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Top 10 best movies about snipers


Movies about snipers, a list of which is constantly increasing, more like a strong half of the population. Every man dreams of becoming, at least for a time shot, because snipers are given a special focus, composure and accuracy of the shot. These men really are the qualities of a real hero. Now such films are divided into two categories: assassins and defenders of the homeland. But the first and the second type during playback causes a mixture of feelings of both fear and respect.

10. The shooter 1995

This painting is about snipers occupies the last place in the ranking of the best. The relationship between the States and the Liberty Island has become more tense after the assassination of the Cuban Ambassador in new York. Preparing for the Cuban-American Congress, which must take place in the Czech capital, also held in a hostile atmosphere. According to the latest information of American intelligence, the plot to assassinate the rulers of these States. In the Czech Republic on the orders of the CIA decided to send one of the best agents. Michael Dane must try to prevent crime and find criminals.

9. Enemy at the gates2000

In the movie about snipers depicts the middle of 1942, when he began the battle of Stalingrad. Major Koenig is one of the best gunmen sent to the front by order of the German command. He was assigned a special task, which he is not entitled to fail. This military the only person who is able to neutralize Vassili Zaitsev, the Russian professional assassin. Rabbits daily kills many of the invaders that enter him in sight and therefore he is considered a legend of Stalingrad. Now the two snipers have to meet and no one knows who of them will survive.

8. The vantage point 2008

On anti-terrorism forum in Salamanca, Spain, the us President arrived. Extremists randomly kill the President of the United States, but it might just look like a murder. Just a couple of seconds is like a powerful explosion and hundreds of people die. The whole situation is shown from the perspective of different people as special services, passers-by and even suicide. Only detailed study of the entire chain it is possible to say with certainty who the perpetrator of all these terrible events connected with the assassination attempt on the American Governor.

7. Phone booth2002

The events in this film unfold in a special way. Ordinary phone call can not only change lives, but to break it. Accidentally STU shepherd appears in such situation, becoming a captive of the phone booth. Any person will answer the phone if it rings. The same was also the main character. After the call is answered, he has become hostage to a street phone booth. And the conversation cannot be completed because the caller is the person threatening violence. STU was part of a crazy game, but the rules are known only to the killer.

6. The American2010

Another film in which the first place there is the life of a sniper. Professional killer Jack decides to finish his career after the death of his mistress and the failure of the last task. To fully to say goodbye to the work it has to perform yet another mission, ordered by a mysterious woman. A man goes to Italy and settled in a small town in the mountains. The sniper had no idea that during the trip he will fall in love with Clara and strike up a friendship with the priest. Jack felt so good, but at the same time, he loses alertness.

5. Sniper1992

In the film the shooters are shown the two best sniper Tom Beckett and Richard Miller. Now they have to perform another task, but it is much more difficult compared to previous one. The arrows need to go to Central America, in the jungle which hid the secret base of one of the Colombian drug lords. This place made a drug that kills hundreds of young boys. Richard and Tom have to find a base to neutralize the ringleader. But they only have one shot, otherwise they will become a target.

4. Sniper: Legacy2014

The protagonist of the film about snipers Brandon, was always his father's son. While his father, Tom Beckett, one of the best snipers who has only been in the U.S. armed forces. Guy wants to achieve not less than its parent, but he will have a good try, because That is known for its military achievements. At one point the young man's life changes when he is told about his father's death. The assassin is a hired killer who will track down Brandon.

3. Leon1994

This is the third position in our ranking of the films about snipers. The main character is no different from an ordinary middle-aged man, which is a bit weird. He prefers to drink a glass of milk than a glass of beer or whiskey. His communication with others is reduced to only one man – the Manager and the owner of the diner, giving him a job. Leona does not have a lot of rest, because he is a true assassin. A man loves his houseplant, but everything changes when he rescues a local girl from death. Now he must not only escape from the killer himself, but to protect Matilda.

2. Shooter2007

This film takes the second place in our list of the best movies about snipers. It tells about a skilled sniper named Bob Lee, who accidentally falls under a bad influence. He's one of the best shooters and some consider it his vocation. The hero becomes part of a terrible conspiracy with a bloody murder that he is drawn not his fault. Shoot requires not the ordinary citizen, and the American President. Later, the man realized that this way it wants to substitute and then to the police. Now Bob has to find the real killer, not to be in prison.

1. Sniper2014

In our ranking of the movies about snipers, the list is headed by the life story of a regular guy from Texas Chris Kyle. The life of a young man changed completely when he voluntarily goes to war. Now in Iraq, his life could end at any moment. Chris has to live for military rules and learn to kill in order to save himself and his team. The hero became the best sniper and killed a record number of enemies. Iraqi soldiers nicknamed him the devil of war. Home of the sniper waited for a wife who did not share the Hobbies of the husband, because the longer Chris stayed in the war, the more strained their relationship became. But the man chose a life where opponents are always under the gun.

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