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10 celebrities who look much older than his age


Each woman wants to look young, but we all have different capabilities. Someone does not have enough money, someone time. Some in the fight against aging can't go over my laziness. An ordinary girl can brush off: "who I will have to watch?". Famous people couldn't afford can. Journalists and fans celebrate every extra kilo, a new wrinkle, leaking makeup. The stars must look perfect. They have to do there are many opportunities: salon treatments, expensive cosmetics, personal beautician. But some of them in the pursuit of beauty or because of their lifestyle, look much older than their years. Below is the list of celebrities who look much older than his age.

10. Lindsay Lohan32 years

Lindsay Lohan only 32, but she looks like a puffy middle-aged woman. Once the girl was very pretty, but sooner addicted to alcohol and drugs. Most likely, this happened because of the glory that literally fell on a small child. In 3 years, Lindsay was a model, 10 played in the series, and at 21 have already been treated for drug addiction. Of course, she looked terrible. Endless parties, drugs and alcohol will not add to the appeal. Besides, Lohan decided to fix their shabby appearance, turning to plastic surgeons. But it got worse. Beauty injections do not combine with alcohol, so the face of the actress swollen. It was even called "the walking nightmare of Hollywood."

9. Nyusha27 years

Nyusha – famous Russian singer. She became famous quite early. The girl everyone knows for a very long time, and can therefore add to her age. It seems that she's singing for many years. Of course, it was a joke. Really scenic image of the singer adds to her ten plus years. Too bright makeup, vulgar outfits. In addition, the girl is clearly over the top with Solarium and tanning. Recently, the singer got married and tried to change the image. Her fans responded ambiguously. It seemed that the star began to look even worse. In his 27 Nyusha similar to the adult aunt, who tries to prolong youth with the help of makeup and sexy outfits.

8. The Olsen twins32 years

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen began his career in childhood. They were called "sweet honey". Growing up, the girls were reminded of the angels. Blonde hair, blue eyes, cute little faces. But apparently the girls are tired of being "dolls" and they have discovered the secret to rapid aging. By the way, the girls age is 32 years. Look much older. Unhealthy thinness, exhausted, one might even say painful appearance. Hairstyles girls also leave something to be desired. Paparazzi and then catch them with the lack of styling and greasy roots. Specialists in medicine comment that it is not natural aging. The reasons for this appearance in drastic weight loss and several failed cosmetic procedures. But anyway from nice girls the Olsen twins became exhausted aunties.

7. Adele30 years

This talented American singer's only 30 years old, and she looks like a middle-aged woman. Years she undoubtedly adds weight. She now weighs 90 kgs at growth of 175 centimetres. A pretty impressive figure. Has long been known that overweight people seem older than his age. Adele prefers a retro-style, it also ages her. Imperfect figure, not hide dress robes of dark color, not bright make sleeker-fitting stage outfits. Big hair, bright makeup adds the singer a dozen years. By the way, she looks pretty good for ladies over 40. But a young woman it is difficult to call.

6. Britney Spearsis 36 years old

Britney Spears was the idol of many boys and girls. Pretty face, good figure. But Britney lost struck her fame and began to use drugs and alcohol. After a while everything about her was forgotten. Sometimes only in the Newspapers there were pictures of the battered pop diva. Not so long ago the singer has recovered from alcohol and drug dependency and start to come around. But the doll's appearance did not return. No matter how hard star, her appearance left much to be desired. Then Britney began to promote naturalness. She is now posting your photo, where it looks awful. Wrinkles, gray complexion, untidy hair. Britney looks old, but the behavior she had before as a little girl.

5. Kate Upton26 years

Kate Upton was not seen in the addiction to alcohol and drugs. She was always a decent girl. That's just the start of his career gives the impression of a sex bomb. Can be the image of the femme fatale adds to her age. No one believes that this liberated and experienced blonde is only 26 years old. Less than 35 do not give. Kate brightly painted, wearing sexy provocative clothing. Recently she decided to do her figure and even dropped a few pounds. But it has not added to her youth.

4. Liam Hemsworthis 28 years old

The actor is 28 years old, but he looks like a grown man. Some even think he's the same age as my brother, who is 34. Most likely fault here is the image of the actor. Style clothes it is not youth. Hair combed back, neat beard. It seems that this brutal man is far beyond 30. It emanates from the reliability, power. It gives the impression of an adult and intelligent person, not handsome and young guy.

3. Natalia Bochkarevais 37 years old

Actress 37 years old, but she looks much older. She starred in the TV series "Happy together" when she was only 27 years old. And there she was with two older children. Nature has endowed actress curvaceous. They add to her years, but she's not worried about it. She loves herself as she is. In addition, the actress loves to smoke. She several times got rid of this bad habit, but started again. Nicotine is bad for the skin on the body as a whole. Smoking man always looks worse and age faster.

2. Nicki Minaj 35 years

Popular hip-hop singer Nicki 35. The girl often looks very challenging. The vulgarity adds to her age. Bright makeup, weird colored hair. The singer even admitted that she forgot what her natural hair color. All of her stage images are pretty shocking, she always stands out from the crowd. But short dresses, skirts-belts, all the items of the youth hip-hop look at her a little strange and ridiculous. Some images of star aged resemble a Barbie doll. Flashy sex appeal adds to her youth, but looks defiant, and even a little funny.

1. Olga Shelest41

Olga is 41 years old. She looks not bad, but not his age. The rustle many times to change the image. She has gone from a flighty girl, pretty darling girl to respectable lady. Her image has changed, now she is elegant lady. That's just the elegance throws her five to ten extra years. Olga not so long ago became a mother, her daughter is still quite small. But after birth, the star quickly regained form. However, it did not help her look younger.

As it did not look like the celebrities they are first of all people. They have their own problems and concerns. They do not have to always be perfect. The main thing is the youth of the soul, the desire to live a full life and optimism. Then everyone will make a good impression, and his age they don't care.

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