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The best lures for pike 2016


Attention anglers are the best lures for pike 2016. The list includes a dozen baits, which showed excellent results last season and guaranteeing a good catch.

10. Darter-R Queen 130

DarterR 130 Queen opens the top ten crankbaits for pike 2016. A floating surface lure has a head portion in the recess, in which there are two rings for attaching a fishing line. The hull shape of this lure is highly unusual: directly behind the head of the lure is a small contraction, after which the body of the lure is expanding once again. This feature improves the game Darter-R Queen 130. On a uniform wiring bait, assigned to the upper loop, has a very stable, beautiful not a hard game. Wobbler plays very well on twikiroot transaction. It is possible to hold gentle ryokami directly on the surface of the pond, as well as patikami with pauses to complete the ascent. If the line to secure the bottom loop, it changes the game and goes just below the surface. Darter-R Queen begins to play a larger amplitude with axial self-centering of the body, attractive moving even at the slowest speeds the transaction. With baits of this series with a depth of not more than 20 cm, it is possible to sh in weedy places and shallow shoals. Lures Strike Pro Darter-R Queen you can catch pike, large perch, ASP and pike-perch night on the river rapids and lake shallows.

9. DUO Realis Jerkbait

DUO Realis Jerkbait included in the top ten crankbaits for pike in 2016. The lure from the Japanese company is a high-tech, Packed full of different technical bells and whistles Wobbler minnow class. There are three models: Sm – 10cm; Floating and Suspender 12cm — 12cm. Wobblers designed for depth up to 1.5 m. DUO Realis Jerkbait equipped with a system for improving the casting distance. There are also noise camera with beads. Coating durable crank, and the case is durable. The colors are pleasing variety and realism. The bait is sufficiently resistant to the teeth of a large predator. Realis Jerkbait is a great teachingby pike Wobbler for fishing on small and medium depths. The price is quite high, but bait is one of the most effective to date.

8. ZipBaits Orbit 80

On the eighth line in the rating of the best lures for pike 2016 located ZipBaits Orbit 80. The lure is considered to be legendary, which I heard about many anglers. This Wobbler is a typical representative of the class Minou. Available in 2 versions: SR with a depth of immersion up to a meter and DR – with a depth of 1-1. 5 meters. Look different size of blade: more deep-sea version has an increased blade against her mounting ring. The presence of 2 modifications enable the angler to select the type of modification that would be better suited in certain conditions.
The quality is excellent, which is traditional for ZipBaits, and the level of detail and realism are on the top. Both versions present a proprietary magnetic system, this means that with the casting and stability of the lure in water no problems.

7. Megabass Mr-X Cyclone

Megabass Mr-x cyclone is one of the best lures for pike today. The lure is available in a wide range of sizes (from 6 to 13 cm), working depths, a rich set of colors, in a floating version and suspender. A typical, but very high quality Wobbler Minnow class. The price of the crank is quite high, but completely justified. Bait perfectly played on different animations, twiching different frequency and even leading, too.

6. Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO

Megabass Vision 95 Q-GO is sixth in the list of the best wobblers for pike 2016. This lure is unique in its shapes, sizes and unique game. It has a balanced system of shipping SHAFT BALANCER SYSTEM and is intended for catching of a predator in shallow water. Working depth is only a meter, but there are two brand tee. The weight of the model is only 10 gram. Pike rarely leave this lure without attention.

5. Asura O. S. P Rudra Jerkbait

In the middle of the ranking of the best wobblers for pike 2016 located Asura O. S. P Rudra Jerkbait. It incorporates the best quality lures Minnow. Wobbler Rudra from OSP has excellent aerodynamics, substantial mass and superior handling in the water. Having a length of about 13 cm, it belongs to a class big minnow. Has a body with a scaly surface honeycomb super HP body (PAT.), which increased the rigidity of the crank. As with all products OSP paid great attention to detail: imitation of scales, three-dimensional eye, Gill cover. The model has beautiful animation and twiching and the monotonic transaction. The presence of noise capsules and the large amount of lead to the attraction of the predator with a substantial distance. Manufactured bait with neutral buoyancy, so the floating option, which perfectly proved themselves in shallow water. When deceleration and a complete stop bait rises slightly swaying. Wobbler with zero buoyancy is designed for a relatively uniform wiring. This posting is useful to catch the faint-hearted predator.

4. Megabass Vision 110

Megabass Vision 110 is located on the fourth line in the rating of the best lures for pike 2016. The lure belongs to the premium class, with its unique twist. This lure very slowly float to the surface of mirror pond. It is made of two tungsten balls which move inside the lure, thereby changing its center of gravity. Best Vision 110 runs in medium and fast twiching.

3. Deps Balisong Minnow 130SP

Opens the three of the best lures for pike 2016 Deps Balisong Minnow 130SP. For many anglers the model of this lure is one of the leader when fishing for pike, especially in cold water: early spring, late autumn. A distinctive feature of the Deps Balisong Minnow 130SP is that time posting Wobbler makes a special swaying motion that is able to disrupt and provoke the attack, very passive predator. Such variations may occur due to the individual patented balancing system. Transaction bait may be carried out in the range of 1.5 – 2 meters, the most effective is twitching. Choosing the right power jerks and pause duration, in order to successfully catch pike in any body of water. Wobbler is fitted with quality fittings and has a wear resistant coating.

2. ZipBaits Orbit 110 SP

ZipBaits Orbit 110 SP took second place in the top of the best wobblers for pike in 2016. Model of Japanese origin has inside a special magnetic system, which helps the bait to provide long and accurate casting. Refers to the classic lures minnow class, has good flow and slides smoothly into the water, jumps and suspenders gets off, which increases the chances of a catch. Due to the fact that the center of gravity in the lure moves in her head, she was actively nodding, thus reminding the feeding of fry. Therefore, particularly effective to be uneven jerk posting.

1. Megabass Vision OneTen

Megabass Vision OneTen is the best artificial bait for pike this year. It is equipped with a system long cast. Wobbler works just fine: during the initial phase of the casting metal ball is displaced to the tail of the crank, thus altering the center tagete. Megabass Vision OneTen flies strictly with the tail forward, slicing through the air mass. After splashdown, from the beginning of the transaction, the ball returns to its place, and the balance of the crank is restored.

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