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The rating of acrylic bathtubs


Acrylic baths, which only a few dozen years, appeared on the market and immediately gained popularity due to multiple advantages. They are lightweight, yet robust and durable, have an antibacterial effect and good thermal insulation.

The rating of acrylic baths can be made on the basis of the reviews of consumers about a particular brand. It included the best manufacturers who supply only high quality plumbing goods.

10. Radomir

A series of acrylic bathtubs Radomir opens a rating of the quality brands represented on the plumbing market today. All models are made using 100% cast acrylic, which in order to increase the strength covered with resin polyester and glass fiber. This not only provides resistance to chemical attack, prolongs the service life of products, but also provides good insulation. Among the diverse options for every buyer to find a suitable model at a reasonable price.

9. Santek

Santek is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of acrylic baths. Products made from homogeneous cast acrylic, making for a long time a bath does not lose the white colour and maintains gloss. The company is confident in the quality and longevity of their plumbing products, and therefore provides a guarantee of 10 years. Many models are in the affordable price range for consumers with different budget.


The company AQUANET provides a fairly high-quality bath. Products are produced on Italian equipment of the acrylic sheets on which is applied the reinforcing coating of resin and glass yarns, thereby increasing the strength. Plumbing AQUANET not only high quality but also has reasonable prices and a great range.

7. Ravak

Czech acrylic bathtubs Ravak included in the ten best models in quality. For the manufacture of sanitary ware manufacturer applies the unique technology of vertical heating of the material, resulting in high strength and consistent wall thickness. To improve the reliability of the coating to external impact acrylic cover with a triple layer of foam, which also has the property to retain heat. Like many contemporary models, all baths Ravak have antibacterial protective layer. Among the 70 variants of different forms, can be found as inexpensive classic models of good quality and luxury, the price of which reaches several tens of thousands.

6. 1MarKa

The domestic firm 1MarKa gives the consumer a wide range of quality acrylic bathtubs at an affordable price. For the manufacture of its products, the manufacturer uses only 100% cast acrylic. That is why a plumber for a long time does not lose the white and less affected by chemical cleaning products. The quality of the products confirms the warranty, which provides 1MarKa – 15 years. Since the goods belongs to the budget category identified deficiencies – new tubs of this brand peculiar chemical smell, which eventually disappears. In the rest of the bath are not inferior in quality to more expensive brands.

5. Riho

Dutch toe Riho extraordinary suitable for the production of sanitary equipment. Among ordinary acrylic baths, which are endowed with high durability and reliability, there is a series of colored bath Funny with drawing different patterns. The acrylic surface is applied, the image above is coated on a transparent acrylic, and then an antimicrobial layer. The result is a bright plumbing attribute with a reliable protective layer and antibacterial protection. Many of the models are ribbed bottom, which is quite comfortable and prevents slipping. Among the diverse options, there are models from quite affordable for most to elite, where you will have to pay tens of thousands for the luxury.

4. Cersanit

Cersanit noted as the best manufacturer of acrylic baths, which offers the consumer a quality plumbing product at an affordable price. To ensure high strength of the coating is a special layer of resin providing durability and aesthetic appearance of the equipment. All models Cersanit provided with a reinforced double bottom, which guarantees reliability and durability. In addition to standard variations, there are also asymmetrical and symmetrical shape. The company guarantees its products for 5 years.

3. Bas

Bas come in the top three acrylic baths. To manufacture the product using latest technology of infrared heat conditioning, and reinforcement in two ways – by using polyester resin and STEKLONiT or polyurethane foam of high density. Both methods provide a high strength coating. In addition, manufacturers should consider antibacterial layer Antibac. Diverse range of the company offers consumers a choice of about 30 acrylic models of various shapes – rectangular, symmetric and asymmetric. Some of them come with optional: air massage and hydromassage equipment. All plumbing covers a ten-year guarantee.

2. Vagnerplast

Tubs Vagnerplast are among the highest quality and durable. Czech company which produces this plumbing product is one of the first companies that began to apply the acrylic as a cover. English high quality cast acrylic used for the production, resistant to external mechanical impacts and has a perfectly smooth and shiny surface. Cleaning must be done with special cleaners designed for acrylic. On all models, the company provides a guarantee of 10 years.

1. Triton

Triton is the best acrylic baths from the Russian manufacturer. The company's products are manufactured on high-tech equipment Tritonplast of Austrian quality acrylic Senoplast. Reinforced on the inner side with fiberglass, the material becomes more durable and virtually impossible to scratch and compromise the integrity of the upper layer under the influence of chemical substances. In addition, the coating is resistant to UV light and has an antibacterial effect. Reliable and durable bath from the company Triton are available in different shape, size, and some models feature optional accessories: air massage systems whirlpool FFF, lighting, headrest, etc., the Cost of Russian sanitary equipments this company much lower than foreign counterparts, and not what is not inferior in quality. The manufacturer gives 10 years warranty on all models.

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