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The best means of papillomas


There are many tools used to fight tumors, and among them it is not easy to find the best means of papillomas. We have prepared a list of the ten most effective drugs that help in the treatment of benign tumors.

The cause of warts is human papillomavirus. Treatment of tumors should be comprehensive, because now there are drugs targeted to getting rid of warts. Usually for each patient to develop individual treatment regimens and pick up the drugs. Some tools may not be affecting neoplasms, and others help to get rid of warts. For the correct diagnosis and correctly chosen treatment is necessary to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate, uselessly wasting time.

10. CheapPrice 300-350 rubles

The most effective means of papillomas is "Cheap". The drug has a cauterizing and bactericidal action. The components of the product – phenol and tricresol. When using "Cheap" papilloma is destroyed as a result of chemical burns of the macromolecules of the tumor. When applying the drug you should be careful and avoid its contact with the healthy skin. Lubricate papilloma should be within 15-30 minutes depending on its size.

The drug is not used for the treatment of neoplasms for children up to 7 years and during pregnancy and lactation.

Reference price means – 300-350 rubles.

9. SolkodermPrice 600-700 rubles

Among the best means of papillomas is part of the solution "Solkoderm". In the product contains several acids having a cauterizing effect. The drug should be very carefully applied to the tumor, preventing its contact with skin. After treatment papilloma yellowish or grayish hue. Further treated with the drug tissue dewatered and modificeres. Within a few days after tumors the scab falls off. If the primary treatment does not give results, the procedure is repeated after some time.

The average cost of drug – 600-700 rubles.

8. Dermabetthe Price of 300 rubles

"Dermapet" is one of the effective means of papillomas. Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The drug is quite aggressive, so before use need to protect healthy skin with vaseline or fat cream. The application point for the build-up. To wash it should be only after darkening of the papilloma. The duration of treatment usually takes about a week.

The drug is not used for the removal of papillomas and warts on sensitive areas of skin: groin, armpits, Breasts.

The average price – 300 rubles.

7. SuperchatelPrice from 30 to 59 rubles

One of the best products from papillomas – cosmetic "Supercrystal". With this infusion of the drug has nothing to do. It is composed of sodium and potassium alkali.

The drug is applied to the papilloma using the applicator once a day. Treatment time is 1-3 days depending on the size of the growth. After about a week the exfoliation process is completed and the skin is cleaned. If the first treatment failed, treatment is repeated.

The tool is not used to remove papillomas in children under 7 years and pregnant women. It is not recommended to use the drug on the face and other sensitive areas of skin.

The average cost of funds – from 30 to 59 rubles.

6. The isoprinosinePrice 700-800 rubles

Well established in the treatment of warts the drug is "Isoprinosine". It has antiviral and immunostimulating action. Enhance immunity and increase the body's resistance to various kinds of infections play an important role in the treatment of papillomas. The drug helps to restore the functions of lymphocytes with a decrease in immunity, and this speeds up getting rid of tumors.

The lack of "Isoprinosine" – high price.

The average cost of funds – 700-800 rubles.

5. Lyapisny pencilPrice is 120 rubles

The list of the best resources from papillomas included lyapisny pencil. It has a cauterizing effect on tumors. Included in the composition potassium nitrate and silver nitrate affect macromolecule papillomavirus at the protein level. Carry out the procedure is recommended once a day.

The main advantages spinnogo pencil:

  • availability – you can buy it in any drugstore;
  • low price;
  • the ease of use.
  • The approximate price of the drug is 120 rubles.

    4. Kriofarmathe Price of 750 rubles

    Effective cure for warts is aerosol "Kriofarma". Its effect is that it "freezes" skin neoplasms using the included in the composition of the refrigerant. "Kriofarma", in fact, allows the use of cryotherapy at home. Papilloma is frozen at a temperature of 57° C. To do this, you need to press the applicator to the papilloma and press on the dispenser for three seconds. Subjected to freezing the skin will disappear in one to two weeks. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated. One spray can tool designed for the processing of 12 papillomas or warts.

    The only drawback of the drug is high price.

    The average cost of funds – 750 rubles.

    3. VerrucatePrice of 200 rubles

    "Verrucose" – an effective remedy for warts. Cauterizing the product has high efficiency and is used for treatment of tumors in medical institutions and at home. The components of the product: metacresol and phenol. On effects on papillomas are similar to the "Cheap". The tool leads to necrosis of cells and atrophy of the papillae.

    From disadvantages it is necessary to note the sharp smell of phenol. The drug is not used to remove tumors in children up to 7 years, during pregnancy and lactation.

    The average cost of funds is 200 rubles.

    2. Panavirthe Price of 800 rubles

    Gel "Panavir" – one of the best means for complex treatment of human papillomavirus. The preparation is a gel, which is composed of herbal ingredients. It not only reduces the amount of formed papillomas, but also fights the virus inside the body. It enhances immunity and protects the skin from scarring. "Panavir" penetrates deep into the skin and not washed off for three days.

    Drug treatment is carried out for two weeks, then you need to take a break.

    The lack of "Panavir" – high price.

    The average cost of funds of 800 rubles.

    1. Viferonis the Price of 160 rubles

    Among the effective means of papillomas include "Viferon". It is used for complex therapy of tumors. The drug blocks the spread of HPV and does not give him the ability to produce the protein for reproduction.

    Reference price means – 160 rubles.

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