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Top 10 Best movies about Bank robberies


Top 10 best movies about Bank robberies is the most sophisticated storyline, ingenious schemes and ingenious criminals, to whom none can resist a Bank safe Deposit box.

10. The Real McCoy

"The real McCoy" in the tenth position in our top of the best movies about Bank robberies.

Starring talented criminals starred Kim Basinger, which is difficult to imagine as slomsic safes. But behind the fragile appearance hides McCoy is a true professional. During the last Bank robbery betray her companions and she falls into the hands of the police. Sentence – 6 years in prison. After serving the prescribed lines, it comes out with only a desire to do away forever with a criminal record. But her fellow robbers don't want to lose her face cracker virtuoso. The abduction of his son McCoy, they put a young woman is its life in exchange for disabling the security system of the Bank. They six years ago, betrayed her, and now raised his hand to the child's McCoy. She agrees to hack into the banking system, not only for the sake of the son, but planning revenge.

9. The password is "swordfish

9 in top 10 best films about Bank robberies – a dynamic Thriller with a complex plot and double-bottom "Password "Fish-sword".

Hugh Jackman for many viewers associated with Wolverine, one of the main characters of the team x-men. But the actor has many other interesting roles. In the film "Password "swordfish", he played a talented hacker Stanley Jobson, able to crack any computer system. He was charged with cyber crime and held in jail for two years. During this time Jobson lost daughter, ex-wife took the girl and was forbidden to see her. Hacker quietly lived in an old trailer in the Texas desert, while it has not been a pretty ginger. She offers him a hundred thousand just for the meeting with his boss. Intrigued by the hacker accepts the meeting proposal, not knowing that he placed on the trap's lid.

8. Chaos

Dynamic Thriller with elements of Thriller "Chaos" 8 in top 10 most fascinating films about Bank robberies. The role of adversaries in the film, the viewer will see Wesley snipes and Jason of Statham is. In the film, the gang takes visitors of the Bank hostage. When the call arrives and the police, a criminal demands that the negotiator was recently removed from service, the inspector Conners. During the operation, an explosion occurs, and the robbers run away, taking advantage of the prevailing turmoil. As it turned out, from the safe of the Bank have not disappeared, no one bill, but is later revealed to be some sort of computer program pass for an unknown account a billion dollars.

7. Two guns

Action Comedy "Two guns" with Denzel Washington and mark Wahlberg starring in the seventh position in the ranking of the best films about Bank robberies. They play two agents of different intelligence embedded in a drug cartel. Each other agents don't know anything. They get the job to Rob a Bank, which the mafia uses to launder money. After the surgery the agents learn that the stolen money is not mafia, and the CIA. Realizing that they were framed, they begin to search for the culprit of their troubles.

6. Robbery on Baker street

6 in the top 10 movies about Bank robberies – Thriller "the Robbery in Baker street," based on a true story. The picture, taken based on real events, is always interesting to watch, especially if the main role in it plays a brutal Jason Statham. It's not exactly a typical film – there are no endless car chases, deadly shootouts and explosions, but there is a string of comical situations.

In the film, Terry Leser, the owner of the company for the sale of cars, receives from an old friend's offer to Rob a Bank. Before that, he had a difficult conversation with creditors, and he decided to commit a crime, so in one fell swoop to pay off debt. To break into the Bank, Terry and his accomplices remains to be done under it is a tunnel.

5. City of thieves

Crime drama "City of thieves" on the fifth line in the ranking the best movies about Bank robberies. Four bosom friends-the Irish commit daring robberies and attacks on armored cars and banks. They successfully do all the operations until the leader of the gang, Doug falls in love with a hostage, taken by them during one of the robberies. The film starred cash such actors like Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner. The last role is played in the film, was nominated for the award "Oscar". Ben Affleck made the film not only as a performer but also a Director.

4. Easy money

In the crime Comedy mad money, which occupies the fourth place in the list of the best movies about Bank robberies, daring naletchicu were three women. Their goal was the Kansas Federal reserve Bank. Girlfriend developed a cunning plan that allowed them with impunity to commit major theft of money. They have stolen banknotes to be destroyed.

3. Not caught – not a thief

In third place in the ranking of the most fascinating paintings about the Bank robberies detective "not caught – Not a thief." This is a film that keeps the viewer in suspense until the denouement and misleads cool plot twists. Speech in the film will be about the perfect Bank robbery, after which there is not evidence or criminals. The attackers came up with a cunning plan whereby they could not be distinguished from the hostages. But if you are not caught – how will it be called a thief? Intricate plot and two magnificent actor, Denzel Washington and jodie foster – the success of the crime tape.

2. On the crest of a wave

Second place in the top 10 best movies about robbing banks is a legendary Thriller "On the crest of a wave", in which the main roles are brilliantly played by the actors Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Young FBI agent johnny Utah is given the task to infiltrate the group making a daring attack on the banks. The FBI believe that the criminals have most closely relation to surfing. Johnny learns to control the Board and gradually develops the philosophy of this sport. He met with the leader of the surfers and soon realizes that he is the head of a gang of robbers.

1. The illusion of deception

"The illusion of deception" – on the 1st place among the best films about Bank robberies. This is a great movie that will make you forget about everything while watching. Four talented magicians are invited to participate in a massive fraud. Speaking after a year in a great show, they kidnap the eyes of the audience more than three million dollars from the Paris Bank.

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