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Best international mini-series


Mini-series have a large number of fans among movie lovers. Artistic painting mini format does not yield a long series and captivate the viewer not less. They do not require a long-term view for many days and can be "Proletary" for one evening. Best mini-series of foreign included in the below are the top ten had significantly higher number of positive ratings of the viewers and have high rating on IMDb. In addition, the top mini-paintings belong to different genre categories, so everyone will be able to choose the series to their liking.

10. Bullies and geeks1999-2000

"Bullies and geeks" (1999-2000) opens the ranking of the best mini-series. The actions of the youth in the film unfold in 80-ies of the last century in the fictional town of. In the center of events there is a girl Lindsay Weir and her brother, who is younger than her, Sam. Other actors are high school students. The main character is a good student, she regularly participates in school competitions. But falling in love with the charismatic Daniel all the time, it begins to conduct with him in the company of freaks. The girl is having problems in the relationship with her parents, and her younger brother have their own issues with the school that need to be addressed.

9. The Pacific2010

"The Pacific" (2010) — mini art picture, which was nominated for the award "Golden globe" in the category "Best mini-series on TV." The film was based on memoirs of us Marines, as well as Robert Leckie. During the Second world war, these Marines fought in the Pacific ocean. The picture shows some of the most dramatic and global battles that went down in history of the country.

8. North and South2004

"North and South" (2004) — English mini-series that was highly appreciated by the viewers. The main picture of the film Margaret was brought up in a wealthy family. But by coincidence, the girl's father have to move your family to the North, where they have a completely different life, devoid of former comfort. They fall in Milton, the place where the industrial revolution. Margaret is not like this city and its people. The girl draws the attention of the cotton factory owner John Thornton, but the main character gives it back. But the young man was very persistent and eventually the ice in her heart, Margaret gradually begins to melt.

7. If tomorrow comes1986

"If tomorrow comes" (1986) — one of the best old American mini-series. The plot is very modest Tracy Whitney, who works in a Bank. In addition, she has a boyfriend who's crazy rich. They're engaged and soon to be held wedding. But fate has its own plan unfolding events. Ridiculous circumstances lead to the fact that the girl is behind bars. It substitutes its favorite person. Despite this, Tracy is not going to give up, its not so easy to break. The visual fragility concealed a strong, has a sharp mind girl who is ready to avenge the betrayal.

6. Spartacus: Gods of the arena2011

"Spartacus: Gods of the arena" (2011) — one of the best historical mini-series. The main character art paintings Batiatus is taking over the reins from his father. To exalt himself and his family, he actively trains gladiators. To achieve unprecedented success and to go down in history he is assisted by his wife Lucrezia, which is considered one of the most treacherous women. Batiatus pays attention to gladitor named Gannicus, showing incredible skill in handling the sword. Every time I get out to the arena, he fights like it's his last and most important battle.

5. The godfather: a novel for television1977

"The godfather: a novel for television" (1977) —one of the best mini-series based on the epic film. The series combines the first two paintings of the trilogy, which was filmed in chronological order and adding new scenes. The series gained a large number of positive ratings from both viewers and critics. Full motion picture was awarded three Oscars and many other awards. The film according to many critics is the greatest motion picture of a gangster.

4. The Tenth Kingdom1999

"The tenth Kingdom" (1999) — fantastic mini-series, released jointly by the U.S., Germany and the UK. The protagonist of the painting named Virginia rescues from death a dog, which turns out to be an enchanted Prince named Wendell. He escaped from a distant land of the Nine Kingdoms to be saved from wicked and evil Queen stepmother. He is a direct heir to the throne, but stepmother never let that happen. In pursuit of the Prince, she let the Troll, which should kill the heir. Together with the Prince's pursuers fall into our world. To stop the malice of the Queen, Virginia will have to help Mendelu.

3. Brothers in arms2001

"Brothers in arms" (2001) — best war mini-series, which is a joint work of the UK and the USA. In 2002, the motion picture was awarded the prize "Golden globe". Also, the series has additionally participated in two nominations for this prestigious award. The plot revolves around a company of the second battalion of the parachute regiment "Easy". During his service the company have to perform the operation "Market garden" and take part in the Boston battle that will last to the end of the war.

2. Firefly2002-2003

"Firefly" (2002-2003) — fantasy Thriller from the category of mini-series. The main hero of the movie is captain Malcolm Reynolds. He is a veteran of the galactic civil war and now earns his living carrying other people's cargo on his ship. And he stands at the head of the team that will do anything for his captain. Together they are a force that not always does a legal action. To create this series directed Joss Whedon inspired piece called "angel killer" Michael Saari.

1. Pride and prejudice1995

"Pride and prejudice" (1995) — the best English series of mini-format. Artistic mini-movie was shot on the eponymous novel written by Jane Austen. The main character Elizabeth is the daughter of a wealthy landowner, who has four daughters. So no son, father and all their possessions will pass to a distant cousin in the male line. Soon the neighborhood is located two very wealthy friend Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy. The first of these enjoys a big sister province. His friend Mr. Darcy tries in every way to resist, but he did not notice how fond of the younger daughter of a poor landowner Elizabeth.

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