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Top 10 best French Comedy


French Comedy special features the subtle humor, combined with humanity, why they are so loved by many viewers. In the description of the article consists of the best French comedies list for the entire existence of cinema.

10. The gendarme of Saint-Tropez

"Gendarme of Saint-Tropez" (1964) – old French Comedy, which is part of the 10 best films of all time. Eccentric gendarme Cruchot moves with his charming daughter Nicole in the town of Saint-Tropez to continue the service. Delusional thoughts never leave Cruchot, which ends with the abuse of power. The policeman have to split myself between work and care for a frivolous daughter. Fussy and slightly mad hero will change the peaceful existence of the town. Hunting for nudists, new investigation and pursuit of criminals waiting for the Cruchot in the new place of service.

9. Aliens

"Aliens" (1993) – hilarious film that is included in the 10 best French comedies. The film tells about the amazing adventures of count Godefroy de Manera and his servants Jaqua listed by mistake of a wizard from the middle ages into the modern world. Montmirail into the future and meets his granddaughter. She believes the relative eccentric due to allegations of belonging to the chivalry of another age. Servant to the count meets her descendant, which is similar as two drops of water. The owner of the castle becomes relative Jaqua. A knight cannot allow his possessions passed into the hands of tramps, without title. He tries to return the castle, which belongs to his granddaughter. The absurdity of the actions of the aliens from another time makes the film dynamic and funny.

8. Love from all diseases

"Love for all diseases" (2014) modern painting from French cinema, which is included in the ranking of the best comedies. Forty-year-old bachelor a novel prefer not to have relationships because of their unfounded fear. Obsessions about disease all the time stalking the main character. Eccentric seems that he is terminally ill. His doctor, psychologist Dimitri knows no rest as its all the time the patient has been experiencing attacks of phobia and turns to him. A psychologist decides to conduct a full therapy and cure of the Novel with the help of relations. Love the "re" of hypochondriac and will give him a true taste for life.

7. Toy

"The toy" (1976) is a French Comedy that makes one think about humanity. In the world of consumerism, people without status, are puppets in the hands of senior management and implicitly follow their instructions. Such a puppet in the film is journalist Francois Perrin, who received the coveted position in one of the most prestigious publishing houses, which belongs to a millionaire Rambally-Kosh. New employee millionaire gives the task – to write an article about his toy shop. In the store are casual acquaintance Perrin with a spoiled Scion of a rambal-Cochet's. The boy then calls itself in obedience to his uncle, who will be his new toy. The absurdity of the son's desire still compels the rich to ask the journalist to move for a while into the mansion. The employee has no choice but to agree, because he needs the work. Meeting the child with Francois turns the lives of both and is a reassessment of values, which are the main sincere love and kindness.

6. Wasabi

French Comedy "Wasabi" (2001) is included in the top 10 films of all time. The main character Hubert in the distant past was in love with a Japanese girl. He accidentally learns of the existence of an adult daughter, when he comes to Japan to say goodbye to his dead lover. The news of fatherhood and a large inheritance, which leaves the late, bring to the measured life of a detective chaos. He will defend the minor daughter, which are hunted by the criminals to seize a large sum of money left by their mother. The movie was dynamic and exciting with notes of subtle French humor.

5. Fugitives

Hilarious Comedy "the Runaways" (1986) is one of the best French films. The main characters of the film – former reputable Bank robber Jean-Luc and a loser Francois Pignon. Jean decides to engage with a criminal past and comes to the Bank to open an account. By chance, the Bank breaks françois Pignon, who decided to Rob because urgent need of money for himself and his daughter. To hide from the police, he takes hostages Jan. Law enforcement authorities believe that the robber is a crime boss, and Francois became his hostage. Luke is not happy this turn of events and is now forced to hide from the police with his new friend. Unfit for life Francois needs the help of an ex-con. That, in turn, tries to get rid of their random friends. Unexpectedly, a cold-blooded binds to the eccentric Jean Francois and his mute daughter. The painting is distinguished by subtle humor and positive atmosphere.

4. Unlucky

"Unlucky" (1981) – one of the most successful Comedy of paintings by French cinema. The story begins with the disappearance of the daughter of the President of one big company. Girl constantly gets into absurd situations and troubles. This time she was kidnapped. Grieving father asks for help to a psychologist who offers his incredible theory to search. He argues that the missing will be able to find the same unlucky as his daughter. The father remains nothing how to listen to the Council. In search of girls go employee of the company Perrin, falling constantly in a ridiculous accident, and detective Campana. Absurd situations and improbable adventure takes the heroes to the kidnapped girl.

3. Asterix and Obelix

"Asterix and Obelix" (1999 -2012) is among the three best comedies in the entire history of French cinema. The film consists of 4 parts: "Asterix and Obelix against Caesar", "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra", "Asterix at the Olympic games" and "Asterix and Obelix in Britain. The first part was a huge success, so we decided to continue filming the Comedy picture. In the first film, two friends Asterix and Obelix are trying to resist the tyrannical Julius Caesar. Local magician gives using potions heroes tremendous power. Together they can crush the large army and the arrogant Caesar. That, in turn, is trying to figure out the secret that is held by residents of the village. Fabulous Comedy special features the humor and originality of the plot.

2. Taxi

"Taxi" (1998-2008) was so loved by the audience that was captured 4 pieces of French Comedy, and each of them had a tremendous success. Obsessed with his car and high speed driving Daniel is the storm of the French roads. The highway patrol a long time hunting for the intruder, but can not catch the elusive driver. In the Comedy intertwined love and dangerous adventures, in which constantly gets the hero. The picture is highly colorful, dynamic and unique humor of the main characters.

1. 1 1

French pattern "1 1" (2011) or "untouchable" combines light humor and the story of a devoted friendship. The film tells about the rich man Philippe, confined to a wheelchair and had been released from prison bum Drissa. After the tragedy, Philip loses the taste for life. Driss bursts into the life of an aristocrat like the wind, carrying a breath of fresh air. He does not really need the work and comes to Philip for an interview to get another waiver and continue to receive unemployment benefits. However, the aristocrat takes an absurd decision and his "nurse" becomes unemployed black man. Casual acquaintance of the two men completely reverses their lives. Driss becomes an obedient citizen and a successful businessman, and Philippe with the help of her friend finds love and family comfort. Humanity and a positive attitude put the picture in the first place in the list of the best French comedies in history.

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