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The best means of parasites in the human body


The best means of parasites in the human body effectively get rid of various helminthic infestations and prevent the appearance of complications on the background of helminthiasis. Some of the drugs used in the treatment of only a certain class of parasitic worms, and others are effectively save you from several types of worms. In the following list includes the most effective anthelmintic, which successfully treat different kinds of worm infections to date.

10. Biltricid

"Biltricid" is the most important antiparasitic drugs used in the treatment of helminth, belonging to the class Trematoda. These are the most dangerous types of parasites that can affect such vital organs as the liver and lungs. The tool may only be used in hospital in conjunction with additional therapies. To date, "Biltricid" and its analogues on the basis of praziquantel is recognized as the best anthelmintic that is widely used not only in the treatment of humans but also animals.

9. Fenasala

"Fenasal" effective against the parasites, called Tanami (pork, cucumber, dwarf, bull). Also used as anthelmintic and to deal with a wide lentetsa. The drug causes the parasites to lose his protective shell and digested by enzymes, resulting in leaving the body with waste products. Note that the main active ingredient not only very effective but also highly toxic, so taking this drug should be careful. This should be made only in accord with the recommendations of the doctor who ordered it. As a prophylactic, "Fenasal" is assigned in rare cases.

8. Helmintox

"Helmintox" is considered one of the safest anthelmintic, which is used in dealing with such types of parasites in humans, as hookworm, roundworm and pinworms. Because the main active ingredient refers to low toxic, it can be applied even in infants, but only on prescription. Also, many experts recommend to drink twice a year this medicine prophylactically. A single dose is enough to protect your body from parasitic diseases.

7. Albendazole

"Albendazole" many experts recommend as the best remedy against a variety of parasitic diseases. The anthelmintic effective against lambley, Canam and tapeworm. This is quite a serious drug, which without prescription of the specialist is not allowed. The course of treatment and dosage must also be individualized by your doctor. With the right approach to anthelmintic therapy, the drug eliminates unwanted guests from the body completely. It is worth considering that the tool is not recommended for use in children of preschool age.

6. Mebendazole

"Mebendazole" is recognized as the best antiparasitic drug that is used most often in the treatment of porcine, bovine or dwarf tapeworm. The same name active substance leads to the fact that the parasites are killed and leave the intestines. For nematodes medication is prescribed in case of intolerance to other anthelmintic or in severe worm infestation. Before you use the drug should consult a doctor as it may lead to the development of multiple side effects.

5. Vermoxum

Drugs "Vermoxum" effectively deal with many types of parasites that afflict humanity. His acting antiparasitic active component effectively kill pinworm, hookworm, Ascaris and tapeworms all kinds. Antihelmintic is valid only from the age of two. As a rule, in the treatment of lactating and pregnant patients, the drug is not applied to avoid adverse effects on the fetus. Dosage and duration of treatment medication will depend on the type of helminth, the severity of its occurrence and the age of the patient.

4. Pyrantel

"Pyrantel" is classified as the most affordable and effective anthelmintic used in antiparasitic therapy in humans. Especially drugs effective against class round parasites, which include pinworms and ascarids. In suspension, the drug is valid to apply grudnichkovye age due to the high efficiency and safety the main active ingredient is Pyrantel. In most cases, to get rid of parasites possibly after a single dose. The dose is selected taking into account the age of the patient, according to the instructions for use.

3. Dekaris

"Dekaris" is the best tool that is used in the treatment of ascariasis. The drug is permissible to use in the treatment of children. The main highlight of this anthelmintic is that the main healing substance levamisole contributes not only to the destruction of parasites, but also prevents their re-infestation, as forms a strong immunity to the helminth. During mild and average disease medication helps to eliminate worms completely in just one appointment. In some cases, it may be re-assigned to a single dose.

2. Worm

High efficiency "Wormie" is proved by patients who have used this antiparasitic agent. It comes in tablet form, and for kids older than two years of age provided the suspension. The anthelmintic allows you to get rid of such parasites as pinworms, Toxocara, ascarids, hookworms, apni, etc. In most cases, directional receiving means allows a person to get rid of the disease. The sooner the prescribed medication more effective follow-up to his action. Like all medicines "Worm" is not devoid of side effects and contraindications, so before using it we recommend that you carefully read the instructions.

1. Sanatsal

"Canexel" — a broad-spectrum anthelmintic classified as the best drug which is used to combat worms. It can be used both for preventive and therapeutic purposes in many parasitic diseases that afflict the people. Use a valid medication with a three-year period of life, but pregnant and lactating women should abandon its use, despite the low toxicity of the main active ingredient that acts as albendazole. "Sanatsal" a small list of contraindications, making it one of the most popular anthelmintic.

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