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The best liquid for vaping for 2016


Liquid — the basic component of electronic cigarettes, which is able to deliver Wataru pleasure. But it is necessary to choose a quality mix with a pleasant, harmonious taste, high density and gives a great amount of vapor output.

The attention of paritala are the best liquids for vaping in 2016 — the top 10.

10. Five Pawns Sixty-Four

Five Pawns "SixtyFour" opens ten best liquids for vaping. Sixty-Four — mix for electronic cigarettes from the American company Five Pawns has a bright flavor of grapefruit liqueur, which successfully combined with notes of fresh cucumber, lemon peel and peppermint will remind you the taste of the famous cooling drink Mojito. During the steaming liquid will surprise you a slight taste of dill, which will give you only positive emotions and feelings. A characteristic feature of the flavor of this liquid is the energy and spirit that is felt from the first breath. Refreshing shades will give strength for the day, but the ease and unobtrusive scent that is versatile for any time of the day, of course, will appeal to all users of electronic cigarettes. Thanks to the unique combination of components, the liquid from Five Pawns company seem truly distinctive as its taste is not similar to any of the flavors of the liquid you tried before.

9. TMAX Juice Snake Oil

TMAX Juice "Snake Oil" is in the top ten liquids, which has an amazing and unique taste. The first breath will be amazed by the soaring leader a whole bunch and string simultaneously bright and soft, unobtrusive fragrance. The main violin played by the fresh taste of anise, known to all in popular beverages on the basis of this plant – Sambuca, absinthe and ouzo. Completes the picture of a light citrus aftertaste, leaving the mouth feeling of freshness and sweetness. At slightly higher volts, the anise becomes the dominant taste, while the rest of the taste lingers in the background.

8. Cosmic Fog Milk Honey

Cosmic Fog "Milk Honey" is the perfect liquid for vaping with a sweet taste. She is ready to give a lush and fragrant clouds of steam. The taste of the most sweet desserts will please any bather. Balanced and harmonious, the liquid has mostly milk flavor, diluted fruit acidity and sweetness. If you are looking for is not banal plain taste, and precisely tailored dessert mixes, this liquid is exactly what you need to try.

7. EVO Coconut Mojito Vapor

EVO Vapor "Coconut Mojito" — the best liquid for vaping with a refreshing fragrance. Fragrant composition of the liquid is woven from fantastic ingredients, presented the gentle sweetness of the coconut, refreshing mint leaves and slices of lime. As a result of this wonderful combination of components, it turned out sweet, tender, vibrant and sensual cocktail.

6. Five Pawns Absolute Pin

Five Pawns "Absolute Pin" refers to the best liquids with a sweet finish. The liquid is a rich mixture of cinnamon with Irish cream and caramel, which are connected with the main tone of absinthe. First enter the game notes of cinnamon that instantly complemented by hints of Irish cream and caramel, represented by shades of cream. Finally, in the loop Pin Absolute reveals its true nature, introducing the main tone of absinthe. The aroma liquid is simultaneously saturated, but at the same time light and airy, so it will be appropriate for floating everywhere. This live taste of the liquid, which is very difficult to put into words, definitely a must-try for every user of electronic cigarettes to yourself to experience the whole sequence and complexity of the taste palette and to draw up an opinion on this fluid. Absolute Pin will definitely appeal to lovers of alcoholic flavors.

5. Five Pawns Grandmaster

Five Pawns "Grandmaster" — the best fruit liquid for electronic cigarettes. Five Pawns is a rich blend of fresh cream, peanut butter and banana cream, complemented by a pleasant caramel note. Liquid is ideal for lovers of dessert and original combinations. At low voltages, the main is the taste of banana, but it is necessary to raise the voltage, and the flavors start to replace each other in the incessant whirlwind of amazing.

4. Crunch Coil Mishmash

Crunch Coil "Mishmash" is one of the best liquids for vaping with unmatched finish. Sour-tart, spicy flavor will impress even lovers of quiet tastes. In the foreground is heard clearly the Grenadines, at the second light aftertaste of dried fruit. Taste captivates in its originality and acidity. Game contrast tobacco and fruit and flower essences will allow you to get the incredible feeling of soaring. Tobacco when you hover there is clearly and well, and fruit are present on the exhale.

3. Halo Southern Classic

Halo "Southern Classic" opens the three best liquids for vaping. The output it gives soaring leader the taste of the elite tobacco with a rich additional notes: honey, citrus, cloves and unobtrusive Madagascar vanilla. The combination of all these components gives a superb and unforgettable harmonious taste. The fluid not only gives a rich taste to Wataru, but thick vapor.

2. Halo Captain Jack

Halo "Captain Jack" is one of the best liquids for vaping. Liquid premium electronic cigarettes Halo is made in the USA. Fluid production is carried out under appropriate laboratory conditions, the process involves only qualified chemists. She has a pretty strong flavor natural pipe tobacco, with added notes of rum and a barely perceptible sweetness. Even at a low concentration of nicotine, spicy flavor of the liquid will give you a good TX and will make for a moment forget that you are electronic cigarette, a carved wooden pipe.

1. Crunch Coil Cavendish

Crunch Coil "Cavendish" has headed a rating of the best liquids for vaping. She has a fresh and slightly earthy taste of pipe tobacco Cavendish varieties with sweet notes. A distinctive feature of this liquid is an awesome transfer of taste. During the first few puffs you will feel the sweet taste of tobacco on a mandatory basis, which eventually disappears and appears a nutty undertone. And due to the fact that the mixture, like all of liquid tobacco series from the company Crunch Сoil, aged in oak barrels, the liquid becomes soft and fullness of flavor. Cavendish will definitely appeal to fans of pipe tobacco and will hold an important place in the Treasury of fluids for electronic cigarettes.

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