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10 celebrities who were accused of sexual harassment


In society it is not accepted to talk openly about sexual harassment. After all, in the mind of most people, there is still a stereotype that the victim (most often, victims of harassment become girls or teenagers of both sexes) asked for it. Candid clothing – the main criterion by which you begin to blame the victim. Somehow still believed that if the girl openly dressed, she certainly does it to attract the eyes of men. And this justifies the harassment and rape. But for a long time need to understand that revealing clothes is not an appeal, and sexual harassment is a crime that should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And if a man can't hold his lust, the need to condemn him, not the girls.

10. Bryan Singer

At the end of 2017, sexual harassment accused the Director Bryan singer. In 2003, during a party on a yacht, the Director has decided to conduct a tour for the 17-year-old boy Cesar Sanchez-Guzman. He brought a young man in one of the rooms and closed it. Then said he was a famous film Director and encourage him in the career of an actor if he won't say anything about what happened in this room. In 2014, the Director of sexual violence accused by Michael Egan. He said that in 1999 was subjected to harassment by the Director.

9. Jeremy Piven

The reality show star and American actress Ariane Bellamar accused the Hollywood actor, famed for roles in the TV series "Entourage" in sexual harassment. She said that the actor had repeatedly molested her and touched her Breasts and other intimate places. Himself Jeremy Piven categorically denies everything. But Ariana claims that she has video where you can see how the actor is trying to persuade her to have sex. Write the girl does not dare to show it, but to deny that the actor is not guilty, difficult. Would be a man in such a situation to openly admit to sexual harassment. Moreover, later two more girls accused the actor in the same crime.

8. Brett Ratner

Olivia Munn, Katharine Towne Natasha Henstridge accused Hollywood producer and Director Brett Ratner in the harassment. Henstridge admitted that at 19 years of age, she and a few friends, spent time watching a movie together with Director. The girl fell asleep and when I woke up, Brett was alone. He then forced her to perform oral sex. Then followed a series of allegations Brett Ratner several Actresses. All the girls claimed that the Director molested him on the set and elsewhere. Olivia Munn even described the incident in his book, but the name of Brett name is not resolved.

7. Bill Cosby

Charges bill Cosby sexual harassment began in 1960. But then, this one is not believed, because for most African American comedian and actor was a role model and preached high moral values. The repercussions of the prosecution of Andrea Constand. The girl claimed that the comedian raped her. Cosby invited the girl to his home and offered wine. And then Andrew suggested a pill to calm her down, arguing that this herbal sedative. Then she was immobilized, and the comedian took advantage of the state Andrea. The rape comic was charged with another 60 women, including the well-known model Janice Dickinson.

6. Dustin Hoffman

Blogger Anna Graham hunter told his story and made allegations against Dustin Hoffman that he showed to her in 1985 of sexual interest. At that time the girl was only 17 years old. The actor molested a girl on the set of the film "Death of a Salesman", where Anna was an Intern. He invited her into his trailer to the girl made Hoffman a foot massage. Anna agreed. The actor himself started talking to her about sex and touch in the ass. The girl admitted that the first kind of attention she was flattered, and then began to cause psychological pressure. Dustin Hoffman publicly apologized to the blogger. But that doesn't make him innocent, even if at first Anna was flattered by such attention.

5. Kevin Spacey

More than ten young men up to 30 years, put the allegations of sexual assault against the Oscar-winning Kevin spacey. The first was actor Anthony RAPP. Then with spacey refused to work Directors, and filming projects involving the actor had been suspended. According to Reppe, in 1986, spacey clearly bothered him. Also, some areas of the crew of "house of cards" confessed misconduct on the part of the actor. Because of this, the atmosphere on set was very tense. After allegations the actor's career went downhill.

4. Harvey Weinstein

The scandal with famous producer Harvey Weinstein, and has become the catalyst, after which the girls bothered to say anything about what happened to them. Practically all known Hollywood actress has accused Weinstein of harassment. The producer promised the Actresses in exchange for sex help in her acting career. Gwyneth Paltrow, rose McGowan, Salma Hayek, Zoe Brock, Angelina Jolie, Asia Argento and many other Actresses were victims of crime producer. The first who spoke about the harassment of the producer became an actress Romola Horai. Model Ambra gutiérrez in 2015 recorded on tape offers Weinstein about sex, and then gave the recording to the police.

3. Woody Allen

Woody Allen's harassment accused adopted daughter of actress MIA Farrow in 1992, when the Director was married to actress. But then the accusations of the girls, no one responded. The Director has committed violence against Dylan Farrow when she was only 8 years old. Then the trial of the Director was not started because MIA Farrow was considered that the investigation can be traumatic for girls. In 2014 Dylan for the first time in many years, broke the silence. Supported charge native son of MIA and Allen.

2. Roman Polanski

The artist Marianne Bernard put the accusations against the Director Polanski. The girl said that Polanski committed on her sexual assault, when Marianne was only 10 years old. Two years before that another girl accused Polanski of rape when she was a minor. Three more women accuse Polanski in acts of a sexual nature, when they was not yet 18. However, until now, Roman Polanski was not convicted of the crime, which once again proves that powerful men can be everything. It is with this need to fight, to regularly floated stories about mutilated women.

1. Roy Price

After allegations of sexual harassment of the owner of Amazon, Roy price, he was removed from his post as head of the company and his fiancee dumped him, breaking off the engagement. In 2017, the producer ISA Hackett announced that Price had assaulted her. The story of Roy price should serve as an example to other men. For your crimes you need to answer. The culture of violence that exists in society still, should be condemned, not encouraged. We need to convince men that rape is punishable and not to teach girls and adolescents to protect themselves. And even more, to blame for what happened.

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