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10 famous actors who were fired during filming


Everyone knows the situation, when for any defects employees plan total work is broken, and the furious chief in the meeting, throws the phrase "you're fired!". It is a common phenomenon occurring everywhere, and a film set is no exception. However, unlike clerks and workers in the factory, the actors fall under the hot hand of the Director a little more refined reasons than being late or "scarf". In addition, the dismissal of the acting work not only learn the other Directors, but, if you wish, the whole world. We present you the top ten movie stars of the first magnitude, who was fired during the filming. There is a lot of interesting facts. If you are sufficiently intrigued, you can start.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

Today this name is familiar to everyone due to the outstanding performance by the actor of the role of Iron Man. However, the way Robert to the legendary character from MARVEL and three consecutive years of leadership in the list of the highest paid employees of Hollywood (2013-2015) began not so rosy. Downey Jr., in his own words, not without my father tried marijuana 8 years old. Unfortunately, the initiatives "were not lost", and Robert addicted to drugs, with the result that the actor has lost his work in the film "Home for holiday" and was fired from several studios where it was filmed. In addition, Downey got a real sentence for possession of a "magic powder".

2. Charlie Sheen

Curiously, caught in our list is the representative of the Guinness Book of records and a former roommate porn actress bree Olson Charlie sheen was once a classmate of Robert Downey Jr. It is unknown dabbled future legend weed together, but the reason for the dismissal of Charlie from the TV series "Two and a half men" had the actor use of drugs and alcohol. Addiction interfered with the Tire a responsible approach to its role and to find a common language with the producers. By the way, work in the same project and brought Charlie a record worthy of Guinness (the highest salary of the actor in the episode).

3. Eric Stoltz

Unlike the previous actors, Eric Stoltz was exhibited from the shooting not because of their own behavior and riotous living. It is neither more nor less about the movie Back to the future where initially, Eric was busy in the role of Marty McFly. By that time, as Director Robert Zemeckis saw the failure Stolz, work on the future masterpiece of cinema was already more than a month. Despite the fact that it has been shot a decent amount of material, Zemeckis insisted on the dismissal of the actor, citing the fact that Erica lacks something in order to way McFly turned out fully funny and memorable.

4. Jean-Claude Van Damme

European champion in kickboxing, and holds the title of "Mr. Belgium", Jean-Claude van Damme at the time, left the set of the movie "Predator". The story is narrated by not one version of the events. Initially, the Predator was meant as the owner of the martial arts, and van Damme was perfectly integrated in this way. However, the actor was dissatisfied with his character and provoked a scandal with beating of one of the participants of the shooting. Producers, in turn, was dissatisfied not only by the behavior of Jean-Claude, but low and puny Predator in his performance. It seems that hardly anyone wanted to re-experience the shock of a black belt holder in karate, and the role was given to Kevin Peter Hall, looked more tight and convincing.

5. Stuart Townsend

Another case when the actor has not had time to do anything wrong, but have already been sent for the front door set. Stuart Townsend is not just claimed the role of Aragorn in the trilogy "the Lord of the Rings", the shooting with the actor successfully conducted for six weeks. Suddenly the Director of the project Peter Jackson visited the idea that Aragorn should be somewhat older than he looks in the performance of Townsend. Curiously, instead of artificial aging through make-up, Stewart pointed to the exit, and in the end Aragorn played by Viggo Mortensen, who was born 14 years before Townsend.

6. James Remar

Continues the theme of the appearance of trouble where it was not expected, James Remar. But this time goof the actor himself. The fact that in the midst of filming the movie "Alien" where Ramaru was assigned the role of corporal Hicks, James was charged with possession of drugs and arrest. For Director James Cameron, this turn of events was quite unexpected, as several scenes have already been finished. However, to give wide publicity to the offense of his namesake Cameron did not, citing differences with the actor. In the short term to continue shooting was hired by Michael biehn, but the scenery captured scenes have already discussed, and opportunities to recreate them with the new actor was not. Thus, Remar still made their way into the final version of the film, corporal Hicks was "duplicitous".

7. Christian Bale

It's time for stories fantastic comeback from Christian bale. We will talk about the film "American psycho". Christian was approved for the role of Bateman, suddenly felt behind the breath Leo DiCaprio – just famous in "Titanic" actor is also interested in the role. Producers also were interested in Leonardo so that instantly increased the budget and put out not only bale, but Director Mary Herron. In the end, DiCaprio refused to work, and Bateman was played by Christian under the guidance of... Yes, Herron also returned to the Director's chair, but the budget was cut to the original.

8. Richard Gere

Richard Gere is the oldest actor on our list, but the American did not have decided to revive old on the set. On the contrary, gir overshadowed his own film debut. Now it is not easy to imagine, but 43 years ago the young actor had arranged fights with Sylvester Stallone on the set of a low budget picture "Lords of Flatbush". However, the fight with Stallone was only the climax of the antics of Richard at the time, Gere managed to quarrel with many of the crew members and I guess the claws with several actors. Of course, to tolerate this behavior no one, and Richard was sent off to the Studio with nothing.

9. Kevin Spacey

But for Kevin spacey the phrase "crew members" may seem ambiguous.
Anyway, the wave of allegations of sexual harassment to males
covered at the end of last year, the actor with the head, resulting in career double owner "Oscar" rolled from the high mountains. First, Kevin was ousted from the project "house of cards", which starred for 4 years. Second, the Director of the film "All the money in the world" by Ridley Scott was so impressed with who he filmed that were cut out of the picture completely all scenes with spacey and agreed to their fame with Christopher Plummer. In addition, Kevin has lost "Emmy".

10. James Purfoy

The non-actors on our list applies the potential contractor is not harmless role James Purefoy. His story is in many respects similar to the case with Stuart Townsend. The same 6 weeks Purfoy carried by a guy Fawkes mask through the work on the film "V for vendetta". However, the Wachowski brothers (at the time they were still brothers) on the rights of the producers decided that James is not very suitable voice for VI. For further filming called Hugo Wining, and filmed scenes with Purfoam was dubbed by new voice actor (face problems, you know, did not arise).

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