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The best means of worms for dogs


Pets who lead an active lifestyle outside the home are exposed to the infection of worms. Recommended 1 time per month to prevent internal parasites.

The best means of worms for dogs need to choose pre-visit with the pet veterinarian. It will determine the body weight of the animal and to choose a necessary dosage of anthelmintic drug. If the dog will show up any contraindications in respect of a funds specialist will tell you what an anthelmintic drug in this case you need to use. As people have Pets for different age categories to use their drugs. Calm and peaceful dogs can be given medications in the form of tablets, for puppies it is better to choose the suspension, and aggressive animals, the best option will be a drop on the withers.

10. MilbeMaxis the Price of 400 rubles

Not bad I proved anthelmintic drug such as MilbeMax. It is administered to animals weighing over a pound. Remedy acts rather quickly – the effect occurs within several hours after ingestion. The drug is well effective against tape and round parasites and their larval stages. For getting rid of internal parasites, a single application. Small tablet size allows you to discreetly mix it to the food. The drug can be used as a means of prevention of worms.


  • not suitable to animals with hypersensitivity to the components means;
  • high price.
  • The average cost of the drug is 400 RUB.

    9. GelementalPrice 130 RUB

    To the best means of worms for dogs "to Elemental". The drug is effective against all phases of tape and round worms. Designate it as adult dogs and puppies. Dosage form of the drug suspension. "Elemental" should be used once daily, with food.

    The average cost of funds – 130 RUB.

    8. ProfenderPrice from 600 to 800 rubles

    "Provender" – one of the best remedies for worms for dogs. The drug is available in tablet form. One of the advantages of means: pills made in the form of bones and meat have a taste. The result is a pet anthelmintic drug perceives as tasty treats and fun eats the pill. "Profender" has worked well for getting rid of tapeworms and round worms. The drug should be taken once. It is noteworthy that one dose is sufficient even in extensive infestations. It can be used by pregnant or nursing females, and puppies over 12 weeks old.

    The shortcomings of the tools:

  • it should be applied after a 12-hour hunger strike animal;
  • high price.
  • The estimated cost of preparation is from 600 to 800 rubles.

    7. Drontal PlusPrice 800 RUB

    In the list of the best remedies for worms for dogs is "Drontal Plus" from the company Bayer. This time-tested tool that has a lot of popularity among dog owners. It is often recommended by veterinarians to rid animals of internal parasites and prevention of worms. The product effectively acts on trematodes and round worms, paralyzing them. After some time the parasites are excreted from the intestine. Tablet is made in the form of pits and has a meat taste.

    The advantages of "Drontal Plus" are:

  • a wide spectrum of;
  • rare side effects;
  • the effectiveness of the;
  • convenient application.
  • Downside: high price.

    The cost of the drug is 800 RUB.

    6. Pratelthe Price of 1 tablet of the drug – 43 RUB

    The list of the best Anthelmintics for dogs is "Protel". The drug paralyzes the parasites, which are then painlessly removed from the intestines. "Protel" very effective against nematodosis and cestodosis. Use it not only for getting rid of worms, but as a preventive measure. Tablets give the animal in the morning before eating.

    The average cost of 1 tablet of the drug – 43 rubles.

    5. FebtalPrice 120 RUB

    "Febtal" is an effective remedy for intestinal worms for dogs. Helps in removing the animal from flat and round worms in all stages of development of parasites. Active component funds violates mikrotubularna function and carbohydrate metabolism in helminthes, which leads to their death. Lack of drug therapy must be carried out for three days, which is not always convenient. To prevent a single application.


  • low price;
  • rare side effects;
  • no need to force the pet to starve before receiving funds.
  • Average drug cost – 120 roubles

    4. Cancancel plusthe Price for 1 pill is 65 rubles

    One of the best drugs against worms for dogs is "Manikanta plus". Performed well against round and flat worms. To use tablets is preferable in the first feeding. Because taste means dogs don't like to give him a treat or by force.


  • high performance;
  • a rare side effects.
  • The average price for 1 pill is 65 RUB.

    3. PolyverkanPrice 73 rubles per one cube

    "Polyverkan" – an effective remedy for ridding dogs of worms created in the form of sugar cubes. The drug destroys the flat and round worms. The main plus: an excellent introduction. The cube can be directly fed to pet or dissolved in a small amount of water. In the case of extensive infestations therapy should be repeated after 10 days. To prevent the remedy should be taken every three months.

    The approximate cost of funds – 73 rubles per one cube.

    2. Cestal plusthe Price of 92 rubles per 1 tablet

    Among the best remedies for worms for dogs is "Cestal plus". The drug has a wide range of applications and is effective in cestodosis and nematodes. For getting rid of helminths give a tablet means pet once. For prevention, it is desirable to conduct deworming every three months.

    The average cost of drug – 92 rubles per 1 pill.

    1. Lawyerthe Average price of 1 500 rubles for three pipettes

    "Advocate" from Bayer is one of the most effective drugs against worms for dogs. Performed well against hookworms, and skin parasites. You cannot use a weakened animal.

    The advantages of the drug:

  • a wide range of applications;
  • the ease of use.
  • Disadvantages: high price and low efficiency in respect of the flat and tapeworms.

    The cost of funds – 1 500 rubles. for three pipettes.

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