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The best tools for removing makeup


Today, there are a great variety of tools for removing any type of makeup. Best tools makeup remover not only effectively eliminate traces, but also deeply cleanse pores, eliminating excess sebum and dead skin cells of the epidermis. In the list we have included funds in the form of pads, gels, mousses, lotions and even creams that have proven themselves among the users with the best hand and proved its high efficiency.

10. Swipe Freshka Green tea

Wipes "Freshka "Green tea" are a great cleanser to quickly remove makeup. It is convenient to use under any circumstances, so wipes are the perfect solution for women who need to get rid of the makeup in transit or at work. They are well clean and moisturize the dermis, providing a soothing effect due to the content of calendula extract and green tea. Additionally, "Freshka" has antiseptic and toning effect. The wipes are hypoallergenic, so can be used by the very sensitive dermis.

9. Marseille Olive Moisture Cleansing Oil Rich Purifying

Marseille Olive Moisture Cleansing Oil Rich Purifying is ideal for owners of dry dermis. The tool itself is a hydrophilic oil, which includes olive leaf extract. It perfectly removes any makeup and also prevents the skin from losing its natural moisture. Thanks to the loyal influence tool you can use to remove ink. Additional active ingredients are extract of papaya, rosemary and tocopherol. All of these substances contribute to relieving irritation and inflammation with the dermis, and also have a germicidal effect. Hydrophilic oil is suitable for daily use.

8. Dr. Hauschka Reinigungsmilch

Dr. Hauschka Reinigungsmilch is a lotion used to eliminate cosmetics. Especially suitable for people with sensitive type of skin. It does not contain harmful substances and fragrances, therefore belongs to the category of hypoallergenic. The main active ingredients are cleansing milk extract, jojoba oil, ulcer, apricot pits. These components penetrate into the pores and effectively cleanse them from the particles of makeup, sebum and other impurities. In addition to anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects, the tool has a nourishing effect, thanks to the rich vitaminiziruet composition.

7. Aravia Gentle Cold-Cream

Aravia "Gentle Cold Cream" is the best option for those with dry, delicate and prone to irritation of the skin. The facility has a cream base which has cleansing properties. In addition to cleansing properties "Gentle Cold Cream" provides intensive moisturizing and toning effect. Cleansing cream soothes irritated skin and reduces inflammation. Using it regularly will help the skin to fill the shortage of nutrients and fill it with the necessary natural moisture. For oily and combined type of the dermis remedy is not suitable because of its thick texture.

6. Two-phase lotion Purete Thermale Vichy

Two-phase lotion Vichy Purete Thermale is suitable for removing mascara, with waterproof effect. In addition to the cleansing properties of the oxygen added. It prevents the loss of eyelashes as it helps to strengthen them. A two-phase lotion leads to accelerated growth of eyelashes with its everyday use. Good moisturizing lotion and skin, nourishing it with necessary nutrients. It belongs to the category of hypoallergenic cleansers, so typically, and does not cause side effects such as irritation and redness.

5. Caudalie Eau Demaquillante Cleansing Water

Caudalie "Eau Demaquillante Cleansing Water" is a micellar water designed to effectively remove makeup. The product does not contain harmful substances, so it belongs to the category of hypoallergenic and offers women with sensitive skin. Additional biologically active components current funds are lemon extract, orange oil, melon and mint. Also, the micellar water included vitamins and minerals. All the components of the substance means to carefully cleanse and nourish the skin, improving its appearance.

4. A lotion LOreal makeup remover for eyes and lips

A lotion LOreal makeup remover for eyes and lips perfectly cleanses makeup from the delicate and sensitive areas of the dermis, and also moisturizes them. It consists of are non-comedogenic oil that allows to use the tool for any type of skin. It has no effect of dryness, but rather leaves a sense of deep moisture. To use the tool can safely women sensitive type of skin. In the presence of inflammation active ingredients effectively remove them. The main advantage of the tool is its ability to cope even with a very resistant make-up.

3. Lush Cleansing Lotion 9 to 5

Cleansing Lotion Lush "9 to 5" is a lotion for removing makeup. It is ideal for combination skin types. It contains such active ingredients as almond oil (nourishes and moisturizes), essential oil of ylang-ylang (reduces inflammation, antibacterial effect) and Orchid extract (tones and nourishes). The light texture of the lotion allows it to penetrate deeply into the pores and draw out dirt, without leaving any traces or oily residue. The tool also has hypoallergenic properties.

2. Piel Gel Demaquillant 3-in-1

Piel "Gel Demaquillant 3-in-1" is the best gel to remove traces of makeup, ideal for oily and combined type of skin. It contains special sorbents that remove from the pores of the particles of dirt and sebum. The gel has a rich formula containing plant extracts, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and vitamins, with nourishing, regenerating, soothing and moisturizing properties. Regular use makes the skin soft, velvety and hydrated. Also, the gel actively fights breakouts and blackheads.

1. Yves Rocher 3 Thes Detoxifiants Exfoliating Foam Cleanser

Yves Rocher 3 Thes Detoxifiants Exfoliating Foam Cleanser is an exfoliating foam, the active ingredients which deeply penetrate into the pores, effectively removing out sebum and other impurities. The tool has the effect of peeling, so for daily use for removing makeup it just will not work. Apply exfoliating foam valid several times a week for deep pore cleansing. For owners of sensitive, dry and thinning of the dermis, this tool will not work.

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