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Top 10 cartoons from the Studio "Pixar"


"Pixar" – the world famous American computer animation Studio. The popularity of products "Pixar" can compete with "The Walt Disney Company," but to compare companies among themselves unfair. The fact that one Studio is a subsidiary of another (perhaps not necessary to explain who over whom). For almost 40 years, "Pixar" has produced 20 feature-length cartoons, some of which are franchises. The success of the pictures you can judge for yourself, based on what we have compiled a list of the best cartoons from "Pixar", whose box office at times exceeded the cost of creating.

10. Puzzle (2015)

Let's start with the unusual cartoon called "Puzzle", which the main character is a girl named Riley. In her head (or rather, in the center of the brain), there are five human emotions: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Joy and Disgust. Every emotion has its own personification in the form of the hero. Five shapes behavior Riley, and how emotions get along among themselves, depends on the harmony of existence girls. Once the characters fight, resulting in Riley's life goes awry. The success of the movie is conventionally measured rental cash – "Puzzle" has paid off five times, taking into account the costs of 175 million dollars!

9. Cars (2006)

It's been 12 whole years since the release of "Cars", can you believe it? Extremely memorable characters in the cartoon, led by Lightning McQueen definitely did the trick, because the story was continued in the second and third installments of the franchise. Interestingly, in "Pixar" departed from the tradition to use the headlights as eyes cars. The organs of vision it was decided to place on the windscreen – well, it was extraordinary, and very impressive. Touching story also leaves about the cartoon only positive impressions. As for the monetary side of the question, "Cars" brought the creators of over 300 million dollars of net profit.

8. The incredibles (2004)

The next cartoon tells us about the adventures of one Mr. Exclusive. 15 years ago, he was a superhero, saving human life. Interestingly, in response rescued from the world Exceptional people are literally threw the Savior lawsuits. Had the hero go in peace, get along with his wife and three children. From time to time, in secret from his wife, the Exclusive one touch, and cope extremely well. However, the plot is rotated so that all family members will have to show their superpowers in the name of saving the main character. "The incredibles" took off in the car seven times – a great result, "Pixar"!

7. Finding Nemo (2003)

Another legendary cartoon from the American Studio. Of course, there is no need to remind you about the exciting and touching story of "finding Nemo", because you do perfectly remember everything. The success of the paintings speak not only your pleasant memories 15 years later. For example, the website "Rotten Tomatoes" where you are going reviews of the movie, the approval rating of the movie is 99 percent (in fact, the best result in the history of the site). And of course we can't pass the box office, which in the case of "Nemo" are just mind-boggling. When spent picture 94 million dollars total revenue amounted to as much as 940 million!

6. Toy story (1995)

"What do you know about legends?" definitely crossed the minds of those who are now over 30. Indeed, the "toy Story" won the hearts of millions of young viewers around the world. No joke, on the yard in 1995, and in the United States introduced the first three-dimensional computer cartoon, the voice acting which is occupied all Tom Hanks! The plot is built on the classic lines of the confrontation between the main characters (woody and buzz Lightyear), in the end, becoming real friends. "Toy story" grossed an amount 12 times higher than the costs, and the American film Institute included the cartoon in the hundred greatest films in the history of the United States. Success of what to say.

5. Monsters Inc. (2001)

Next on the list is "Corporation of monsters" and alwayshas a nostalgic tear to the eyes of the children of the 90s. the Touching story of the monster's Sully and Mike wazowski became the impetus for the creation of a separate phenomenon. After painting the shelves of children's shops were filled with figurines of the main characters for a long time. In addition to the fame and recognition the movie received the award "Oscar" (though for the soundtrack, but nevertheless). Also collected more than a solid cash – when spent on the creation indiscreet 115 million dollars "Corporation" has earned worldwide 577 million is Not excluded that the same would be for a few years was raised for the merchandise.

4. Up (2009)

Believe it or not, the premiere of this "picaresco" movie in Russia was held a day earlier than in the States themselves. The story tells us about the life of Carl Fredricksen – old man, who wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of his wife (trip to Paradise falls). However, his wife dies shortly before a planned journey. Now Fredrickson is simply obliged to be there in memory of his love. The old man attacks the house in balloons and... talkative boy named Russell, who at the end of the story Carl is actually gonna be a grandfather. Adaptation of the story of Fredrickson has collected in world hire of 735 million dollars, which is 4.5 times more than the cost.

3. WALL-E (2008)

Yes, time flies inexorably, and now, 10 years have passed since the moment when "Pixar" introduced the world wall-e – robot with incredibly expressive, sad eyes. Eponymous cartoon tells the viewer about the adventures of a mechanized he will left on the Ground to restore order and cleanse the planet from waste. In the course of the plot from wall-e to occur amazing metamorphosis – the robot gradually acquires human qualities and even falls in love with another machine eve. In the end they remain together on the Earth, where through the piles of debris make their way to the sprouts, giving the planet the hope for a new life. The picture brought creators 350 million in net profit.

2. Ratatouille (2007)

An amazing story of a rat named Remy, who managed to realize his childhood dream – to become a chef of a famous restaurant. Of course, the way to achieve the cherished goal was thorny (in fact, the difficulties and constructed the storyline). The movie is an Oscar winner and multiple prestigious awards. Despite the fact that computer animation, initially, the prototypes Remi were sculpted from clay, and the creators have carefully studied the behavior of living rats. Moreover, the animators studied the preparation of restaurant dishes from this chef. Through this approach, and had a wonderful Ratatouille which has grossed 620 million dollars.

1. Coco Secret (2017)

Well, today is crowned with a rating of fresh musical cartoon called "the Mystery of Coco." A boy named Miguel longs to be a musician, but his family is forbidden (it is said that great-grandfather Miguel exchanged a sweet guitar sounds on his family). Inexplicably the destiny brings boy in the netherworld, where he has a chance to meet the great-great-grandfather personally, and to dot the "I". Here begins the intrigue with a surprise ending. Despite the crazy budget under $ 200 million, the movie instantly paid off, and even brought 600 million profit on top.

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