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The best tools for cleaning the bath


Maintaining the perfect condition of the plumbing in the bathroom is one of the most difficult and troublesome occupation. This is the place where we spend a lot of time. Moist environment of a bathroom creates excellent conditions for development of various microorganisms. On the bath and sink there is a rust settles plaque and other dirt. If you do not pay enough attention to care of plumbing or use the wrong cleaning agent, you can simply "kill" the tub. Years of experience allows Housewives to determine the best means for cleaning the bath.

You need to remember that since modern enameled and acrylic bathtubs have a fairly delicate coating, for cleaning you need to use gentle household cleaning products.

10. Cif

Opens the list of the best cleaners for cream Cif. It allows you to carefully clean not only the bathtub but also tile, faucets and other bathroom. Its effective operation the cream must microgranules. Thanks to them, dissolve quickly and are easy to remove the heavy contamination. The cream does not damage sensitive enamel and easy to use. It is enough to spread on the polluted surface of the bath, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse. Cif to cope with raids from hard water, rust, stains and other contaminants. The cream has a pleasant aroma.

Estimated cost of money – 150 rubles for a bottle of a capacity of 500 ml.

9. Bass

To the best means for cleaning acrylic bathtubs is the gel Bass. Acrylic bathtubs are easy deteriorating when exposed to aggressive acids and abrasives. Gel Bass specially designed for grooming the soft coated acrylic baths. Thick gel form allows you to apply it on a vertical surface. The product is also suitable for quick cleaning, and to combat ingrained dirt, old coatings and rust.

For a more effective action of the gel should be spread over the contaminated surface and leave for 15 minutes. Then carefully wipe the tub and rinse with water.

The advantages of the tool include high efficiency, no corrosive acids and gentle on acrylic coating baths.

8. Frosch

Frosch is one of the best tools for cleaning the bath based on biodegradable. Natural remedy is an excellent alternative to chemical compositions. Part of Frosch included grape acid. The tool perfectly cleanses acrylic and enamelled surfaces. The product is easy to use and has a pleasant smell. It is suitable for people with allergies and those who cannot tolerate chemical odors.

To remove small impurities, the liquid is sprayed from a spray and leave for 5-10 minutes. When stubborn dirt, patina and rust the exposure tool is increased to 30 minutes.

One of the advantages of funds – availability of parental lock.

The average cost of Frosch – 245 rubles.

7. Pemolyuks soda 5 powder

"Pemolyuks soda 5 powder" – one of the best inexpensive means for cleaning enameled tubs. Powder contains baking soda, which removes almost all impurities, including the oldest of them. Milk is effective against rust, yellow and lime deposits. Although the powder is slightly scratches the surface, it can be used for cleaning, completely new baths.

Reference price means – 40 rubles.

6. Akrilan

The most effective means for cleaning acrylic bathtubs is the foam "Akrilan". It removes not only impurities, but also fungus, bacteria and mold. "Akrilan" – a universal remedy. They can clean the shower cubicle, ceramic tiles, enamelled surfaces and glass. One of the advantages of foam – formation on the treated surface of the film, which does not allow some time to accumulate the plaque and dirt.

Disadvantages of funds – the need to work with it in gloves and a strong smell.

The average price – 350-400 rubles.

5. Comet 7 days of purity

Gel "Comet 7 days of purity" is one of the best tools for cleaning the bath. Thick gel effectively and quickly cope with the age-old dirt, rust and yellow. The product spread on the surface and leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Since Comet contains acid, it can not be left on the surface of the bath for a long time. Another disadvantage of tools – a sharp unpleasant smell. After applying the gel leaves a dirt-repellent film. Work with Comet, you need gloves.

Estimated price gel – 200 rubles.

4. Luxus Professional

Keeps a list of the best tools for cleaning the bath spray unnecessarily. This versatile tool removes all kinds of dirt, bacteria, mold and freshens the air. The spray doesn't scratch the surface, so is suitable for cleaning acrylic baths, are sensitive to the impact surfaces. Apply spray to clean mirrors, taps, tiles, glass products.

Convenient spray allows you to quickly and evenly apply the product onto contaminated surface.

The average cost of a spray – 140 rubles.

3. Domestos

One of effective means for cleaning the bath – Domestos. Copes well with low impurities and excellent disinfectant plumbing, and to cleanse the lime scale and heavy rust will have to apply efforts. Plus – the presence of a variety of fragrances and low price.

The average price of Domestos – 150 rubles.

2. Because he

To the best means for emergency cleaning the bath apply the gel "Sanoks". Apply it only in the most severe cases, when other means can not cope with pollution. The gel contains oxalic acid, have adverse effects on delicate enamel and acrylic surfaces. "Because he" removes all impurities, destroys pathogenic microorganisms. The advantages are: high efficiency, low price and mild smell.

The average cost of funds – 65 rubles.

1. Sarma

The list of the best tools for cleaning the bath includes universal gel for bath tubs and sinks Sarma. Copes with limescale and rust. One of the benefits of a funds – pleasant smell. The gel has antimicrobial effect and can be used as a disinfectant. Easy to use, well distributed over the surface of the bath.

Average cost of gel 100.

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