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10 famous flown in to visit


There is probably no such person who would not loved the movie. And if the movie really liked it, there is often an interest in its history. Viewers are looking for information about the filming, actors. Of course, he wants to know how the movie was made and where. In many cases, a setting for movies will be liquidated after the shooting, but there are always exceptions to the rule. Some of the scenery you can see with your own eyes. They attract the attention of tourists, despite the venerable age movies which was used. We present to your attention a list of 10 famous scenery of films that you can visit.

10. Port Royal – "pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black pearl (2003)

Port Royal – "the capital of pirates." This city attracted pirates for several reasons, but unfortunately, in reality, to see it will not succeed. It flooded the Caribbean sea. But you can see the scenery of the town. They are located on the island of St. Vicente, in the Bay Wallilabou. On the reconstruction of the Port Royal had spent millions, but Disney decided not to resort to computer graphics. After filming the organizers of a film long thought what to do with the newly built Port Royal. Local residents persuaded them to leave things as they are, promising to follow up the scenery, save them in the proper form. Now they make good money, the flow of tourists is endless. Everyone wants to visit the "pirate city", which they saw only on the screen.

9. Fire station – "Ghostbusters" (1984)

The Ghostbusters don't come up with anything better, how to use an office fire station. It's not the scenery, it's a real building. The firehouse, which is located in Manhattan – Hook Ladder Company 8 still works, it was shot outside. Fire station No. 23 in Los Angeles has been abandoned for a long time, the shooting took place inside. On the Hook Ladder Company 8 often come to see tourists. It is located at a distance from other attractions in new York, so prepare to spend a lot of time on the road. Station you will recognize instantly, she looks exactly like in the movie. In addition, before the doors of the building painted the emblem of "Ghostbusters", of course with the addition of attributes to the fire Department.

8. The World Of Harry Potter – "Harry Potter" (2001-2011)

The world of Harry Potter exists, you can visit it and see with your own eyes. It is located near London. Organizers of the film decided to leave the scenery for tourists and not lost. This place is wildly popular. On the day the Museum can accommodate up to 5 thousand people. The cinema combines built decorations, various exhibits, and computer graphics will help to find yourself in a fairy tale. The Museum even received an award for the use of modern technology. On site dining with food from the movie, as well as a gift shop.

7. Hobbiton "Lord Of The Rings"/ "Hobbit" (2001-2014)

Hobbiton was built on the outskirts of Matamata. The initiator was the Director Peter Jackson, he's been looking for a suitable location for the filming of "the Lord of the rings". It was found, but it was near a farm. Peter persuaded the owners of the farm, promising them a new exciting life. They soon built a town. After the shooting, the village of hobbits came into the possession of the farmers. Of course, they opened it to tourists. But materials used are temporary, and soon the scenery began to crumble. In 2011, Peter returned to shoot "the Hobbit", then a village of hobbits strengthened. Now she is one of the most visited attractions in the country.

6. 12th district – the Hunger games (2012-2015)

Diskrit 12 is the poorest district in America. Shot it in the abandoned village of Henry river mill village. It is located in Northern California. Decorators almost nothing has changed in this village, they left everything as it was. The decor was perfect for the film. Unfortunately, the village is privately owned, is closed to visitation. If you really really want to go there, will have to negotiate with the owners. The home team did not make it into a Museum and decided to sell. So maybe in the near future things will change.

5. Wild West town – "the Good, the bad and the ugly" (1966)

Famous westerns were filmed in the Spanish desert of Tabernas in almería province. For shooting built a small town, it is filled with the spirit of the Wild West. Here was not only "the Good, the bad and the ugly" and many more westerns. The scenery became more and more. Over time, the town decided to leave and open a theme Park. On its territory there is the Museum of cinema, zoo, collection of cacti. There is a regular show, played presentation, and visitors to the Park definitely not be bored.

4. Shawshank prison – "the Shawshank redemption" (1994)

The building was erected in the Ohio town of Mansfield. It took several clips and even a couple of movies. But really, it attracted attention after the release of the film "the Shawshank redemption". The prison operated until 1990, in her the whole time he was serving his sentence prisoners. There were about 155 thousand people, 200 of them died. She was transferred to the rank of tourist attractions. Thrill seekers often visit the prison. They recognized that in the prison of a sinister atmosphere and stay there quite uncomfortable.

3. Tatooine – "Star wars" (1977-2005)

Planet Tatooine is in Tunisia. All the decorative buildings made of clay and sand. Visit to Tatooine included in the program of many tours. Tourists brought there by jeep. The impression of tourists about the town is quite controversial: someone is happy with the tour, someone does not understand, what there it is possible to look. But most likely the overall impression depends on a person's relationship to the film. Fans often delight. But especially for tourists, nothing equipped, very often they complain about the lack of shelter and extreme heat.

2. The temple of the Holy Grail – "Indiana Jones and the last crusade" (1989)

The temple of the Holy Grail in the film gives the impression of a small scenery, which was created using computer graphics, so unusual it looks. But this is a real building that exists for more than 2 millennia. The temple of al-the Treasury located in Jordan, in Petra. The Museum attracts many tourists. His visit to guarantee a great experience, indifferent like no one left.

1. Bates Motel – Psycho (1960)

The scenery of the Motel and the mansion belonging to the family of Bates must visit for every movie buff. Director Alfred Hitchcock did not look like the finished building, he wanted to make it look like he's up to. He always paid attention to detail. Although the construction of the scenery became more than a headache, he won't change his decision. Now there are regular guided tours. The house really makes a sinister impression. If you have no opportunity to visit the Motel you can find its description online. In network a lot of pictures of each room, painted all down to the last detail.

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