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The best comedians of Russia


We all love to laugh. Humorous gear has now become so many that "dazzled". After all, they are aimed at different age groups. Accordingly, comedians, cheering us on the side of the screen too much. We made a rating of comedians, which includes the best comedians of Russia. Their names are known to all. So, a list of the top 10.

10. Ural dumplings

The team consists of the winners of the Higher League of KVN 2000. Currently, humorists, opening the top best comedians of Russia, appear on channel STS, has achieved considerable success. Between filming, traveling around the country and give concerts in different cities.
According to the producer of "the Ural pelmeni" Sergey Natascha, they found the genre that brings good profit, and it — song. After all, the joke is quickly forgotten or becomes obsolete, and the song still long remain in the memory of viewers, and brings money.
During the speech at the STS team announced more than 1,500 jokes, and starred in a 20-hour releases.

10. Garik "Bulldog" Kharlamov

Garik Kharlamov was born in Moscow on 28 February 1981. At birth he was named Andrew, but three months later the parents changed the name of the future showman, in honor of the deceased grandparents of Igor. When Kharlamov was 14 years old, his father took him with him to the US. There he was selected to drama school, where his teacher was himself, Billy Zane. After 5 years, Kharlamov returned to Moscow, graduated from the State University of management. Acted in commands of the Higher League of KVN "Team of Moscow" and "Desolata youth."
Garik worked on Muz-TV, led TV program "the Office" on TNT. From 2005 to 2009 she was a resident of "Comedy Club", where he performed a duet with Timur by Batrutdinova. In 2011 he returned to the popular show and works there to this day. Also, Kharlamov, taking the 9th place of the list of comedians of Russia, starred in the trilogy "best film"

8. Ruslan White

The future comedian was born in Prague, where he lived until the fifth grade. Then for four years settled in Poland and finally at the age of 16 he moved to Russia, the city of beaver, Voronezh region. Frequent moves were associated with trips of his father, who worked in the military. Despite transitions from one school to another, Ruslan managed to get a silver medal. Ruslan's father wanted his son also became a military. And the guy even graduated from the Military Aviation Engineering University. Then he went to serve under the contract, received the title of "Lieutenant." But he was always drawn scene. When Ruslan was a student, he participated in the KVN team "the Seventh sky" . Then he was invited in "Laughter without rules". Twice refused to participate, but still arrived, and for good reason: he got all the participants of the show and won 1 000 000 roubles. White was periodically performed at the Comedy Club. Currently, the comedian, occupying 8th place in the list of the best comedians of Russia, made his show Stand Up.

7. Dmitry Khrustalev

Dmitry was born in Leningrad. He graduated from the State University of aerospace instrumentation. Then three years worked in the specialty until I realized that this work is boring and monotonous. So Khrustalev decided to go to the comedians.
In 1999 was a finalist in the Higher League of KVN, and in 2003 took the "Summer Cup of KVN". Then disappeared for three years, but in 2007 became a resident of Comedy Club. Performed a duet with Victor Vasiliev. He is currently leading Comedy Woman.
Since 2001, met with lawyers Victoria, Datuk, but after 10 years the couple parted. From 2012 to 2014 Khrustalyov was the relationship with Catherine Barnabas. Currently, the comedian, one of the best comedians of Russia, single.

6. Garik Martirosyan

Famous Armenian TV host and comedian was born 13 February 1974, but the parents Garik didn't want the date of birth was considered an unlucky number "13," so they rewrote the date to 14th. Since then, Martirosyan celebrates two birthdays.
Future showman and humorist Russia, studied at a music school, but was expelled from there for bad behavior. Despite this, he managed to learn to play the drums, piano and guitars.
In 1997 became the champion of the Higher League. In the same year he met his future wife Joan. From the Union of the newlyweds, the couple had a daughter Jasmine and son Daniel.
Currently Martirosyan is the principal and resident Comedy Club. And one of the judges on Comedy Battle.

5. Ivan Urgant

For a long time led the program "ProjectorParisHilton", but because of a conflict with the First channel had to close down. According to the Urgant, transmission to close when she had failed to bother the audience, but tired to the creators themselves. In this case, is to come up with something new and fresh.
Ivan has its own restaurant "The Garden", which he owns together with Alexander Tsekalo. Entertainer, occupying the middle of the top of the best comedians of Russia, loves cars: collects expensive SUVs, among them Porsche Cayenne, Randge Rover, Land Rover.

4. Maxim Galkin

Well-known actor, broadcaster, singer and parodist, who showed a few dozen parodies of popular politicians, entertainers, the leading. Married to Alla Pugacheva. In 2006 he was awarded the Order of Friendship. Galkin, ranked among the best comedians of Russia, remembered in Ukraine for his joke about limericks and dumplings. It, at the request of the National television Council, and even sent for examination.
Most popular Maxim hit song "Be or not be".

3. Simon Slepakov

The former captain of KVN team "Team of Pyatigorsk", which won the top League in 2004, does not consider himself a participant of Comedy Club. According to him, he's just familiar with the guys, with a lot of creative projects. And he thinks he is an invited participant. Simon, occupying the 3rd place of the list of comedians of Russia, according to him, is not an artist, so she went on stage, he's always scary.
Hobby Slepakova to sing comic songs. By them he was remembered for the Comedy Club. In addition, is the producer of serials "Uni" and "Interns."

2. Paul Will

Penza showman in the beginning of "zero" was the captain of the team "Valeon Dasson", worked as a DJ on "Russian Radio" and even voiced the once popular Masyanya. He is currently a resident of Comedy Club and leading Comedy Battle. Known for his style of "bastard": obseive glamorous stars.
Pavel Volya, who took second place in the list of the best comedians of Russia, has starred in several films, including Comedy "happy New year, Moms" and "Office romance. Our time." Recorded several popular hits and became the face of the crackers "Hometeam".

1. Mikhail Galustyan

Kaloustian, which occupies the first place in the list of the best comedians of Russia, known for his participation in the team of KVN "Burnt by the sun". In 2003 became the champion of the Higher League. In 2006, he received an invitation from the Garik Martirosyan in the program "Our Russia", where he played for several years with the 6 different characters. Starred in the film "Hitler Kaput!" "Ticket to Vegas", "Anyone else Carlson". The last two paintings Michael still produced.

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