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10 celebrities who deprived their children of an inheritance


What parent wants his child to live in misery and poverty? Of course, no parent in the world does not want such a fate to their child. And, of course, with the advent of the baby born, many families start to think about the legacy that they will leave the child. Some open deposits in banks, and others insure the child. After death or upon reaching certain age, children get a large sum of money. But what about those people who doesn't have many years to wait for the inheritance? Just celebrities and wealthy people open trusts.

But not all parents are willing to provide their children a comfortable life where they don't have to work. Some celebrities are depriving their children of the inheritance. Or leave them a very small amount of money. This approach is very correct. If the child will know that he is already secured and it does not need to do anything, it will grow spoiled and a lifetime to squander money. Among the famous children of such examples are many. And so, many stars want to protect their children from the evil influence of big money that got them in a simple way.

10. Elton John

Famous British singer Elton John opens the ranking of celebrities who refused to leave their children an inheritance. The condition of the singer is estimated at nearly $ 200 million, but because of the money his sons will receive, perhaps, a small part. Elton John plans to give most of his fortune to charity, as did tycoon Warren Buffett. Therefore the musician wants to teach his sons to work. According to the musician, he doesn't want his sons to grow up spoiled, parasites, and lived only for his money.

9. Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis

Hollywood actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila kunis recently made the decision that their daughter and son would not inherit the status of parents. Kutcher in an interview admitted that all the money after the death of his wife and plan to give to charity. But without financial support, the children will not. However, they will have to work hard. Ashton is willing to invest their money in the case of children, if they decide to open a business, in the presence of a competent business plan. Mila and Ashton think that the decision should serve as a good motivation for children.

8. Barron Hilton

The owner of a large chain of hotels, Barron Hilton has long been decided to deprive their children and grandchildren an inheritance. This decision he took after another of the antics of his granddaughter Paris Hilton. The girl never had exemplary behavior. The last straw was the story of the incarceration of Paris for driving while intoxicated. After grandfather died, Paris was to receive USD 60 million. But now she gets nothing. Although now Paris has settled down, but his decision Barron has not changed. Well, all his property magnate after his death bequeathed to charitable organizations.

7. Vladimir Potanin

The owner of multi-million dollar holding company “Interros” Vladimir Potanin does not want his three children to grow up spoiled parasites. That's why he decided that after his death all his wealth will go to charity. The billionaire will follow in the footsteps of gates and Buffett. The eldest daughter Anastasia fully supports his father. Vladimir together with Anastasia involved in charity work and daughter participated in many of his projects. The girl said it was the right decision. In an interview with Anastasia told Vladimir Potanin in the first place just her dad, not a billionaire.

6. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg became one of the youngest billionaires in history, creating the social network Facebook. Then he was still a student. At the moment, the state of Zuckerberg is estimated at 65 billion $. But none of this future children, Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan will not receive. Zuckerberg and Chan are actively engaged in charity, so after the death of 99% of the shares in Facebook will go to a good cause. But during the life of Zuckerberg and his wife donate a lot of money to charities. For example, in 2016 the billionaire has donated 24 million $ to the charity project, which aims to teach programming the inhabitants of Nigeria and Kenya.

5. Jackie Chan

Only son Jaycee actor Jackie Chan disinherited recently. The youth received a fine education, lived in the mansion and in what does not deny. One of the whims of the guy in 2011 was the decision to launch a music career. But Jaycee could not become a star of the stage. Jackie Chan many years later admitted that she regretted, that did not send the son into the army, and indulged all his whims. “If it can work, earn his living himself. And if not, it will just waste my money.” Reflection on the behavior of offspring, the actor has decided that his fortune he donates to charity.

4. Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world is not going to gratify all the wishes of the children and provide them with a luxurious life only at their own expense. The condition of the billionaire is estimated at $ 76 billion. After the death of all bill will go to the Foundation, which is dedicated to improving healthcare, education and reducing the number of poor around the world. The most important thing you can give gates his children is good education. According to the billionaire, children should know how difficult it is to get the money. And for this they have education. And money of his father to anything.

3. Renata Litvinova

During her concert in one of the Petersburg theatres, the actress was extremely candid with the audience. One of the themes was the relationship between mother and daughter. Renate is of the opinion that children should be given a happy childhood and education, but the money the children must earn. The actress believes that it is wrong to leave the children after the death of fully secured at the expense of other people's money. Leaving an inheritance, the parents are doing the children a disservice.

2. George Lucas

Director George Lucas filmed the legendary "Star Wars" and since then, the financial problems does not feel. But despite his financial condition, he decided not to leave their three native and one adoptive child to inheritance. As celebrities of this ranking, George Lucas is of the opinion that a huge fortune inherited by the children without difficulty, corrupts. The need to earn money by their labor and not live on money of parents. This is the main rule of George Lucas as children.

1. Michael Bloomberg

Mark Blumberg is one of the richest mayors in new York. As the Michael Bloomberg is estimated at 19 million dollars. But despite a huge fortune, two daughters Bloomberg will get only a pittance after he died. Michael Bloomberg made a will in which the bulk of his money goes to charities. In his opinion, children should learn to earn money independently. Parents who have millions in their Bank accounts prefer to be self-indulgent children. But then nothing good of them grows. Easy money really corrupts. So many millionaires leave their money to charity.

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