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Best foreign music videos 2017


Expiring 2017 distinguished by the emergence of a large number of foreign songs that became huge hits which were removed juicy and vivid videos. The most popular of them got a big army of fans among the music lovers. The top ten best clips foreign 2017 according to channel Europa Plus. They were able to score the most number of positive ratings from fans of the music videos.

10. Waiting For The SummerDeepend Graham Candy

Waiting For The Summer (Deepend Graham Candy) reveals ten of the brightest and most interesting clips of the year. Russian translation of the title of the song sounds like "waiting for summer". In the clip involved a lot of characters who are trying to play the melody of the song with the help of bottles. However, the Central object acts Graham Candy that is in red trunks floating on the mattress, and around it are replaced by the attributes that are associated with summer – hot sun, evergreen palm trees and hot beaches. The video turned out very colorful and has gained great popularity in the period of last autumn.

9. Mind If I StayDownload

Mind If I Stay (Shawn Mendes) is on the honorary ninth line of the rating of the best foreign musical clips of 2017. The name of the song in translation into Russian means not that other, as "do you mind if I stay?". This phrase spinning in my head girl, who wants her to pronounce his love object. However, there is every chance that these thoughts will remain with the girl and she will not dare to utter these words.

8. In The MorningJaded Kah-Lo

In The Morning (Jaded Kah-Lo) is in the top ten of the best clips of 2017. In Russian the name of the song that sounds like "Morning". However, many critics say that the meaning of a text does not fit with the clip, but maybe that was the original idea guys. In the clip happens exactly the opposite, as sung in the song. The text says that the main characters come out of themselves when they have nothing to regale in the morning, but in fact the events unfolding around this feast. They begin to throw food and drink wine pink bottles with labels which show the same clip.

7. Mi GenteJ Balvin, Willy William

Mi Gente (J Balvin, Willy William) took ninth place in our list of the best foreign videos of 2017. Not only the clip but the song of steel in the blink of an eye is very popular, having won the hearts of many music lovers and lovers of good music videos. The essence of the song is that the performers I call them to move from under the bit that, in principle, the guys managed to do it. Bright and juicy clip fully reflects the essence of the text. The main characters of the clip was an Italian rich Gianluca Wacky, which never ceases to amaze users Histgram his eccentric antics.

6. Tell Me WhoVanotek feat. Eneli

Clip-Tell Me Who (Vanotek feat. Eneli) is located on the sixth line of the rating. The main character so wanted to love him for life, but it was only an ephemeral cloud. The main character in the black dress driving car scrolls the thoughts in my head. She wants all the pain and humiliation also missed by myself and her assailant, which in the end is rewarded according to merit.

5. Fight Back With Love TonightKUSH KUSH

Fight Back With Love Tonight (KUSH KUSH) was located in the middle of the best clips of 2017. The literal translation of the title song – "Fight with love that night." The main character pours out his soul about his feelings. Beloved had betrayed him by changing to another. And he hoped that she really loves him. But despite this betrayal of the beloved can not go out of his head, day or night. He still wants her, as before to see next. But he can't forgive her for such an act, and every night is a desperate struggle with himself. However, all his attempts are futile, and his favorite haunts as a Ghost.

4. She's On My MindJp Cooper

Clip She's On My Mind (Jp Cooper) is in fourth place ranking among the best. The meaning of the song Cooper is that his girlfriend never leaves his thoughts, and he suffers from the fact that she's not around. The main character encounters many beautiful girls, but like her in the whole world equal. A young man repents, I missed my favorite and didn't realize how much he actually needs her. Hero began to drink, but knowing that this won't fix anything. In the young man a glimmer of hope that at least she just remembers him.

3. More Than You KnowAxwell Ingrosso

More Than You Know (Axwell Ingrosso) opens the three best clips of 2017. The song title translates as "More than you think." This musical composition on non-reciprocal love. She is everything to him, but he means nothing to her. The young man asks to be with him one day, and then promises to disappear from her life. On this day, a festival of electronic music in which the main character will perform their compositions. After the music falls silent, the main character says in the end that she's better than she thinks. He knows that their relationship comes to an end, but while the "thief" of his heart, sings here and now, being with him, the guy enjoys these moments.

2. AttentionCharlie Puth

Attention (Charlie Puth) is in the top ten undisputed leaders in 2017. Translated into Russian composition means "Attention". Charlie falls in love with a girl that is willing to share all. But as it turns out, the girl does not need this, its purpose is to break men's hearts. The clip shows the events from the beginning of the ties and relationships that came out of this in the future. They meet again at a party, but the main character does not pay attention to your ex young man. She's just a wily young woman is only interested in male attention, but she as the target number in no one's interest.

1. OkRobin Schulz James Blunt

Ok (Robin Schulz James Blunt) heads the ranking of the best clips of the year. The song of Robin Schulz and James blunt translated into Russian means "All is well". The main character of the clip wants his mate he asserted that everything will be OK. it has a very high-quality execution and resembles something like a fantastic short film. It involves a lot of characters. All are sitting in queue and waiting to be invited to the procedure for removing the memory. Finally, the turn comes to the main character, who must sign a paper saying that it is not against its implementation. In just a few minutes from the memory of the young man are erased all the feelings that he felt for the girl who's next in line for the procedure.

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