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10 famous mistresses who ruined star families


Hollywood marriages are very short lived and quite often the cause of divorce becomes the other woman or man. The story of how two actors, after the image of passion and love on the screen, fell in love in real life – are not uncommon. How many Hollywood marriages have ended this way? Almost every second. But not only Hollywood boasts broken families. In the history of show business enough unhappy marriages. We will talk about 10 famous mistresses who became rival in love and took husbands from the family.

10. Angelina Jolie

It is difficult to imagine, but the first wife of brad pitt was not Angelina, star of the TV series "Friends" Jennifer aniston. The marriage of aniston and pitt nothing boded trouble, while brad and angelina are not approved for the main roles in the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith". On the screen the actors had to portray the passion between the couple, which later developed into love between the actors. In 2005, Jennifer and brad divorced. Many media outlets immediately made the assumption that the cause of divorce was Jolie. A year after the divorce, brad and Angelina announced they're expecting a child. And in 2016, it became known that the couple Jolie-pitt filed for divorce after 12 years of marriage. And the rumors about the strained relations between the actors do not cease until now. Perhaps, this is karma.

9. Alice Kazmina

In this story the victim was Julia Baranovskaya. In 2005, Julia became acquainted with the football player Andrey Arshavin. 9 years, the couple lived in a civil marriage and raised two children. When Yulia was pregnant with the third child, the footballer had an affair with Alice Catimini. Because of her, he threw a pregnant Julia. It became known that the player is already several years lives for two families. In 2016, Andrew married Alice, who was already pregnant with his child.

8. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

A babysitters Vika and Maxim Shatalin was watched by all country, and when the series ended with the wedding of the main characters, the country began to follow these relations Zavorotnyuk and Zhigunov. At the time of commencement of filming and fun Anastasia and Sergei, he was married to Vera Novikova. Although many media and colleagues argue that the novel Zavorotnyuk and Zhigunov was just PR to promote the show. Actor controlled every action of the car crash, he chose the event and allowed it to insert extra words for an interview. The truth we hardly ever know. But the novel lasted 2 years. Then Anastasia met with figure skater Peter Chernyshev. And Zhigunov in 2009, the second time married Vera Novikova.

7. Amber Heard

It would seem that one of the strongest couples in Hollywood was johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. The couple has two children and they lived together for more than 12 years. While johnny was not invited to participate in the film "the Rum diary" in 2011. In the film he met a temperamental amber heard. And completely forgot about Vanessa, with whom he had years of life together. But amber and johnny began to emerge after the shooting. And in 2012 it became known that Vanessa and johnny break up. The cause was heard. The goal of the actress became a marriage. All two-year relationship, amber skillfully manipulated by Depp. She repeatedly dumped him and every time he returned to her. And here in 2014 it became known that Depp proposed to amber. Ended the marriage of a heavy divorce process, scandal and division of property in 2016.

6. Blake Lively

In Hollywood it's hard to find a pair which would suit each other more than Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds. The actors met on the set of the film "Green lantern", where he played a major role. At the time of filming, the actor was married to Scarlett Johansson. But the relationship between Blake and Ryan began immediately. In 2010, the couple announced the divorce. And in 2011, the media started talking about the affair lively and Reynolds. At first, many assumed that it was a PR move to promote the film. But in 2012, the couple married. The couple has two children and live in perfect harmony.

5. Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Elizaveta Boyarskaya has repeatedly attributed novels with married men. One of the most scandalous was the affair with the actor Maxim Matveev. At a party a couple was caught kissing. At the same time, the actor was married to actress Joanna Sexta. A few months after meeting with Boyarsky, Maxim moved out from his wife and announced that he and Jana broke up. Yana's friends believe that the novel Elizabeth is a temporary infatuation and he will return to his wife. But in 2010, Elizabeth and max were married.

4. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller broke not one marriage. In 2003 she started Dating Jude law. The actors met on the set of the film "Alfie boy". During the novel Jude was married to Sadie frost and only the third time became a father. But then I worked karma and Jude law started cheating on Sienna with the nanny of his children. The second pair, which broke up at fault of the actress, was a pair of Balthazar Getty and Rosseta Milligan. Because Sienna Balthazar left his wife and four children. For some time Miller and Getty was in a relationship. But then, in 2009, the actress returned to the Jude law and Balthazar to his wife. And in 2011 Jude and Sienna broke up again. Karma and then gave Sienna deserved. In 2011, the actress began Dating actor Tom Sturridge, and in 2015, the couple filed for divorce.

3. Kristina Asmus

The star of the show "Interns" Christina Asmus and comedian Garik Kharlamov had an affair when he was still married to his first wife Julia. But the comedian denies that Christina stole him from his family. In an interview, he admitted that he had filed for divorce long ago and a few months does not live with his wife. Yulia's reaction to this information was a surprise. She claimed that the divorce Garik not filed. Nevertheless, in 2013 the couple divorced, and Garik made a proposal to Kristina. In 2014 the couple had a daughter.

2. Paulina Andreeva

About Roman Bondarchuk and Andreeva began to speak in 2016, at that time Fedor was married to Svetlana Bondarchuk. But then it was just a rumor. When in the same year the couple filed for divorce, the shadow fell on Pauline. As it turned out, is no accident. Fyodor proposed to her. But in social networks the actress pounced all and Sundry, calling her a home wrecker. The girl hated everything. The wedding had to be postponed. Still Pauline and Theodore are in a relationship, but marriage is not in a hurry. Rumor has it that Paulina is pregnant and the wedding is set for the summer.

1. Julia Roberts

In 2000, work began on the film "the Mexican", where Roberts played a major role. On set, the actress and met her future husband, cameraman Daniel Moder. At the time of Dating with actress Danielle were married. During filming, the couple began increasingly to be seen together. Wife of Daniel Moder Vera for a long time did not agree to a divorce. And Julie decided to offer her compensation. Each time the amount offered to an actress increased. But Faith refused each time. In the end, Faith gave in and gave divorce to Daniel. In 2002, Julia and Daniel were married. At first, the parents of Daniel did not want to take the actress in the family, but gradually softened. And now, after so many years, the couple is still together and raising three children.

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