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Top 10 best movies with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role


Leonardo Di Caprio has achieved the level of recognition, when the mention of his name on posters – already a guarantee of the success of the picture. In his filmography there is a failure of works, he was the owner of a whole bunch of prestigious awards, but despite four nominations on "Oscar" the winner he never was. If the actor this fact depressing, it does not show the form and continues to act in interesting projects. The best films with Leonardo DiCaprio in the leading role – remember his most significant works wonderful actor.

10. What's eating Gilbert Grape

Opens the list of the best pictures involving Leonardo DiCaprio drama 1993 "What's eating Gilbert Grape". It is an iconic role for the actor his first nomination for the award "Oscar". Partner Leonardo DiCaprio in the film was johnny Depp. The role of Gilbert Grape, a mentally handicapped young men, became for the actor a pass in the big cinema. The Oscar he received, but was recognized by the critics "discovery of the year". Preparing for the role, DiCaprio visited the Department for adolescents with mental retardation. Interviews with patients and observation of their behavior were not in vain – he can most convincingly enter into the image of his hero.

9. Titanic

On the 9th place among the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role, is the best disaster film "Titanic", released in theaters in 1997. The actor driven by Directors he had worked with the best of them. A film by James Cameron, became the champion of the world and held this title until 2009, when his record was beaten by another child genius Cameron – "avatar".

The plot of "Titanic" is known to almost every member of the audience – against the backdrop of the terrible tragedy that took place in the first flight with a magnificent ocean liner, develops a touching love story of two young people standing at different social levels of the society.

For many viewers this film with DiCaprio was the best actor.

8. Gangs Of New York

Continuing our ranking of the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio starring historical Thriller "gangs of new York", directed by Martin Scorsese. The picture was released in theaters in 2002.
This is an epic film about the events that took place in new York in the mid-nineteenth century. In a skirmish between gangs native new Yorkers and immigrants killed the father of the protagonist. He spent 16 years plotting revenge. Amsterdam Vallon (hero DiCaprio) gets an opportunity to get closer to his enemy, bill Cutting, known as "the Butcher." At the crucial moment betray him. Barely surviving, Amsterdam decides to unite all immigrant gang against "the Butcher".

7. Aviator

On the 7th place among the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role – the picture 2004 the Aviator, about the life of an eccentric rich man, Director, producer and inventor Howard Hughes. From early childhood, had great opportunities, the main character engaged in only those projects that interested him. Becoming an orphan at 18, he did not let the family business go, and proved in court that capable and can take control of the company of the father for themselves. Hughes has set itself three goals: become the best pilot, producer and golfer.

For Leonardo DiCaprio, the film became another significant and serious work in film. The role of Hughes, he was preparing for a year and a half and very convincingly played the symptoms of incipient mental disorder of a prominent businessman. The film was well received by critics, but "Oscar" the actor never received. He got a "Golden globe" – the first in the career of DiCaprio.

6. Catch me if you can

The picture 2012, "Catch me if you can" – on the 6th place in the ranking of the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. In this tragicomedy Spielberg actor played Frank Abignale, cheater of the highest level. His criminal activity began at age 16 with the check fraud working on this for five years, more than $ 2 million. Hiding from arrest, he showed surprising dexterity in reincarnation. Abigail posed as a lawyer, Professor of sociology, and even for the pilot. Caught several years later, he agreed to cooperate with authorities and received Amnesty. His memories of wild youth he outlined in his autobiography, which formed the core of the film is Steven Spielberg.

5. Shutter island

The actor masterfully plays people with psychological disorders. In the Thriller with an unpredictable finale 2010 "shutter Island", he played the role of a detective investigating the mysterious disappearance of a patient from a hospital for the criminally insane.

"Shutter island" – 5 rankings of the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio.

4. Apostates

Crime Thriller, 2006 Director Martin Scorsese, "the Departed" takes the 4th place in the list of best movies with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Partners of the actor for the film began, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson. DiCaprio played Billy Costigan – the policeman introduced in a gang. At the same time, the Department has an informant for the mob. Ironically, it was his charge to find among the police traitor.

3. The wolf of wall street

Comedy "the Wolf of wall street", released in 2013, and ranked third in the ranking of the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio, gave the actor another nomination for "Oscar" and hope to finally get the coveted trophy. Leo embodied on the screen the image still alive Jordan Belfort, a new York broker, a playboy and wastrel. Leo is so accustomed to the role that fans were confident that the coveted statuette this time will not pass an actor. Alas, the Academy, and this time ignored DiCaprio.

2. The Great Gatsby

Second place in the list of the best work Leonardo DiCaprio is romance 2013 "the Great Gatsby". This is a gorgeous, spectacular adaptation of the novel Fitzgerald. The film received high marks from viewers and critics took it ambiguous.

1. Beginning

Thriller "the Beginning", released in 2010, takes first place among the best films with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. This is a fantastic picture with an unpredictable finale, and the incredibly intricate plot. DiCaprio plays Dominic Cobb, who with the help of technology joint dreams successfully engaged in industrial espionage. The film ends with an open ending – the viewer himself has to decide what will happen with the main character.

Thriller was well received by the audience and critics. 90% positive reviews – so praised the work of the actor and filmmakers. The main advantage of "Beginning" is entirely an original idea, not having analogues in modern cinema. The Director, Christopher Nolan worked on the script for over 10 years.

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