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The best higher educational institutions of Russia in 2015


Pretty easy to choose future profession, much more difficult to choose a University in which to learn. To do this, the future student should consider many factors. We have prepared a list, which included the best universities of Russia in 2015. The rating was compiled based on the most important criteria, which will depend on the skill level of a future professional and a successful career. We hope that this list will help you make the right choice of University and, ultimately, to obtain the required knowledge.

10. Saint-Petersburg national research Polytechnic University

This school was founded in 1899. The University prepares highly qualified personnel for the Russian industry. In addition to preparing students in high school are actively engaged in research activities and work in several scientific fields. Students can obtain at this University 167 specialties.

9. Tomsk national research Polytechnic University

This University also appeared in the late nineteenth century. It was founded in 1896. You can still add that this University is one of the leading scientific and educational centers of the Asian part of Russia. He played a huge role in the development of their region. This institution actively conducting research in which active participation of students.

8. Russian University of friendship of peoples

This University ranks eighth in our ranking of the best universities in Russia in 2015. The University was originally conceived as an international educational institution which trains personnel for the various countries of the world. 111 in the University specialties. It has 28 thousand students from different countries of the world. The University is located in Moscow.

7. Novosibirsk national research state University

Now there are 15 faculties, there are postgraduate and doctoral studies, specialized education and training Institute. The University is famous for its beautiful mathematical school pays much attention to scientific developments. Is the intellectual center of the region.

6. National research University MIPT

This University is located in Moscow. Initially this University was a natural faculty of another famous Russian University – Moscow state University, but in 1951 it became an independent institution of higher education.

5. National research nuclear University (MEPhI)

This school was founded in 1942. Originally it was engaged in the development of munitions for the war effort. After the war, the University began to specialize in nuclear research. The University has a very specific job – he trains personnel for the Russian nuclear and defense industries. He participated in all developments in the field of nuclear weapons and peaceful nuclear energy.

4. Moscow national research technical University n. a. N. E. Bauman

One of the best technical institutions of modern Russia. the University was founded more than 180 years ago. In 1830, in its place opened Imperial orphan's house. Currently the University can get a quality technical education in 75 specialties.

3. Moscow state Institute of international relations (MGIMO)

This school has always been considered a luxury, and coming here was very difficult. Currently, the University trains specialists of several areas: international relations, Economics, political science, journalism, law.

The Institute is well equipped, its material base is the envy of any educational institution. After graduating from this University, the graduate usually no problem finding a decent job.

2. Saint Petersburg state University

It was founded in 1724 and was named Academic of the University. This high school is one of the most prestigious in Russia in 2015. The structure of the University includes 24 faculty, here get knowledge 50 thousand students. At the University 5 thousand teachers, all the conditions to engage in scientific activities. Here a rich library and several research centers, a private publishing and museums. Saint-Petersburg state University has a rich tradition.

1. Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosov

This school can be called a University in the country No. 1 and the best University for 2015. It was founded in 1755, at the time he was called to the University. The University consists of 41 faculty, students can get here 120 different specialties, in exact and the Humanities. This University has 15 research institutes and 300 different departments.

At MSU students from twenty different countries. The University has an excellent library, accommodation for students are provided with comfortable dormitories, a sports complex. Graduates of this University, there were many famous and prominent people who have left a deep mark in world science.

Having on hand diploma of the University, the graduate will easily find a decent job.

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