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The best products on Aliexpress 2016


The top 10 includes the best products on Aliexpress 2016, which are most popular among buyers.

10. Lucky markers for your nails

Lucky markers for your nails discover the top ten best goods on Aliexpress in 2016. Thanks to convenient packaging designs nail very easily and accurately applied to the nail plate without spreading. There is a unique opportunity to create a variety of patterns, patterns on their own, without the help of the wizard. The novelty has the original design. Unlike varnish in a glass bottle, paint-marker will never be broken, not flow at the wrong time.


9. Keychain to search for things

Keychain to search for things occupies the ninth place in the list of the best products Aliexpress 2016. This smart search the device prevents the loss of important things and is based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It can bind to the location lighterage things, Pets and children to the smartphone via a special app via Bluetooth. Also here there are functions such as prevention of loss, the search for the lost things. Also a useful device if necessary, will help to control your children and Pets. In the premises keyholder "comments" intermittent audible signals, and the onboard led will simultaneously flash, which will also make it easier to find in the dark.


8. Smart watch DM 360

Smart watch DM 360 is a great and useful product available on Aliexpress in 2016. They have a very stylish and attractive design and quite durable body, resistant to scratches. Despite the bulging plastic in the back, the watch looks very delicate on the hand and not significantly different from normal hours. Openings for speaker and microphone drilled into the hull, almost not visible, when viewed from a normal distance. DM360 run on the operating system Nucleus. The home screen consists of a dial that can be changed to other, hold down your finger on the screen within seconds. The build quality is excellent and worth the price, and many useful features make the watch very necessary gadget. Despite the constant contact with water, the watch is working perfectly after months of use and still no significant signs of wear.


7. Luminous column with a water equalizer

Luminous column with a water equalizer is a unique product available on Aliexpress in 2016. To connect these water speakers to the smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer with a USB cable and the jets of water dance to the beat of executable compositions. Keeping rhythm, dancing speakers with every note throw up jets of water, effectively illuminated with many bright colors. They feature a volume control and a switch with which "dancing" effect can be disabled.


6. Unicycle electric scooter

One-wheeled electric scooter is included in the list of the best products on Aliexpress 2016. The vehicle is instrumented with accelerometers and gyroscopes, which help him to keep balance. The machine moves with the help 1000-watt motor, which allows the SBU to reach the speed of 16 km/h the Engine is controlled by the electronic module regulates the power, torque and brake system. Powered by lithium-ion nano-phosphate battery placed under the seat. One charge is enough for 20 km. The user regulates the motion, leaning forward or backward to respectively accelerate or slow down. Unicycle is built on an aluminum frame, gel filled seat makes the landing soft and comfortable. Pedal, located just a few centimeters from the ground, allow the driver to keep the balance not to fall under emergency braking.


5. Pocket coffee machine

Pocket coffee machine is one of the best products sold on Aliexpress in 2016. This device is for espresso, which you can take with you on nature. Electricity is not required — just hot water and coffee. The user pours hot water into a special container, sleep, coffee, pumps pump pressure. Pocket coffee machine has a capacity for 1 Cup of hot water 69мл (for boiling water) and the portions of ground coffee. The role of the Cup acts as a lid of the flask. To fill the device allowed coffee pods and even conventional ground coffee.


4. Alarm clock with illuminated message Board

Alarm clock with illuminated message Board — one of the most original goods on Aliexpress in 2016. This useful device combines the functions of alarm clock and whiteboards. The entire functionality is implemented in this original and stylish. Electronic clocks with bright numbers are of modern design. In their body has a vertical transparent screen. Using the special marker supplied, can be left on the screen any notes. With built-in illumination, any inscription will Shine a neon light. Thus, important information will definitely catch the eye of the owner.


3. Art Deco 3D lamp

Art Deco lamp 3D opens the top three of the 2016 goods that can be purchased on a Chinese website Aliexpress. Unusual table lamp will be an excellent source of light in the room. The main advantage of the light device is its affordable price and unusual design.


2. Pocket printer

Pocket printer is among the top three products on Aliexpress in 2016. Pocket printer is a small device designed for digital images with a mobile phone in any conditions. It will fit easily in a small purse and a wide pocket outerwear. It is convenient to take with itself in business trip and travel. It does not require the cord to be printed, since the data transmission is carried out through the Internet and Bluetooth. Printing is carried out by heating the color-forming agent layer. The print resolution is quite good, although slightly loses to stationary printers.


1. Laser keyboard

Laser keyboard is headed by the best goods on Aliexpress in 2016. Virtual keyboard which allows you to print text on any smooth surface. Connectivity projection keyboard for desktop computers and laptops, but also absolutely to any Bluetooth HID devices, i.e. IPad owners, Apple fans and Android device not to worry. Virtual laser keyboard also has a USB port (a connector built) and has a standard QWERTY set of keys that will allow you to easily print any text you like on a conventional keyboard. Language can be switched (Russian, English), has both Russian and English version of the keyboard.


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