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Ranking of children's car seats safety for 2016


When choosing a child car seat among the most important factors are reliability, safety and comfort, the device should provide the full. In the ranking of children's car seats safety for 2016 includes the most comfortable and safe models that have received the results of the crash test rating no lower than good.

10. CBX by Cybex Free FixPrice 9 000

German transportation device for children CBX by Cybex Free Fix opens a rating of the best seats in 2016. Having crash tested several independent experts, the model got a good rating. CBX by Cybex Free-Fix offers enhanced side protection, and his back has pinholes to maintain an optimal climate. The headrest can be adjusted in seven positions. The chair is light, its weight is only 5 kilograms. The only drawback of the model is the lack of provisions for vacation. But this small flaw can be forgiven for the price of 9 thousand rubles. The chair is designed for age group of 4 to 12 years.

9. Maxi-Cosi Pearlthe Price to 30 000 roubles

The Maxi-Cosi Pearl, manufacturer which is the country the Netherlands included in the list of the safest car seats today. According to the test results of independent experts, the chair received a rating of good. The advantages of the device include the presence of the anatomical shape of the seat, the ability to adjust the backrest in five positions, including lying down, the head restraint can accommodate up to seven positions. The device weighs not so much at 6.5 pounds. The average price for Maxi-Cosi Pearl 30 thousand rubles. Can be used by children from one year to four years.

8. Maxi-Cosi CabrioFixPrice of 15,000 rubles

The Dutch model Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix for the little ones is one of the best seats in 2016 for newborns. According to the results the test device was awarded the rating excellent. The main advantages of the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix — the presence of a prosthetic liner to comfortable and safe horizontal position, folding handle, carrying system and the lateral shockproof protection. The device weighs just over four pounds. It is designed for children aged from 0 up to 1. 5 years. Is the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix with an average of 15 thousand rubles.

7. Maxi-Cosi MiloFixPrice of 29 000 rubles

Maxi-Cosi MiloFix from the Dutch producer takes the seventh place in the list of the safest car seats. The model received a rating of good based on the test results from ADAC. Among the main advantages include the presence of additional anchor Top Tether attachment, which provides maximum protection and safety. The most convenient device makes adjustable backrest and headrest. Seat belts equipped with anti-skid pads, and a good lateral protection. To use the chair from birth to 4 years. The cost of the Maxi-Cosi MiloFix — 29 thousand rubles.

6. Cybex SironaPrice of 30 000 rubles

Cybex Sirona from the German company takes sixth place in the ranking of the best car seats for transporting children. The model got a good rating as a result of test from ADAC. Bowl seat is able to turn 90 degrees, and more reliable stability, the manufacturer has provided a special way to the floor. In addition, the device is equipped with an activation system that have been developed on the technology of Seat-to-Chassis Connect. The system is equipped with adjustable side-impact protection. The disadvantages of this model are the possibility of fastening only on the Isofix base and a pretty decent weight at 15 pounds. The model is in the range of 30 thousand rubles.

5. Cybex Juno 2-Fixthe Price of 15 000 rubles

Very comfortable German model Cybex Juno 2-Fix is ranked fifth in the list of the best car seats of this year. The crash test results of the child conveyance device has been awarded the highest rating. It has robust side-impact protection and the seat frame is made of durable plastic. The kit includes the adjustable table, ensuring the safety of the child, and the back of the device is fitted with ventilated holes. Cybex Juno 2-Fix is attached as regular belts and Isofix base. The model is relatively lightweight, it weighs about 6 pounds. Among the minuses is possible to allocate an ill-conceived small backrest, with the result that during sleep the baby's head falls. The average cost of the device is 15 thousand rubles. Can be used from 1 to 4 years.

4. CasualPlay Beat FixPrice 22 000 rubles

CasualPlay Beat Fix is in fourth place in the ranking of best children's car seats. The model was recognized as one of the safest and most reliable. By the producing country is Spain. According to the test results the car seat was awarded to score well. The main advantage of the device are internal straps, provided with an audible indication when their undoing. This allows full control over the child during the trip. The headrest models are easily height adjustable, and the back has about five positions that makes this chair as comfortable to use. The downside of the model is its weight which is just over 13 pounds. The chair is suitable for the age group from one year to six years. The price of CasualPlay Beat Fix on average 22 thousand rubles.

3. Concord Transformer Tthe Price of 15 000 rubles

Concord Transformer T opens the top three among the best car seats for children today. The chair passed the test of six independent clubs, which were rated good. Realize change the height and width of the device is possible with a single button, thanks to the integrated pneumatic drive. The housing is made of impact-resistant material and a reliable side protection. The model has an orthopedic base and backrest, making it the most comfortable to use. In addition, the Concord Transformer T boasts more interior volume, comfortable armrests and adjustable in 20 positions depending on the age of the child. The average cost of Transformer T — 15 thousand rubles.

2. Romer Kidfix XP SictPrice 21 000

Romer Kidfix XP Sict from the German manufacturer, took second place in the ranking of children's car seats. The automobile club ADACtested the model yielded a good. The device is equipped with enhanced side protection SICT, adjustable manually. Front load is minimal due to security XP-PAD. The chair has an orthopedic back and special lining, which protects the neck. Adjustable headrest can accommodate up to eleven positions. There is a special indicator that informs about the correct installation of the device. The model's weight is about 7 pounds. The chair can be operated in age from 4 to 12 years. The average cost of a Romer Kidfix XP Sict — 21 thousand rubles.

1. Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2Price 26 000 rubles

The German model Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2 tops the ranking of the best seats today. It is recommended by the German organization orthopedists AGRthat will allow her to be in the first place. According to the results of the crash test from ADAC , the model was awarded the assessment good. The device is made of very durable plastic with energy intensive propylene. It provides special protection of the head and shoulders that cares about the safety of the child. The shape of the head restraint is arranged in such a way that during sleep the baby's head will not fall. In addition, the model provides a reliable shield. Used internal material Thermotex allows you to maintain a healthy microclimate of the device. Also provides height adjustment, backrest angle, seat length, etc. Minus the Kiddy GuardianFix Pro 2 is that it has no straps that snap between the legs. The chair can be used from age 1 to 12 years. On average, it costs 26 thousand rubles.

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