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10 celebrities who spare the time


We will discuss ten of the celebrity on which it is impossible to determine the real figure of their age. And discover their secrets of eternal youth.

Interested? Then begin!

10. Jared Leto

Singer, musician, actor, Director, producer and just eternally young artist.

Whether you know Jared as a young actor from the movie "Requiem for a dream" or as the singer of the band "Thirty Seconds To Mars" Jared in all periods of his life looks the same young and attractive. Changing only the color and length of hair.

The actor jokes that keeps young thanks to the cocktails from the blood of the baby. But joking aside, in fact, Summer believes the key to a good appearance – vegetarianism and moderation in food consumption.

9. Jennifer Lopez

Age famous singer nearing fifty. But is that any reason not to put pictures in a bikini?

J. Lo is known for extravagant costumes and revealing dresses, sexuality in the image of the singer usual, for her fans and for casual viewers. But in 2018, Instagram exploded with comments under the picture of the singer in a bathing suit. Fans wrote compliments and admired the beautiful body of a woman.

The singer willingly shares the recipe of attractive figures: cardio, yoga and 20 minutes meditation.

8. Susan Sarandon

American actress, winner of the Oscar nominee for the award "Emmy" and "Golden globe". The beauty of the actress and her inability to give up running years it is known to everyone, because Susan is amazing and fans, and colleagues on the set of their well-groomed and ageless beauty.

In an interview, Susan was asked to tell the secrets of eternal youth, and the actress says that doesn't do anything supernatural. Only has no bad habits, do not abuse alcohol and drink lots of water.

So simple but what an effect!

7. Devon Aoki

The famous American actress and model, taken under the wing of the most Kate moss. In 13 years, Devon started working in the modeling industry, and a year later the famous modeling agencies began to offer the girl lucrative contracts.

The unusual appearance of Devon so like the others, that the model wanted to see in an actress of the series, and as an actress of music videos. So she has starred in music videos of The Killers, Primal Scream and many others, and after Devon Aoki became the star of the film industry.

The girl has been successful in model business and awareness in the movie. And for 36 years managed to give birth to three children, but looking at the photo of the girl can not believe it – that's how much young looks like the famous model.

6. Tarkan

The singer began to study music in his youth, and after moving to Istanbul, he entered the music Academy. In 1992 Tarkan released their first album, and it brings the singer a huge success.

Tarkan is releasing hits and sold albums until 2010, and then disappears from the scene for 6 years. The return of the musician on stage was a Grand and long-awaited.

Plate Tarkan took first place in the charts of iTunes USA singer still pleases fans with new songs.

5. Christie Brinkley

As for 64 to look like at 30? Ask Christie Brinkley because she is very good at it!

Christie said the photographer Errol Sawyer, and after acquainted with John Casablancas – the owner of the Agency Elite. And then Christie Brinkley was exposed to the world as a famous model and a famous actress of TV series and feature films.

Christie tried on a lot of diets from nutrition solely juices to Lithgow with grapefruit before the main meals. But none of this works. Christie Brinkley sure that the benefit is only from a balanced diet and a glass of water with lemon in the morning.

Model vegetarian diet, daily, do not forget about healthy snacking and a block of chocolate.

4. Jane Fonda

American actress, model and writer. Recipes her beauty still relevant, because the actress looks incredibly young for his 80 years.

Jane Fonda said in an interview about the seven master principles that will help any person maintain vitality and freshness of the skin:

  • Circumvent diet is an extra stress for the skin and body.
  • Charging. The secret is only that the people involved in sports, in the skin more collagen than people with sitting-supine lifestyle.
  • Clean water. And in the morning with lemon to prepare the stomach for operation.
  • Say "no" to the rolling movement of her premature wrinkles.
  • To know the measure in cleansing: do not overuse scrubs and peels, do not destroy the natural protection.
  • After cleaning procedures, be sure to do a hydrating mask for the skin: believe me, not only can you experience hunger.
  • Massage with a dry sponge or brush before the shower – that's the cure for cellulite on thighs.
  • 3. Victoria Beckham

    Fashion icon for Vogue magazine shared her points of its undeniable appeal:

  • Running and workout with a personal trainer.
  • Smokey eyes and transparent lip gloss to the public, complete lack of make-up at home – the skin should rest.
  • Visiting dermatologist and using a moisturizer for the face.
  • Coconut oil for body and hair.
  • In the mandatory nutrition healthy fats and water.
  • In life mandatory restful sleep.
  • 2. Minka Kelly

    The American actress was considered the sexiest woman of 2010. The secret of success and beauty girls is incredibly simple: she is confident in her looks and happy with their shortcomings.

    To maintain the beauty of the actress help: skincare, required skin protection from the sun and regular sports.

    1. Salma Hayek

    The actress, in appearance of which it is impossible to determine her real age. Salma appreciate the simplicity and every waking minute. Simplicity is to care: to maintain the skin in good shape, it is sufficient to wash it with plain water. The restoration of the body during the night'll do it myself. And the value of minutes, the actress explains that to fully exercise the time she was missing. Therefore, the actress performs a physical exercise in any spare moment: when she brushes her teeth monitors posture when flipping the pancakes – crouches and climbs the stairs backwards – it controls the gait.

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