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The best strawberry varieties for the middle band


For over two centuries the cultivation of strawberries skilled gardeners divorced quite a number of varieties for various climatic conditions. Of course, the best strawberry varieties for the middle band are those who can happily endure the cold and heat.
The diversity of species is also represented by other parameters: fertility, size of berries, etc. This allows each gardener to choose fruit and berry plant to your preference. Here are a few varieties that are considered the best for the middle band.

10. Elsanta

Elsanta — most gardeners with average climatic bands consider this variety the best. He is originally from Holland, so is resistant to high humidity. Keep up Elsanta quite early so that the summer heat does not have time to catch her. The main distinguishing feature of the species is the fruit. The sizes of the fruits varied, but all almost perfect conical shape. You rarely see berry, deviating from these parameters. The color of the berries bright red; taste classic strawberry. The yield is high, almost all berries ripen at the same time.

9. Darselect

Darselect — grade recently was launched, and today managed to prove its resilience to the vagaries of nature. For the entire period of cultivation of this species on the middle climatic zone of Russia, there were no cases of diseases. In addition, the species differs impressive dimensions of the fetus, which is the reason for the convenience of picking berries. Hotel berries may reach a weight of 70 grams. The shape of the fruit is almost perfectly conical. The variety is early ripening, the bushes thick enough and durable so that does not require excessive care in the courtship.

8. Cleary

Cleary is the most durable in cold weather the variety of strawberry that is widely cultivated by gardeners of the middle band. Not asking for a special relationship with the farming. Bushes resistant to wind and breakage of antennae. Is recovering fast enough. The fruits of the same shape and of sufficiently large size. Because of the high density pulp has an exclusive taste. This kind of berries for everybody. Besides it is stored for a very long time. The berries ripen around the middle of the first month of summer, but with early come spring you can plant out the berries in the open field. Accidental freezing does not damage this class.

7. Sudarushka

Sudarushka — this variety one of the best indicators among the strawberry cultivars growing in Central Russia. Has a high yield, but small fruit size: up to 35 grams, and resistance to frost. Ripens this early. As for fruit, it is bright red, with sour-sweet taste. Fruit shape slightly oval, has cervical suction. But the main feature is high resistance against Botrytis. For this reason, can be safely planted this variety even in marshy ground. Fruits as well as bushes, are not subject to erosion from touching the moist soil.

6. Alba

Alba — the title is clear that this variety was bred in Sunny Italy. However, due to the early ripening perfectly suitable for moderate climatic zone of Russia. The color of fruit dark red, the fruit has an elongated shape. One of the distinguishing features is the stability of the fetus, which makes it convenient for transportation. For this reason, this type is grown mainly for sale. Besides, the plant itself is not picky about growing conditions. When a sufficient amount of heat grows and bears fruit, even directly on the ground, without insulation from the cold.

5. Vima Zanta

Vima Zanta, like the preceding sort, elected by the fans strawberries in the middle lane, grade Vima Zanta is highly resistant to transportation. The view is a synthesis of the Crown with the least known species Elsanta. The fruit is characterized by a light red, yellowish color and sizes up to 40 grams. The shape of the fruit is almost round. The petals of the class indicated have a tendency to curl. On this basis, and distinguish it. Perhaps one of the most undemanding species for temperate zone, resistant to fungi and other diseases. The fruiting period and maturation occurs at the end of spring – the beginning and the middle of summer.

4. Berube

Berube — the variety is, perhaps, typical of Central Russia, as distinctive properties in addition to resistance to diseases is not. The fruits are small with an average yield. The color of the berries dark red, and they are narrow conical shape. The weight of the berries is rarely more than 13 grams, but the main reason why many gardeners grow this kind is exceptional taste. It is quite bright and memorable. I love the berry Berube once already won't want to eat other varieties. For this reason, strawberries are grown mainly growers for personal consumption.

3. Zenkor

Grade Zenkor — one of the best new kinds of strawberries for a temperate climate. First grown grade newly selectors of the North Caucasus. In deriving the berries were used the stems of such varieties as Sangan and the Cardinal. A distinctive feature is the large berries. Taste properties are also estimated as good. Today, this species is grown not only moderate climate, but also in other regions. Basically, berry plant is intended for distribution in early spring. But the simplicity of the class makes it possible to fit in the greenhouses.

2. Marmalade

Marmalade — most gardeners love this variety for decorative features. Strawberry bushes as the berries are quite massive. The fruit is very firm and so perfect for winter preparations. In addition, these berries can be easy to prepare in the form of drying. Appearance: color and shape look quite delicious and attractive. The variety is precocious and at the beginning of June at the Bush see the first ripe berries. It does not require early planting of strawberries. The vegetation period does not exceed three months, so start to seat it in late March and early April. For an earlier crop can be grown in the greenhouse.

1. Symphony

When it comes to grades for average climatic bands, it is not necessary to forget and about crossed to England Symphony. This variety has high cold resistance, so it can sit in mid-March directly into the open ground. In addition, the plant is highly resistant to rot and will grow in a swampy area. Strawberry Symphony is medium in size and mass do not exceed 40 grams. Finally, the transportability make this almost perfect for gardeners.
In General, the choice of varieties of strawberries for planting under climatic conditions of Central, frost and rot resistance are the defining qualities. However, species with these qualities a lot, so that you can choose from additional flavoring, color and other properties.

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