russian soul – one of the best new superorganic hybrids designed not only for greenhouses made of polycarbonate, but also for planting in the open ground. To Mature fruit takes about 110-115 days, it belongs to medium early varieties. The height of the bushes up to 1.5 meters. It grows very large scarlet tomatoes, the weight of which can reach 900 gr. The value of these tomatoes is the high taste qualities and tolerance to temperature extremes. One plant can bring up to 5 kg of the crop. The Russian soul is multi-purpose and perfect for domestic preparations, cooking and eating fresh.

5. King of Kingsweight up to 1 kg

King of Kings is one of the best medium-giant hybrids for cultivation in greenhouses and in open ground. Quite powerful Bush can reach a height of 2 meters. Bright red fruits are very large and can reach in mass up to 1 kg Meaty flesh of the tomato is very juicy and has high taste qualities. This type of tomato is resistant to late blight. Single Bush yielding an average of 5 kg of the crop. Variety is ideal for salads, tomato juice, mashed potatoes and cooking pasta.

4. Cardinalweight 600 gr

Kardinal – hybrid that is ideal for growing in greenhouses from polycarbonate. Quite tall bushes up to 1.5 meters, bring bright red large fruit weighing up to 600g. The gestation period lasts an average of 110-115 days. Each plant produces up to 4 kg of tomatoes. Tomatoes have a very sweet sugary flesh with few seeds. To get a good harvest, experienced growers recommend plants remove side shoots. The cardinal is not suitable for canning but can be used for fresh consumption, salads, juice and passes.

3. Monomakhweight 200 gr

Monomakh – one of the best mid-season varieties, ideal for growing in greenhouses from polycarbonate. The height of the shrubs under greenhouse conditions usually reaches 1.5 meters. The plant begins to bear fruit in about 110-115 days. Tomato has flattened the fruit is deep red in color with a weight of usually not more than 200 gr. The flesh is incredibly meaty, with a sweet-sour taste. Tomatoes have a high yield and is able to bring 1 sq. m. to 14 kg. the Plant is resistant to late blight. Monomakh's cap has a universal destination, so it is suitable both for fresh consumption and canning.

2. Flamingo pinkweight gr 300

Pink Flamingos – the best low-growing variety with pink fruits, which is perfect for growing in greenhouses. The period of ripening of tomatoes is an average of 110 days. The Bush in height of 0.5-1 meter rise flat round fruit of medium size, which have weight 200-400 gr. The value of Pink Flamingos is that it is quite resistant to many diseases and brings good harvest. 1 sq. m. have 6-10 kg of tomatoes. Basically variety is used fresh and in salads, but may be suitable for canning, cooking pasta and juice.

1. F1 Eupatorweight up to 150 gr

F1 Eupator, ideal for planting in polycarbonate greenhouses. The hybrid refers to early maturing varieties: the period of its growing season lasts about 100-110 days. Bright red fruits are smooth round and reach the ground usually no more than 150 gr. These tomatoes are very thick and great for transporting. They also have excellent taste. The hybrid is resistant to many diseases. The yield of these tomatoes are incredibly high – from 1 sq. m. it is possible to collect up to 40 kg of tomatoes. F1 Eupator versatile and perfect for winter preparations, as well as fresh consumption.

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