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Top 10 Best movies about jungle adventures


Jungle. This word is strongly associated with all the adventure, danger at every step in the form of various strange animals, poisonous snakes and insects. In addition, there may be tribes that are not guided by the modern world, and of civilization little is known about them. In General, every inch of the jungle is imbued with risk and breathing adrenaline. It is logical that the film simply could not pass up this natural phenomenon. Can you imagine how many breathtaking paintings we would have lost otherwise? After all, you can remove everything from Comedy to horror. However, a palm tree (or vine) of the championship holds the movie about the adventures. Ready to wander through tropical forests in search of adrenaline? There you go – a dozen of the coolest movies about the jungle.

10. Apocalypse (2006)

Mel Gibson did a great job, taking not only a place in the credits (producer and screenplay), but Director's chair. The film describes the dramatic events of the XV century in the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayans practiced human sacrifice in order to appease the God Kukulkan. One of the potential victims named Jaguar paw manages to escape from a terrible ritual (before the capture he hid in the pit of his pregnant wife). When the hero can be completely free of villains, the light already has a child, and Jaguar paw takes his family to the jungle to continue the race. The sight was spectacular, as evidenced by the receipts from cinemas for $ 120 million (under spent 40 million).

9. Romancing the stone (1984)

In 1984, the film has collected robust design even for today's rental cash – a whopping 86 million dollars (cost of the picture is 8 times cheaper). The story tells the viewer about a young writer, Joan Wilder, who dreams of meeting a man, descended from the pages of her own novels. Certain circumstances (we are talking about the rescue of the abducted sisters) Joan is in the Colombian jungle, where he meets his dream as Jack Colton (played by Michael Douglas). Sister in the end successfully managed to save, and Joan and Jack fall in love with each other. Robert Zemeckis really knows how to make movies!

8. Treasure Of The Amazon (2003)

What do you think, what charges was this movie with "the Rock" in the title role? The correct answer is a failure. The film-makers didn't even hit the budget in 85 million dollars. However, as you know, employment in the project of Dwayne Johnson as if whispering to us that this would be amazing. The hero of "Rocks" in the story is in the Amazon jungle to find and bring home Travis (careless son of an influential authority). It is easy to find the hapless adventurer, Buck (the name of our hero) finds out that Travis is already messed up and well run into a rather risky business. Here begins the most interesting.

7. Anaconda (1997)

And here with the cash again full order – fees tripled over spent. A horror movie with Jennifer Lopez in the lead role sends us to the Amazon jungle. The storyline takes place in the following way. The film crew plans to make a report about a little-known tribe living on the banks of the Amazon, but the group intervenes giant Anaconda killer and a fanatical man named Saron. In the process of destroying the snake Saron otherwise prevent the members of the team, but in the end, Anaconda was murdered, and the survivors, the researchers still find that same tribe.

6. 100 days in the jungle (2002)

And again, dramatic events, this time in the jungles of Ecuador. Employees of the oil company from Canada go on a business trip for maintenance and repair of the pipeline. In the jungle them and two tourists kidnapped by Colombian terrorists. Knowing the financial possibilities of the oil companies, the attackers assign a fabulous sum of money as ransom for the employees of the company clearly did not expect such an impressive figure. It comes in the operational group, consisting of former employees of the CIA. In the end, exhausted by the brutal jungle bandits and oilers gain freedom. By the way, the film is based on a true story.

5. King Kong (2005)

There is hardly any movie lovers who do not know what will be discussed below. By the way, the idea to shoot a picture of the famous giant gorilla was not new (the original film was made already in 1933). However, the idea to shovel the story before the film crew was not – the main objective was to show the history of the maximum fantastic by using most modern technology movie. Started with a a fantastic value for 2005 budget ($207 million) and... it worked. Indeed, the key moments of the film look very impressive and make you catch your breath. And the budget eventually got out almost triple the amount.

4. Outcast (2000)

Who, if not Tom Hanks? Oh, and our old friend back there. It seems we are waiting for something really interesting. The story itself does not carry anything supernatural – the usual clerk delivery service mail, Chuck Noland gets in a plane crash, in which he is thrown out near an uninhabited island together with all the parcels. Our "Robinson" spends alone with nature, yourself, and your own thoughts for 4 years. His best (though dumb) friend on the island was the ball Wilson. As a result, the Chuck is already able to leave the island since the building of the raft. Knowland picks up the ship, and our hero is home again, where, in his absence, everything changed upside down. Yes, here was that it is Tom Hanks.

3. The Jungle Book (2016)

In fact, it is the fourth feature-length screen adaptation of the works of Kipling. The picture tells us about the life and adventures of a jungle boy named Mowgli. And again at the head of the list of tasks in front of a camera crew standing state of the art imaging of animals. And this time it succeeded. Bagheera the Panther, tiger, Sher Khan, Baloo the bear and Kaa the snakes they all appeared on the screen as realistic as possible. This is indicated not only an enthusiastic audience feedback: film Jon Favreau has collected nearly a billion dollars of box office receipts and received the "Oscar" is just the same in the category dedicated to the visual effects.

2. Mosquito coast (1986)

Another failed at the box office film. However, as in the previous case, the main role is not the last representative of the cinema. Harrison Ford played the role of the eccentric inventor, intending to build a plant for the production of ice on the ground, called the Mosquito Coast. The idea was so insistent that the hero side has constant conflicts with the family (in the jungle the inventor has not come alone, and taking their closest loved ones), the clergy in the person of the priest, well with mother nature in the end (really to make ice in the jungle is still somewhat absurd).

1. Jumanji: the jungle (2017)

Ho-Ho, again our buddy "the Rock"! What with the cashier this time? And this time the cashier not 855 million dollars a rental. "Fault" to not only excellent actors (Kevin HART is only worth something), but cool story, during which four friends playing "Jumanji" in the basement of the school, moved across the computer screen and get used to avatars, for which he played. The actions of the characters are still controlled by the players (in reality and in living bodies), but the event itself dictates "Jumanji". Friends have on their skin to experience all the risks and dangers of the jungle.

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