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10 cartoon like "Rick and Morty"


Cartoons have always been unusual. It is a kind of portal to another world, which may be quite unlike anything else. And, the weirder the cartoon, the more interesting it is. In 2018 due to its originality and satirical humor, has become a popular cartoon "Rick and Morty". It was very well received by the audience, so much so that it appeared to be not enough. Well, there are enough paintings similar to "Rick and Morty". Moreover, with some of them, many are already familiar. Although the younger generation, by contrast, may not know about these tapes. We have collected the top 10 cartoons and movies for those who loved the "Rick and Morty" and wants to see something similar.

10. Punishment2011

Riley Jones pursues an unfortunate string of bad luck. She goes to school, where she is not very fond of. And indeed Riley hates not only his school, but also the guy of your dreams that builds relationships with her friend. The last straw was the defeat in the school debate. And Riley decides to commit suicide. But as it turned out, not only she wants his death. Suddenly appeared the maniac awakens a new thirst for life. She hurries to tell everyone, but nobody believes that someone wants to kill such an unpopular girl. Now Riley will have to understand all this myself.

9. Gravity Falls 2012-2016

Mabel and Dipper — brother and sister twins. For the summer parents decide to send them in a small and quiet town of Gravity falls to his distant relative. At first glance, nothing remarkable or particularly interesting in this town no, it seems that the summer holidays will be normal. But suddenly children in the town begin to happen very strange events in the midst of which they find themselves. Besides, Dipper finds a journal that describes the many mysteries of Gravity falls. Then the twins becomes clear that without each other to unravel the mysteries of this town, they will not.

8. Animals2016-

Mankind died. Now in the world there are only animals who will build the new world according to their own laws and concepts. In the concrete jungle of new York left many of the oppressed inhabitants, among which there are the doves who are questioning their gender identity, rats, suffering from unrequited love, and even bedbugs, which is experiencing a midlife crisis. In addition, of great interest is the fact that the animation series was made by the same Studio Starburns Industries, who created the animated series "Rick and Morty".

7. Adventure time2010-2018

In the magical land of OOO lives a 13-year-old boy Finn and his dog Jake, who, by the way, is much older than his master. Jake 28 years old and because of his age he gives life advice to Fin. Jake is a very unusual dog. His body can stretch out anywhere and take a variety of forms. Two friends fighting against evil, saving princesses in the country Yyy, which is a lot. The land of OOO is Earth after a nuclear war that killed so many people. The survivors were subjected to mutations. In addition, the world came to magic, and with it a new evil...

6. Futurama1999-2013

Fry is a pizza guy. In a perfectly ordinary working day, delivering another pizza, he accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber for 999 years. To his surprise, there is no limit when it comes from the camera to the street and discovers that the world has changed beyond recognition. Everywhere aircraft instead of the usual ground vehicles, architecture and technology has leaped forward and populate the planet are not only people. Once fry meets a girl mutant- Leela, to which he starts to experience feelings and her first friend — the robot Bender. Together, they find a blood relative of fry, which has more than 160 years. He invites the three friends work to deliver the goods on different planets throughout the galaxy. But what will happen?

5. Doctor Who2005-

Rose Tyler works in a London supermarket accessories and clothing. Her life does not differ from other Englishmen. But one day an event occurs that forever changed her life. One day, during her regular shift mannequins come to life, wishing to kill her. At this moment there is a very strange visitor to the shop. He saves the life of Rose and a doctor Who is an interplanetary hero who saves the worlds from evil. Doctor Who encourages rose to go with him to the interplanetary journey, and she agrees.

4. Slammer2007-2011

Earth is the most cruel prison located in a volcano. Its shape may vary as desired by the Director. Neither space nor time, there is no power. This allows the owner of the prison to constantly come up with new cunning and elaborate plans, which entail a large number of escapes and deaths. Prison warden turns his prison into a living hell from which I want to escape everything. But so far no one has succeeded, moreover, that anyone who dared to do it, it will be returned back to its walls, whether dead or alive.

3. Back to the future1985

Marty McFly is not the best life. His mother suffers from alcoholism and obesity, and the father becomes the object of ridicule for the chief of Biff Tannen. One day a teenager learns that his friend Dr. Emmett brown invented a time machine. For his negligence, Marty starts the car and goes to 1955, which meets his young parents. But now to go back, he must find the Doc. Besides, parents Marty may not meet his intervention.

2. Brickberry,2012-2014

The action takes place in the Park where I work are lazy and stupid motherfuckers Rangers. It is unclear how they are still in their jobs, but this leads to the fact that the Park is going to close. Their salvation is the new girl-Ranger. She wants to save the reserve. It looks very funny, especially that forest dwellers are threatened by those who should protect them.

1. Regular show2009-2017

Rigby and Mordecai — the conventional 23-year-old dolt. Once they settle it is unclear why the caretakers of the Park, while constantly Oleneva from work, trying to entertain themselves all new, sometimes crazy ways. Because of this they disliked their boss Benson, who is the machine with chewing gum. But to the aid two friends comes wise Yeti Skips that helps them to solve almost all problems.

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