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Top 10 most popular Anime characters


Anime is a popular Japanese cartoon genre. These cartoons are distinguished by a specific style of animation and the stories, which are sometimes more suited for an adult audience. The storyline of the anime can cover a lot of characters, differ with the variety of geography and historical eras, genres and styles. Usually the basis for these cartoons serve Japanese comics, light novels or computer games, the creators of the anime remains a characteristic graph of the source. Fans of this genre a great many around the world.

If you are not yet a fan of Japanese animated series, learning about the 10 most famous anime characters, may be interested in this genre and Fund a multimillion-dollar ranks of his admirers.

10. Spike Spiegel

This is the main character of the cartoon series Cowboy bebop. Spike makes the journey to intergalactic ship, hunting the cosmic villains.

Action cartoon takes place in the future of 2071, where the Earth almost ceased to be a blue planet, inhabited by humans and animals, all mankind had settled on the neighboring planets. By this time, the work of a bounty hunter has become quite popular among young people, and spike decided to go this route. He catches notorious criminals in the universe and gets the case cost the Martian volonghi.

9. Himura Kenshin

It is the leading character from the anime Samurai X. For a long time, himura was an assassin. But at some point, he decided to radically change his life and to abandon the lessons of this dark matter. To ease his conscience, Himura decided to leave everything and go aimlessly, along the way helping disadvantaged and vulnerable people. In the process of their exciting travels, he meets a beautiful girl, Kamiya Kaoru, and basamati falls in love with her.

8. Shinji Ikari

This character appears animated film Evangelion. A teenager named Shinji has the ability to lead a fighting robot named Evangelion-01. The main character is shy, diffident and stand-offish from the boy. He sees the world around only in the darkest tones, not wanting to let into your life a piece of light. Shinji believes that the world is not necessary and absolutely not happy that he and his robot have every day to help people. With the development of the plot, Shinji begins to understand that all-taki in life, there are many joyful moments that should be appreciated.

7. Pikachu

This character was very famous in the vastness of our country at the beginning of the two thousandth. Pikachu the main character of the cult of the Pokémon anime. Pokémon are creatures with extraordinary abilities. They have mentors who prepare them for competition with other pokemon. Caring trainers pokemon more successful. Love the owners gives them power again and again to defeat opponents.

6. Edward Elric

This is the main hero of the cartoon Fullmetal alchemist. When Edward was still a child, his father left the family. A few years later dies mother of Edward. The guy is left alone with his brother Al. After some time, the children think of an incredible idea to revive the mother using alchemy. But, unfortunately, the inexperienced wizards have not calculated their strength and experience, both brothers suffered greatly: Edward lost an arm and a leg, and al lost his body, and his soul was attached to armor. Now he is pursuing another mission to bring back brother's body.

5. Son Goku

With this character the audience met in the anime dragonballz. This boy is not like everyone else. His ancestors were aliens, so he has incredible abilities. Goku also has a long tail. Innate talent and rigorous martial arts training helped him become strong, agile and almost invincible.

4. Usagi Tsukino

This character was very popular among Russian teenage girls. Usagi Tsukino the main character of the famous anime Sailor moon. It is ordinary at first glance, an unremarkable schoolgirl. It was not until she met a magical cat named Luna. After that the girl became the possessor of unusual abilities. Their new skills Usagi sends to the noble mission to protect all who need assistance.

3. Speedy Racer

Go Mifune, or just speedy the son of a talented designer of racing cars. Speedy loves speed. This allowed him to become the ultimate racer. More than anything, he wants to go Pro and get the championship title. For this purpose, the father speedy especially for the son created the best model race car Mach 5.

However, the path to the coveted gold thorny. To win a long-awaited victory, speedy will have to perform feats, to beat the rivals who continually strive to break the rules of racing, as well as to prove to his father that he can be proud of his son

2. Astro

This is a character from the animated film Astro boy. Astro robot that looks like an ordinary boy. In addition, he has the unique ability to think and to experience real human emotions. Unfortunately, in the struggle between people and robots, Astro becomes a target for those and for others. Fleeing from them, he also tries to end the feud between humans and robots.

1. Naruto Uzumaki

When Naruto was just born, on the settlement where he lived with his family, was attacked by a demon. The boy's father managed to hide the demon inside the body of the son that he did not give him the opportunity to get out and harm people. This story remained a secret for the Naruto none of the relatives and acquaintances could not tell the boy that his body concluded a terrible creature.

After some time the father of the protagonist dies. Naruto decides to learn the art of the ninja. However, the villagers, the boy remembered that it continues to live right now, because of this, almost all belonged to Naruto with fear and distrust. The teenager didn't understand what has caused this negative attitude. And just by accident the guy finds out what a terrible secret from him so long concealed relatives and neighbors

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