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10 celebrities who were lucky enough to become mothers of twins


Having children is always an important event in every family. But if twins are born, this is a double event and a big surprise, because this is not often. But many star mothers know what it's like to raise twins. Of course, if you're a famous person, you can hire a nanny, because to manage two newborn children is very difficult. In this respect star mothers of twins carried a lot more than normal women. But raising children with nannies – demanding task.

10. Angelina Jolie

12 Jul 2008 the world learned that one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood were born twins. A boy and girl named Knox and Vivienne. The pair loudly announced the addition to the family, starring with newborn children on the cover of the magazine, earning 14 million dollars. By the way, all the money the couple was transferred to the charity. Now the twins Jolie-pitt 10 years. While Vivian has managed to pull together with mother in the movie Maleficent, where she played a little Princess. With the advent of kids to light the whole world is closely following all, that may be associated with twins brad and Angelina. They dedicate blogs, pages, in Instagram. Special attention is paid to the style of brother and sister. Not surprisingly, as children grow up copies of their parents. Angelina and brad are lucky that ten years ago they had these amazing twins.

9. Alla Pugacheva

In 2013, the Russian pop diva and her husband first became parents of twins. A boy and a girl called Harry and Lisa. Babies were carried by a surrogate mother, but Alla and Maxim become biological parents. In the early 2000-ies Alla froze her eggs. After meeting with Maxim Galkin and wedding couple decided that they wanted to have children. The surrogate mother didn't know who it will parents of toddlers, but during the birth the couple were able to anonymously present at the birth of children. According to the singer, she herself could bear a child, but doctors told her not to do it. Whatever it was, but now that Alla and Maxim are the happy parents of twins. According to parents, they would not want the children to follow in their footsteps and found my way in life.

8. Jennifer Lopez

For a long time the singer could not get pregnant. But ten years ago on light there were Twins Emme and Maximilian. In one interview, the singer admitted that after many attempts to have a child is not successful, she was in despair and had no hope of ever becoming a mother. But then the light appeared, the twins and Jennifer finally felt the happiest woman in the world. Mother of twins Jennifer was at the age of 38. For a long time the singer hid from the media that gave birth to twins. But on one of the television shows she admitted it. And on the 9th anniversary kids posted a touching photo with a greeting. Emma, more than a brother to her mother.

7. Beyonce

Queen of RnB has long dreamed about the baby. During pregnancy with my first child many suspected that Beyonce wears a belly patch, a child will give birth to a surrogate mother. Now she has three. The older blue ivy and the twins, who were born in 2017. A boy and a girl named Sire and Rumi. Beyonce loudly to the whole world announced her pregnancy. And the first photo that the singer posted, being pregnant, scored a record number of likes in instagram. Around Beyonce's pregnancy has been a lot of rumors. Many media outlets assumed that the twins were conceived through IVF. But that doesn't matter, because the singer and her husband finally became happy parents of twins.

6. Anna Kournikova

Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova and famous singer Enrique Iglesias long time met before to get offspring. And in 2018, the couple became happy parents of twins a boy and a girl. Kids named Lucy and Nicholas. Long time couple did not give official confirmation of the birth of children. But then it became known that the babies were born on 16 Dec 2017. In an interview with mom Enrique spoke about the pregnant daughter-in-law and that couple is not deliberately concealed the situation of Anna. Just a girl loves to spend time at home with my family than to attend the event.

5. Julia Roberts

For a long time the actress could not get pregnant and when she was in despair, it became known that the 37-year-old Julia is pregnant with twins. Julia is now a happy mother of a girl named hazel and a boy of Finneas. I went into labor six weeks earlier than expected. In an interview with the actress told that the pregnancy has been fairly easy with no complications. Nevertheless, the late Julia still had to be hospitalized due to sudden contractions. After that the actress was credited on bed rest until the birth. The doctors decided not to risk the health of Julie and the kids, so up until birth, it was under their strict control.

4. Marcia Cross

First Marcia Cross became a mom at age 40. And after giving birth, she admitted that giving birth after 30 is not a good idea. Nevertheless, the actress gave birth to two girls, named Savannah and Eden. The light girls appeared in February 2007. According to the actress, the delivery was very fast, and she's glad it ended so easily. Though the actress knew that late delivery can come with complications, but fortunately all went well and the girls were born perfectly healthy.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

The star of "Sex and the city" and her husband actor Matthew Broderick to the birth of twins have become the parents of the boy. But in 2009 it became known that the couple await the birth of twin girls. Babes spouses gave birth to a surrogate mother. Girls named Marion and Tabitha. For a long time she was trying herself to get pregnant, but all attempts have been unsuccessful. After which the couple decided on surrogacy.

2. Elsa Pataky

The news that the wife of Chris Hemsworth is waiting for the twins, became famous in 2014. The young father admitted that he was happy with the appearance of twins born. Kids named Tristan and Sasha. In addition to twins, the couple has a daughter India. The actor has long said that dreams of a big family and lots of kids. And now, it seems his dream has come true. Chris can only envy, because he has a beautiful wife and beloved children. The first birthday of the twins, the pair noted in the petting zoo. Elsa admitted that, like all the kids, Tristan and Sasha, I love animals, so was delighted with this gift.

1. Celine Dion

In 2010 it became known that the popular singer Celine Dion became a mother of twin boys. Conception with IVF. For a long time the couple tried to get pregnant. Then came a series of unsuccessful attempts of artificial insemination. Finally, in October 2010 it became known that Celine gave birth to two kids. By the way, even after the birth of the singer is not going to stop creativity. Unfortunately, the kids will not be able to see his father. Five years after birth, it became known that the husband of Celine Dion died of cancer. For the singer, it was a real tragedy. But twin boys the singer to continue to live after the death of her beloved husband.

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