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The best thrillers 2016-2017


One of the most intriguing genres in the cinema is considered to be a Thriller. For all time of existence of art cinema, there were many successful paintings from this category. The Directors continue to delight the viewer with novelties of interesting art belts of this type. The best thrillers of the 2016-2017 year, the list-which is located below are intended to captivate the viewer and immerse in a completely different world, full of mysteries and secrets.

10. A Scam undercover

"Scam under the guise of" (2016) opens a fresh rating of the best thrillers. A major role in the British Thriller was played by Golden Globe winner Bryan Cranston. He's a Federal agent named Bob Mazur. His task in the service of acts to infiltrate the criminal group to eliminate the bandits "clean water". Now character performs the task of uncovering the "dirty dealings" that are rotated in the drug cartel Pablo Escobar. Assistant in inherited the difficult task Bob will only help the novice agent Katie ERTS, where you will get the role of the decoy Mathura and operative Abreu. It will be one of the most risky and dangerous operations all the time.

9. Mummy

"The mummy" (2017) — fiction Thriller this year, which may not be the best for reviews of the audience, but more decent painting in this genre by 2017 not yet released. Honorary starring roles went to a fascinating, brutal American Tom cruise and no less attractive to Russell Crowe, who will have to save the world from a resurrected daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh, who returned to the world of the living to take what should be hers. The world is ruled by chaos, the perpetrator of which became gods and monsters.

8. Three nines

"Three nines" (2016) is one of the best crime thrillers of last year. A gang of criminals commit a robbery at one of the largest banks in the city. Taking a decent amount of money, they are hiding from the police, hiding behind the shootout. No one knows that the robbery was committed by corrupt police officers working for local gangsters. But the most interesting thing in the performance of criminals, the police will also take part in solving high-profile cases of robbery. The case is also retrieved as a scholar — detective Jeffrey Allen, who immediately understands that this offense is a catch. Cops who are afraid that the case will soon be solved, building plan of new crimes, which will help to distract the real cops from the robbery.

7. Snowden

"Snowden" (2016) — biographical Thriller, included in the list of the best films of last year. The film's protagonist Edward Snowden decided to devote his life to the service of the Fatherland. But due to poor health, he was expelled from military ranks. Snowden is not disappointed to return to doing. He gets the chance to become an employee of the CIA. He's glad he will be able to benefit their native country. However, infiltrating the circles of intelligence, they will see that under the supervision of the government is everyone. All apartments and houses have long been tapped and explored. Snowden believes that the government violates human rights and can not in this quietly watch and he will have to risk a great deal to discover the terrible truth to the people of the country.

6. Sound storm

"And came the storm" (2016) — adventure Thriller-a biography, acclaimed as one of the best last year. The actions in the film take place in the distant 1952 near Cape cod in the Atlantic ocean, where it begins a terrible storm. Two oil tankers along with the crew, the epicentre of the riot of nature, facing almost certain death. The ships formed a huge crack, with the result that they begin to sink under the water. The crew understands that the lifeboats in this case will be of little help, because they instantly can enjoy the huge waves. The coast guard understands that a little help sailors caught in adversity, but does not despair and is looking for solutions to the disaster.

5. The girl on the train

"The girl on the train" (2016) is included in the list of the best modern thrillers. The film was shot on the eponymous book that became the bestseller in 2016. The main character Rachel every day on the way to work passes by a luxury cottage in which he lives, in her opinion, the perfect couple. Personal life girls did not work out, and she drowns his sadness in alcohol. But one day she accidentally discovers that the woman who lived in a luxurious house with the man I love, lost. The circumstances are such that Rachel herself does not even though it becomes a party to the complicated case.

4. Startek: Infinity

"Startek: Infinity" (2016) — fantasy Thriller-Thriller from Director Justin Lin. The crew of the space cruiser "enterprise" investigates the spaces of Space. Such a journey is fraught with danger at every step. As a result, the team has to face a mysterious force that could jeopardize their mission. They find themselves in a completely unknown alien civilization where there are rules and laws.

3. Under cover of night

"Under cover of night" (2016) is one of the best thrillers released in the end of last year. The main character Susan is a successful woman. The first marriage was not very successful, but now she has a beloved man, with whom she lives. In addition to a good family life, she has a favorite job and a comfortable existence. One day her ex-husband sends her a new book that urges you to read Susan. She could not have imagined how radically will change her future life with the reading of the work. In the face of the protagonist, a woman finds herself and begins to chase the shadows of the past.

2. Payback

"Payback" (2016) is included in the list of the best thrillers of the year. The main role of the film is the genius mathematician named Christian Wulff. He is the auditor of criminal organizations, but one day after it begins the surveillance of the Department for combating financial crime. The main character finds himself in trouble, which begin to appear all new and new victims.

1. Angels and Demons

"Angels and Demons" (2016) — the best detective Thriller that grabs the viewer from the first minutes of viewing. The film unfolds against the backdrop of the achievements of one of the oldest ceremonies, when, after the death of the Pope occurs the re-election of the new head of the Catholic Church. The circumstances are such that all candidates are subject to terrible violence. Threatened not only the lives of the candidates and all residents of the Vatican. The government, not knowing what to do in this situation turns for help to the expert in religious symbolism, which should help to trace the secret brotherhood, endangering the lives of many people.

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