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The best varieties of fennel


Dill is a popular spicy herb that is grown in all regions of Russia. The best varieties of fennel are grown not only in the garden, but also in greenhouses, pots. Dill is unpretentious, does not require careful care and very often, the gardeners planted the seeds that is, not paying much attention to variety. To harvest greens were rich and abundant, special attention must be paid to seed quality and characteristics of each variety.

10. Grenadier

Grenadier — this variety belongs to early maturing and has high and dense leaf rosette. The leaves are emerald hue. The stalk is small, only about thirty centimeters. The best varieties of fennel early maturity can be cut in a month after planting seeds in the soil on the greens. For marinades, spices and conservation, umbrellas are cut only after three months. Seeds are planted in the open ground from the beginning of April, and the container can be used to grow dill all year round.

9. Redoubt

Redoubt — a short, early maturing variety of dill with a strong, rich aroma. Leaf color rich green with a light waxy bloom. They have an elongated shape with long segments. Umbrella domed, large size. With one square meter it is possible to gather harvest in the amount of 1.2 kilograms, and if you remove and umbrellas, to three. For conservation and spices, umbrellas, and the stalks are used for 60 day from the date of sowing.

8. Gribovskiy

The best variety of dill among early maturing – gribovskiy. It Matures quickly and the first green can be cut within six months of the time of sowing. Dill Gribovsky spices is cut in two months. This variety grows well in open ground and does not require greenhouse conditions. The harvest of greens is very good. Plants are virtually not subject to diseases and multiply rapidly by self-seeding. The greens are large, dark green in color with a slight gray tinge. Inflorescence large, with a diameter of 30 cm, convex shape. Seeds are sown in early spring and winter for an early harvest.

7. Richelieu

Richelieu — middle-the best variety of dill with a beautiful, delicate leaves. Different seeds of large size and parasols with a diameter up to 20 centimeters. To get a good crop of seeds and greens, it is best to plant in April, then in August the plant has time to fully form and grows to a meter in height.
With one meter of soil, are planted with this variety, you can collect 1.3 kilograms of green. Umbrellas and stems are very fragrant, they are often used during conservation.

6. Kibray

Kibray — this mid-season, Bush variety is a huge love of many gardeners and truckers. The greens are growing very quickly and after a month and a half after sowing seeds in the soil can gradually pinch off sprigs. The leaves have a delicate, spicy flavor, they are slightly upward. The outlet of the Kibray spreads are very wide, so the seeds should be planted at a distance of 20 centimeters from each other, and between the rows need to leave up to 30 centimeters of free space. Unlike other best varieties of fennel, the greens of Kibray going gradually from one meter you can collect up to 6 pounds. The variety is resistant to disease and grows well in wet soils. For preservation and preparation of herbs for the winter, it is best to collect the dill in 70 days from the moment of appearance of the first shoots.

5. Umbrella

Among the huge variety of the best varieties of fennel, occupies a special place umbrella. This variety is middle-ripening, and the plants can reach heights of up to two meters during the formation and flowering of the umbrella. The first greens start to cut a month and a half since the appearance of the first shoots. Umbrella has large leaves, slightly elongated in a filament, green color. Umbrella diameter up to 20 centimeters in diameter. Per square meter gardeners can collect about 2 - 3 pounds of greens.

4. Alligator

The best variety of dill among the late maturing crops – alligator. It features high productivity, elevated rosette of leaves. Cut alligator on the spices only after 115 days of sowing. In the southern regions, this plant have time to Mature and give a good seed, but on the greens, it can be assembled within six months. Plant grows to a height of 1.6 meters, the stems are powerful. Green has a strong flavor, which is fully revealed during the preparation of various dishes. Only one plant can collect about 20 grams of greens and during cleaning of the umbrellas and the spices to 60 grams. Alligator – very fragrant variety of dill which is loved by many gardeners for obtaining good harvest of greens. To put it is in all regions of Russia, even if the seeds do not have time to form, greens in large quantities to freeze, to dry, to prepare for the winter.

3. Frost

Frost — the best variety of dill with dissected green leaves with a waxy coating. In height it reaches up to 1.5 meters with well-formed branches. Umbrella of Frost formed later and it is very sprawling, multipath. With one square meter can collect up to 4 pounds of greens, but cut it gradually. This variety is distinguished by the fact that during freezing, drying, heat treatment herbs remains fragrant.

2. Kutuzov

Kutuzov — late variety, green is going gradually. Sockets are formed very lush, with large, green leaves with a length of about 20 centimeters. Seeds are planted in April to get a good harvest in August. One plant can provide about 50-60 grams Sega greens. In height, the shrub can reach up to meters, it formed a spreading, flat umbrellas with a huge number of rays. The leaves are light green, somewhat similar to threads. The taste and aroma of the greens are very saturated, bright.

1. Naughty

Mischief — this sort of happy gardeners a large harvest of fresh greens, but the umbrellas are formed very late and sometimes the seeds do not have time to ripen on time. The difference in this variety is a spreading, branched stems. In height it grows up to 115 centimeters, the leaves are diamond shaped, green with a waxy coating. Mischief – productive and not capricious variety that can be grown on greens in all regions. Just remember that to collect the seeds will be very difficult, since only in the southern regions of umbrellas can make it completely to the end to form.
These are 10 of the best varieties of fennel enjoyed great love and popularity among farmers. They offer good yields and are not fussy to care for. This spicy and very fragrant herb can be used not only in cooking and cosmetology, medicine.

A variety of

Unlike other crops, the best varieties of fennel do not differ visually from each other. To grasp the difference, you need to pay attention to the intensity of color, presence of waxy coating, the width, length and shape of the leaves, the degree of their disjunction.
All varieties are divided into three groups: early ripening, mid-ripening and late-ripening. Dill's early maturing differs in small weight and number of leaves. More leafy two other groups that have also a large mass. In the southern regions are very popular late maturing varieties whose stems are formed slowly, but the harvest becomes rich.

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