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Best irons 2016


Convenience of the iron is determined by several criteria: weight, ergonomics, how comfortable to hold the device in hand, its functionality, covering the Ironing surface.

The rating includes the best irons in 2016, as a steam generator, and without it. The models were chosen based on customer reviews and expert opinions.

10. Tefal FV9920E0Price 4 500 rubles

Tefal FV9920E0 opens a rating of the best irons of 2016. The wireless model provides the ideal Ironing all types of fabrics, thanks to a powerful steam shot and a good sliding on the surface. Additional functions: vertical steam, smoothline and self-cleaning from scale. This is an excellent choice among mid-range models at a reasonable price. The average price of the model — 4,5 thousand rubles.

9. Philips GC 9222Price 16 000

Philips GC 9222 ranks ninth in the list of best irons in 2016. Device with steam generator has a maximum pressure of 5.5 bar, providing the perfect Ironing even very crumpled things. Light and compact it allows you to perform Ironing in a matter of minutes without much difficulty. While testing the device I ironed a linen cloth folded in eight layers. Among the advantages of the unit you can also select functions auto power off, self cleaning, automatic adjustment of steam etc. Is the best iron-steam generator in its price range. The cost, on average 16 thousand rubles.

8. Philips GC7015/20Price 7 500 rubles

Philips GC7015/20 is a great price and quality among iron with steam generator. Ironing system allows you to quickly and easily ironed all sorts of things. The steam generator is ready for operation after only two minutes. The device is equipped with a large water tank, designed for 1.7 liters, which provides good power for a long time. Innovative OptimalTEMP technology helps prevent the fabric and the Ironing Board from damage in case of leaving them on the heated soles. Cost Philips GC7015/20 average is 7.5 thousand rubles.

7. Tefal GV6770E0Price 14 000 rubles

Tefal GV6770E0 holds the seventh place in the ranking of the best irons in 2016. The device is provided with a lock system, integrated channel for cord storage, removable water tank and an automatic cord winder. Also, the device provides a self-cleaning soles. Ironing system is equipped with a function of vertical steaming, ensure Ironing without an Ironing Board. The device is quite a powerful flow of steam with a maximum pressure of 5.2 bar. Also there is a provided auto-off function that activates after 8 minutes. The average cost of Tefal GV6770E0 is 14 thousand rubles.

6. Rowenta Silence steam DG8980F1Price 32 000 rubles

Rowenta Silence steam DG8980F1 ranked sixth in the list of best irons in 2016. The device with the function of the steam blow will provide a fast and easy Ironing of fabrics of any type, both in horizontal and in vertical position. Even the deep wrinkles he is able to remove without the use of an Ironing Board. The device has an elongated spout for easy Ironing of collar, sleeves, and small clothing items. Long term inactivity when the iron is automatically turned off. Maximum steam pressure is 6.5 bar. The average cost of the model is 32 thousand rubles.

5. Polti Vaporella Super PROPrice 22 000 rubles

Polti Vaporella Super PRO is one of the best flat irons with steam generator 2016. Ironing system will AutoIt arrows, stripped of delicate tissues, or simply freshen stale in the closet clothes easily and quickly. After Ironing Polti Vaporella Super PRO underwear looks like it had a hand professional. Maximum steam pressure is 5 bar, a constant 3 bars. A huge boiler (1.7 liters) is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The iron is suitable for both home and professional use. The downside of this model is long enough warming, which comes to 7 minutes. Otherwise it is a great model for solid money. To become the owner will have to pay 22 thousand rubles.

4. GV8975 Tefal Pro Express X-pert Controlthe Price of 33,000 rubles

Tefal Pro Express GV8975 Xpert Control is the whole Ironing system, worthy is among the best models, 2016. Iron with steam generator will cope with the Ironing all types of fabrics, thanks to the settings provided here. Steam generator equipped with a comfortable handle and system Eskort, which positions the cord at an angle that prevents wrinkling of fabrics during Ironing. The heating time of the steam generator is two minutes with the possibility of topping up the water at any time. The volume of the removable water tank 1.8 liters. High pressure steam is able to penetrate deep into the tissue and helps to cope with a large number of clothes with the powerful steam shot. You can also Ironing clothes directly on the hanger with the vertical steaming function. The steam generator has three programs that after installation are to maintain the level of temperature and power. The average price GV8975 Tefal Pro Express X-pert Control — 33 thousand rubles.

3. Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9620Price of 30 000 rubles

Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9620 opens the top three irons, 2016. This device has the most powerful steam blow, which allows him effortlessly to smooth out even very dry things. The soleplate is made of sintered metal, which allows the device to glide over the fabric. Body material is made of heat-resistant plastic, ensuring easy device. The boiler is made of stainless steel and is provided at the volume of 0.8 liters. The device has great features that includes five options for different types of tissue, the system of protection from scale, auto power off, steam burst and spray function. Average cost of Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9620 — 30 thousand rubles.

2. Lelit PS 25Price 32 000 rubles

Lelit PS 25 takes the second position in the list of best irons in 2016. The housing is made of high quality stainless steel, while the sole is made of aluminium. It is very easy and comfortable to hold in hand thanks to a handle made of cork. Maximum steam pressure is 5.5 bar, and the constant working — 2.5 bar. Boiler unit is made of stainless steel and has a volume of 2.5 liters, which allows you to stroke with relentless pressure for a long time. The kit includes the pad and Teflon nozzle onto the sole for delicate fabrics. The device will last for years without any complaints. Among the shortcomings of the model we select a long warm up and weight is 7 kg. and the cost of such iron is not cheap — the average price of 32 thousand rubles.

1. MIE Stiro PRO 300 INOXPrice 34 000

MIE Stiro PRO 300 INOX from the Italian company MIE ranked first in the ranking of the best irons in 2016. Powerful and durable iron with a steam generator MIA has a stainless steel case. Excellent technical characteristics and advanced features allow its use both in professional sphere and at home. Steam generator this model easily ironed folded in several layers of linens, towels or blankets. Ironing device quickly and efficiently do the arrows on the trousers. The model is equipped with a thick metal sole and a cork handle, providing convenience and comfort when using. Included also is a special attachment for sensitive and delicate fabrics. The model provides the connection of the steamer. The maximum vapor pressure capable of reaching 6 bar. MIE Stiro PRO 300 INOX — a real godsend for the hostess. The average cost of the unit will cost 34 thousand rubles.

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