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Best remedies for headache


Headache is probably one of the most common types of pain that had to face everyone. The reason for its occurrence may be due to the traumatic brain injuries, fatigue, lack of sleep, frequent stress, changes in blood pressure, etc. Best remedies for headache is able to quickly and effectively terminate the resulting syndrome, and to bring improvement in the General condition of the patient. Before using any kind of drug it is recommended to consult with your doctor.

10. Analgin Aveksima

Analgin Aveksima one of the most popular and effective tools that can be used to eliminate headaches. Analgesic helps with moderate, but not intense pain when you need a more potent substances. One of the negative consequences of Dipyrone is its ability to thin the blood, so the technique is completely contraindicated for people with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

9. Tempalgin

Tempalgin is a highly effective analgesic that is often used for headaches. Its main active substance Metamizole sodium, quickly eliminates the symptoms of pain. To apply medication is allowed up to two to three times a day. The duration of appointment shall be determined solely by the attending physician. To apply medication is prohibited in case of serious pathologies on the blood, liver and kidneys. Prolonged use of analgesics can cause a variety of adverse reactions.

8. Solpadein

My daughter refers to efficient tablets used in eliminating headaches. The main active ingredients are paracetamol, caffeine and codeine. The maximum allowable daily dose is 8 tablets. As an analgesic Ointment do not use more than five days. At pathologies of the circulatory system, violation of the kidney, liver, glaucoma, respiratory failure, an analgesic, is completely contraindicated. Prolonged use Solpadeine can provoke sleep disturbance, problems in the digestive system and rapid pulse.

7. Nise

Nise refers to the group of NSAIDs, the main active ingredient of which is nimesulide. The drug effectively eliminates pain in headaches of different Genesis. Before reception it is advisable to consult a doctor, as drugs have many contraindications and side effects. It is not recommended to take pills twice a day and the total duration of therapy should not exceed ten days. To apply Nise is absolutely impossible for people suffering from severe pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, in cases of severe violations of the liver and kidneys.

6. Spazmalgon

Allergy is one of the best drugs for getting rid of headaches. The drug not only relieves pain, but the spasm causing it. Spatioenergetic you can apply nine years of age at the dosage recommended by the instructions for use. To use a tablet up to two times per day, but the total period of treatment should not exceed five days. Spasmalgon have a large list of contraindications, including heart failure, angina pectoris, intestinal obstruction, serious pathology of the liver and kidneys. With prolonged use of the drug often leads to the development of various adverse reactions.

5. Nalgesin

Nalgesin good analgesic medication that can effectively relieve headaches. The main active ingredient is naproxen. It is also prescribed for various pathologies associated with musculoskeletal disorders, which are characterized by moderate and intense pain. Nalgesin effectively relieves the discomfort. To use a tablet is more than three times a day after consultation with your doctor. The drug is good because it can be used for a long period.

4. Ketanov

Ketanov is intended for short-term relief as moderate to very severe headaches. Use medicine valid up to four times per day. Use as pain medication for more than 48 hours is prohibited without consultation with a specialist. Tablets have a different kind of contra-indications, including diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cranial hemorrhage, hemophilia or disorders in blood clotting. Ketanov may be the culprit jumps in blood pressure, can trigger asthma and cause bleeding of various kinds, and self-appoint a drug is not recommended.

3. Nurofen

Nurofen is considered a highly effective analgesic with a long list of indications, among them a headache. The main active substance tablets ibuprofen acts. It quickly relieves pain, followed by instant relief of the condition. In case of serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory disease (especially asthma) the use of the drug is not recommended. In renal insufficiency, and bleeding disorders Nurofen are also not applicable. Adults the drug is allowed to apply up to three times a day.

2. Pentalgin N

Pentalgin N is a potent drug against headache. It consists of active components such as Metamizole, naproxen, phenobarbital, caffeine, and codeine. The drug allows to relieve pain and spasm, resulting in speedy improvement in the General condition of the person. The pills of this type a very long list of contraindications and side effects which is better to see before you make them. You cannot use Pentalgin N patients with anemia, asthma, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia. There are other contraindications, the full list can be found in the enclosed instructions.

1. Sedalgin Plus

Sedalgin Plus is the best tool that presents on the pharmaceutical market, to eliminate the headache. The drug belongs to the group of analgesics-antipyretics with a combined composition. The main active ingredient acts as Metamizole, an analgesic action which helps enhance the caffeine and thiamine. Pills are used even when very intense pain characteristic of migraine. They are recommended for women during menstruation to reduce pain. Sedalgin Plus is completely contraindicated for people suffering from serious hepatic abnormalities, bronchospasm, insomnia, and also at infringement of functions of kidneys.

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