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10 cartoon like "the Mystery of Coco"


Cartoons are becoming popular not only for children but for many adults, the Mystery of Coco is no exception and won the hearts of a huge number of viewers and even critics. This cartoon was released on the wide screen in 2017 and from that moment firmly entrenched in the top 250 of IMDb. We have collected 10 of cartoons that are similar to "the Mystery of Coco" and will appeal to his fans.

10. The nightmare before Christmas1993

Good old picture of embarked on the path of correction Jack Skellington. All his life he lived and ruled in the gloomy realm of Halloween, in which his subjects were freaks and dead. One day Jack was in a wonderful country Christmas, which was dominated by fun and goodness. And I wanted the monster to experience warm feelings, to learn to give people happiness. To do this, he stole a Santa Claus and took his place, but the inhabitants light of the country did not appreciate the efforts of Jack and his gifts got them scared. Had the Skellington to correct their mistakes.

9. The book of life2014

On the tour in the Museum the children tell the story of what happened on November 2 in day of the Dead, which is celebrated annually throughout Mexico (the same feast was celebrated in "the Mystery of Coco"). It happened many years ago in the small town of San angel, located in the center of the Universe, the world is Not forgotten. In this world the souls of the dead who were loved in life and still remember. And under it the world of the Forgotten is very sad and gloomy place.

In this live 3 friend Manuel, Maria and Joachim. The guys were always inseparable, are very similar to each other and grow together. And it so happened that both boys fell in love with his best friend. Mary was waiting for her Prince. During the celebration of the Day of the Dead kings of the worlds of Forgotten and Not forgotten bet, who will win Mary's heart and will remain with her for life.

8. Kubo. The legend of the samurai,2016

Kubo ordinary Japanese boy, from early childhood dreamed to see his father. Mother told him stories about the father of the famous samurai who fought with the Lunar king, the glorious ancestors who fought against evil for generations. Kubo has also had to defend his home, but first you need to find 3 important parts of his father's armor. In this difficult matter he was helped by the keepers of the kind of huge beetle warrior and a wise white monkey. Can the little boy to put together the armor of a great warrior and fight the mighty Moon king?

7. Corpse bride2005

The story of unrequited love. Victor finds himself in the afterlife, like Miguel from "the Mystery of Coco", where he meets deceived and murdered fiancée Emily. After his death she vowed that her husband will be the one, say the blessing and put on her finger the ring. By chance, this man became a Victor. But he decided to cheat the girl to return to the living world to his beloved. Under the pretext of meeting his parents guy lured Emily into the woods and dumped. Not waiting for her husband, dead the bride ran in search of him and saw the Church on the other. Emily got mad and returned the Victor in the afterlife. The guy tried to explain that the oath was uttered casually, but Emily did not want to listen to him and just cried. After a while, Victor realized that feels for her tender feelings. But will he be able to win a dead heart?

6. Your name2016

Mizuchi normal high school student living in a small town and dreaming to conquer the capital, to find their place in life and a loved one. Still Tachibana, a young man from Tokyo who is forced to earn his living by working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant. It would seem that they may have in common? They dream about each other's lives. And one day this dream comes true, but only in a dream. How can young people cope with such changes in their lives? They have to be not just in someone else's body, but also of the opposite sex.

5. Monsters Inc.2001

Mike and Sally live in the fabulous city of Monstropolis and work together at monsters, Inc. They have only one duty to scare children. It is on children's fears and the whole city. A rule the employees of the Corporation only one it is impossible to prevent misfires, otherwise the child will be able to penetrate the secret of the city. Not difficult to guess the unforgivable mistake that the main characters of the cartoon and their world gets a little naughty girl, absolutely not afraid of monsters. Sully and Mike became attached to the child, tried to protect her from the monsters and hide from the detective Agency. But their main competitor for the work Randall found out about the mistake and decided to use it to seize power Corporation of monsters.

4. The boxtrolls2014

In the small town of Carbury unusual sewage in them dwells a small family the night monsters, which under the cover of darkness selected on the city streets in search of cheese and small children. The main hero of the cartoon is an orphan boy, who was unlucky enough to be born into a loving family. In one night, the monsters were seen walking through the streets of the boy and decided to adopt him. From that moment on he could walk every night through the town. Not to say that the boy was against it, he for the first time the life of a real family. But everything changes one night when on a city street he met a little girl from a rich family.

3. Frozen2013

What if the Kingdom suddenly fell eternal winter? Not to despair, make snowmen and go in search of the causes of the incident. Think Princess Anna and simple lad Christophe. They, along with faithful friends snowman Olaf and reindeer Sven go on a dangerous journey through the snow-covered mountains. They have a difficult task to find his sister Anna, possessing magical powers Elsa, and convince her to fix created. It was she, being in a bad mood brought an eternal winter on the Kingdom.

2. Rock Dog2016

The main character of the cartoon dog named Bodhi. His whole life he protected his village from wolves, but one day he got tired and he decided to turn his life 180 degrees. Bodhi then goes on a long journey, in the hopes of becoming a pupil of the famous rock star cat Angus and conquer the hearts of the people of the big city beasts. But Bodhi doesn't know that the cat does have other plans, and by the way, waiting for him bloodthirsty wolves. Dog one thing for sure, if not to despair, keep your nose clean, everything will work out.

1. Isle of dogs2018

Atari Kobayashi 12-year-old boy whose entire adult life taking care of a corrupt mayor Kobayashi. But when the guardian published a decree by which all Pets had to be out of town on a huge dump, boy don't get scared at yourself in a homemade aircraft to go to garbage island. There are Atari had hoped to find his four-legged friend Spots. With the garbage island in the company of new friends dogs, the nobles starts a great journey that could radically change the life of the whole Prefecture.

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