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10 celebrities that could be confused with Western


The man himself is unique, i.e. two identical people can be. But sometimes nature happen "failures in the system", as a result of which two different people inside can be exactly the same or very similar on the outside. We are not talking about the twins born of the same mother, but about people from different parts of the world, who never in life did not meet with each other and may not even know about the existence of his DoppelgangeR. Who would have thought, that in Russia there are 10 famous people can be easily confused with the Western.

10. Jan Tsapnik and Jeremy Renner

These two actors are really very similar. In addition, they are almost the same age (Jan — 49 years, Jeremy 47 years). Career Jan and Jeremy began with crime shows. First starred in "the Crew", and the second in the series "C. S. I.: crime scene investigation". Both actors participated in voice acting for cartoons. In family life, oddly enough, they are also similar: Jan Tsapnik married to a teacher of Oriental studies — Galina, and Jeremy Renner married model, but at the moment they are divorced. Also Ian and Jeremy have a daughter.

9. Polina Gagarina and Diane Kruger

The public drew attention to their similarity after Polina Gagarina dyed his hair white and made quads. Polina and Diana are similar not only in hairstyle and hair color, but body shape and facial similarities are observed in the bright eyes and wide cheekbones. Even ten years age difference here is not critical. But, rather it is a mistake stylists as they try to make Pauline the woman who had a great romantic past, though it is not so.

8. Oskar Kuchera and Benoit Pulford

Who would have thought that Oscar Kuchera has a twin, and foreign. Never seen these two actors people can say that Oskar Kuchera and Benoit Pulford are brothers (it certainly not). There is nothing surprising: they have the same noses, the same eyes, and even a similar face shape. The difference in these two is that in popularity. Oskar Kuchera in Russia is much more popular than Benoit Pulford in their country. But Benoit three times nominated for the Cesar award and has the Order of Leopold I, the highest award of Belgium.

7. Anna chipovskaya and Margaret Coelli

Anna chipovskaya and Margaret Coelli, despite the difference in age at 7 years old, looks very similar. What could I say, even the beginning of their careers and career themselves are very similar. Anna chipovskaya and Margaret Kwalli became known for his roles in the TV series. It should be noted the same shape of the skull Actresses, which is quite rare. Facial features Anna and Margaret are also almost identical.

6. Yulia Pankratova and Gillian Anderson

The similarity of the two celebrity fans noticed a long time ago. Yulia Pankratova famous as a TV and radio presenter, and Gillian Anderson as an actress. Their careers are very similar in terms of saturation and achievements. The structure of the skull, characteristic facial features, slim figure — all this makes Julia and Gillian are very similar to each other. Most likely, no one will be surprised if even similar will be their characters. Besides, Julia and Gillian's age difference is 9 years.

5. Ekaterina Vilkova and Amanda Seyfried

The age of Catherine and Amanda are almost identical: Amanda is younger than Catherine by 1 year. Actress, first of all, very similar to your big, beautiful blue eyes. Girls have similar noses and even hair. The Actresses even look like without makeup. They are both professional Actresses. The only difference is that Amanda, unlike Catherine suffers from stage fright. Interestingly, the firstborn of Catherine and Amanda had daughters. If similarities will continue, we can assume that Amanda is also a soon to be born son, as it was in 2014, Ekaterina Vilkova.

4. The Basques and the Prince from Shrek

These guys have long known. Moreover, people noticed not so much the characters themselves as their surprising similarities. Hairstyle Prince Charming and Nikolai Baskov same. The features of the faces are also very similar. Clothing, again, almost identical. Even gestures, facial expressions and behavior Charming very strongly reminiscent of Nikolai Baskov. I wonder, did the creators of Nikolay Baskov in that moment, when created a Prince Charming? Or is it just a coincidence? Apparently, these questions will remain unanswered.

3. Alla Sigalova and Kristin Scott Thomas

Allan and Christine are the same age. Alla Sigalova — 59 years, and Kristin Scott Thomas 58. Actress remarkably similar. First of all, they have the same nose shape is not common. In addition, the structure of the skull and facial features they are almost identical. They are not only similar looks but also awards. Kristin Scott Thomas several times nominated for various awards and several times received them. Alla Sigalova also has many rewards. Despite the huge amount of work from both Actresses, Alla them still more.

2. Alexander Popov and Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde — actress popular television series "house MD", and Alexander Popov — the soloist of "Factory". Who would have thought that these two girls are so similar. The first thing that catches the eye is the same shape of the jaw and skull as a whole. It should be noted their eyes — they have girls the same. Lush hair add even greater similarity. The figure they are exactly the same. I wonder if he knows Olivia about the existence of his double?

1. Oksana Akinshina and Carey Mulligan

Oksana and Cary is yet another actress, just like two drops of water. The age difference is only 2 years: Cary 33 years, she is 31. Girls have roughly the same number of awards. In addition, their career began almost at the same time. Even the number of paintings brings them closer. The number of children Actresses have also the same: Oksana girl and boy, and Carey — the girl and the second child, which has not been disclosed. Outwardly, the actress, of course, very similar even without makeup or makeup. Besides, they have the same eye color.

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